Oct 032008

“You have a hole in your heart.”

Micheal’s Grandma always had a way with words. She said that to him last year when she came over to the States to visit. He didn’t ask her to explain herself. He knew it was true. He was a twenty-five year old second generation Chinese-American in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s bad enough being a minority in America, but Georgia? That just plain sucked. Still, it wasn’t why Michael was depressed.

It wasn’t because he lived with and worked for his parents. It wasn’t because his job was delivering pseudo Chinese food to rednecks. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was failing college. All of those things were trivial.

Michael Yan was depressed because he was a pervert. All he ever wanted to do was spank asses. Round asses, flat asses, white asses, black asses, or Chinese asses it didn’t matter. As long as they were girl asses, he wanted to spank them.

At the age of seven, Michael has his first erection in first grade. Susan Bradshaw had acted up in class and their teacher, Mrs. CampBell had bent Susan over and spanked her bottom. Poor Michael had felt his pants grow tight along with a sense of loss that he could never figure out. For some reason, he felt like it should have been him spanking Susan’s ass.

When he was sixteen, he got to second base with his neighbor, Carrie Cho. Holy shit, she had giant breasts she inherited from her American mother but Michael could care less. He sucked on her nipples because it was the only time she didn’t mind him grabbing her ass.

Michael was foolish enough to strike her bottom. He meant to do a gentle tap but instead some strange force seized his hand and he smacked the bejesus out of Carrie’s bottom. She screamed.

He apologized as much as he could but Carrie was furious. When she slapped him across the face, Michael couldn’t help notice how poorly the slap was done. Her wrists were limp and her arm was crooked.

She broke up with him, the first in a long line of girlfriends who were disappointed in him. Michael loved women but he loved spanking them even more. Some girls were happy to be spanked a little for foreplay, but to Michael it was the only play. Groping, blowjobs and even penetration was just teasing. Spanking is what Michael craved.

The feel of a hot ass.

The sound of hand meeting bottom.

The sight of an ass clenching right before the strike.

Atlanta had a kinky scene but Michael couldn’t even let himself think about it. What would his parents think of they knew he went to one of those clubs? For that matter, Michael couldn’t imagine himself going to one of those places. He hoped that maybe if he ignored his special cravings, maybe they would just go away. He loves spanking but the feeling of being an outcast ruined the joy he could find.

Michael Yan had a hole in his heart. What he didn’t know was that halfway across the planet, the missing piece of his heart was in the shape of a beautiful concubine’s ass.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Master of Spanking Part Two”

  1. Nice. Love the imagery. Great use of sights, sounds, feelings. I especially liked the opening line and the way you tied it all together with the ending. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks. I’m writing this one off the cuff and I am pleasantly surprised by how things are working out.

  3. I’m doing that too, for the first time, over at my website. I wish I had your confidence that it’s coming out fine though. I’m usually an editor, so am getting used to the idea of letting it fly without serious tweaking. Good luck with yours!

  4. I am usually the posterboy for multiple drafts before hitting publish but after the horrible work month I had in September, I wanted to do something frivolous. Besides, the longer you look at a concept like Master of Spanking, the more in danger you are of applying reality to what is essentially a fevered dream.

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