Oct 062008

This was the craziest delivery ever.

“Michael Yan, please come inside,” the bald Chinese man had told him. “Put the food down on the table.”

The fact that the guy knew his name was weird, but the fact that the dining room table was covered in leather and wooden paddles was just plain freaky.

“Hell no,” Michael said. “We just deliver food man, we’re not an escort service.”

The bald man smirked. “Put the food down, Michael Yan. Whether you want to pick up a paddle is up to you.”

Michael set the order of fried rice with complimentary egg rolls down on the table. He had never seen this many paddles in person before. Oh, he had read about them online or seen them in porn movies, but never had he been this close to them. His hands itched. It took all of his willpower not to pick one up.

“You may call me Lo,” the Bald Man said. “I have spent the last four months searching for people like you, Michael. Excuse me, where are my manners? I need to introduce you to the Eight Sisters.”

Lo clapped his hands. A door opened from the kitchen and eight beautiful Chinese women walked out. The first thing Michael noticed was that all of the women were nude from the waist down. They wore modest shirts and nothing else. Their smooth pussies flashed him but what made him swallow was the thought of the bare asses that were just out of his sight.

It took him a minute to realize they were also wielding long knives in each hand.were holding long knives.

“Uh, they are all sisters?,” Michael said.

“Correct,” Lo said. “They were trained to protect the Master’s Concubines in addition to being excellent concubines themselves. Each one is a mistress of weaponry, capable of killing twenty times their own number.”

“Michael Yan,” Lo continued. “You were born on Oct 15th, 1983, during the 18th hour. Is this not true?”

“What?” Michael said. He was mesmerized by the beautiful women. One of the girls winked at him. “Yeah, the day’s right. I’m not sure about the hour. Is this some sort of astrology thing?”

“In one minute,” Lo explained, “these highly trained concubines will attack you and try to kill you. However, if you smack their bottom, they will drop their knives and fall to their knees. That is the only hope you have of stopping them before they extinguish the light of your life.”

Michael shook his head. “I’m sorry, did you say these chicks are going to kill me?” He noticed that the girl who winked at him was now blowing him a kiss.

“I am sorry,” Lo said. “I would rather use more peaceful tests but the world is depending on us finding the Reborn Master of Spanking as soon as possible. Rest assure that if you are not the Master, your death will be swift and with little to some pain. I personally will pray for your soul’s rebirth.”

The eight sisters approached. The dining room was extremely small with no room to defend himself. Without thinking, Micheal’s hand shot down and picked up a long wooden paddle.

“This is insane!” Michael yelled.

A knife darted towards him. Michael blocked the knife with the paddle while his other hand darted like a snake towards the woman’s face. He slapped her across the face and when she spun from the force of the blow, his other hand reacted. The paddle slashed down and spanked the woman perfectly across both her buttocks.

Her eyes grew wide and then a smile lit her face. Her knees hit the floor a split second after the knives did. She placed her head on the ground before him, lifting her ass in submission.

“What? How did I-?” Michael tried to say but the other seven women lunged at him.

One knife cut his arm. Another slashed his shirt open. A third knife cut him on the cheek. All around him was flashing steel and the screams of deadly women. The cuts hurt and the sight of his own blood was unreal. It was like a nightmare, overwhelming and terrifying. Michael knew he was about to die.

Lucky for Michael, his soul knew better. When the terror shut down Micheal’s thinking mind, his soul took command of his body.

Michael grabbed another paddle. Using his left paddle, he blocked the sharp knives. With the right paddle, he feinted and weaved. Wooden paddles blocked metal weapons with speed and precision. He stood his ground and his paddles formed a perfect whirlwind shield.

Michael felt the fear slip away. He didn’t understand how, but the less he thought about it, the better his arms defended himself. The beautiful women tried and tried but they could not hurt him.

He felt something else replace the fear. All these bare asses were in front of him and here he was with two paddles. He wanted to satisfy that craving that lurked within him. Considering that these girls were trying to kill him, it didn’t seem so bad to spank them.

WHAP! His arm snaked around and hit an ass from behind.

WHAP! He tripped a woman and then spanked her ass while she fell.

WHAP-WHAP! He struck two asses at once with twin underhand swings.

WHAP! He threw his paddle at a wall and it bounced back and hit a woman’s ass from behind.

He was surrounded by kneeling women. There was one sister left. It was the one who had winked at him. The one who had distracted and taunted him.The last woman looked at him and dropped her knives. She bowed deep, speaking in Chinese and Michael couldn’t quite understand her. He thought he heard the word ‘surrender.’

He didn’t care. He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the table. She squealed and even someone as inexperienced as Michael could tell it was a squeal of delight. She braced herself and lifted her ass towards him.

Michael spanked her bottom. He spanked her without anger or malice, but he spanked her with passion that comes from denying yourself for too long. His hand hit faster and faster, harder and harder on her petite ass.

He only stopped when he saw the tears running down her porcelain cheeks. He backed away, shocked at what he had done. Her ass was as red as cherries. He had been brutal and he had enjoyed every second of it. It was true, he was a pervert.

He almost dropped the paddles but they stayed in his hands. They belonged there.

Michael turned to Lo who was on his knees. The bald man was crying too.

“Thank the Heavens! We have finally found the Master of Spanking!”

Michael turned to the woman he had spanked. He was going to apologize but before he could, she was on the ground kissing his feet.

“Thank you, thank you,” she chanted over and over again.

The other sisters crawled towards him. “Me, next!” they all cried.

Michael realized the only person who thought he was a pervert was himself. The next thing he realized was that he was surrounded by women begging to be spanked. This was the happiest moment of his life.

He had no idea that this might be his last week on earth.

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  1. “the world is depending on us finding the Reborn Master of Spanking” has to be one of the most perversely perverted things I’ve ever read;)

  2. If this was a movie, that line would be in the trailer :)

  3. [deep voice of dearly departed person] “In a world where the Master of Spanking has been reborn…”[/deep voice]

    Then later, the scene of him fighting and spanking the Sisters. “The world is depending on us finding the Reborn Master of Spanking” as VO. Yep. I can almost see it. Wish my graphical props were better:)

  4. I am picturing critics saying things like “The best martial arts sex movie this fall!” and “Better than Dark Knight!” because there is always some crazy small town critic willing to say that to get on TV.

  5. “Michael realized the only person who thought he was a pervert was himself”


    I love this story – still hot for Dr. Von Madd, but mmmmm, tears, cherry red petite asses…mmmm

  6. Me- Even Mad Scientists need their breaks :)

    Cherry petite asses are a favorite of mine too.

  7. Nonsense, I say nonsense to your claims of Mad Scientists needing breaks!

    *and I hated having ‘me’ as a name, I identify as Musns to be anything else in the interweb world. Haha! So NOW I am truly me!

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