Oct 142008

Michael looked at the cave of the Great Dragon. It seemed kind of small.

“I’m just saying, that for a Great Dragon, he has a cave that looks smaller than my Geo back home.”

Lo nodded. “The Master of Spanking is very perceptive.”

Michael waited for more but nothing came. “That’s your polite way of saying ‘so what’, isn’t it?”

Lo gave him a very slight nod.

“Well Lo,” Michael began, “if I don’t come out alive-“

“The Master of Spanking has nothing to fear,” Lo interrupted him. “When I first met you, you were nothing more than a lowly delivery boy. You defeated the Eight Sisters with only a few cuts that have mostly healed. Mei Rou herself vouches for you, what more can we ask?”

“Thanks Lo, that means a lot coming from you,” Michael said.

“I mean, who cares if you were never trained in the Hundred Hand Slap? What does it matter if you have not plunged your hands into burning sand every day since you were an infant? Why, I bet it won’t even come up that you couldn’t name the sixteen pressure points that makes an ass clench! You’ll be fine.”

“Ok, you can stop making me feel good now,” Michael said. “Let’s do this.”

Oh, one last thing, Master,” Lo said. “Mei Rou asked me to tell you something. She said that the fire in her bottom is almost cool, and she humbly requests that you return to her to reignite it.”

Michael smiled. “God, I love older women.”

Michael went into the cave. The sunlight lit the cave until Michael was twenty feet in. Darkness engulfed him and when he turned around, he couldn’t even see the way out.

“Who comes to feed me another skull?” a voice called out. The voice was loud but oddly feminine. It reminded Michael of phone sex commercials.

“Me, Michael Yan!” he responded.

“Are you another fool that others call Master?” the voice asked. “I already shitted one of you fools already.”

Michael could feel a hot breath on his neck. It was like standing in front of a furnace.

“I have it damn good authority that I am the real Master actually,” Michael said.

A light appeared behind Michael. When he turned around, he saw a giant woman, twenty feet tall. Everything about her was massive. Her breasts were the size of oil barrels. Her hips were as wide as minivan. Her ugly face was as big as the moon.

“Do you think you can walk in here and spank me, little man?” the woman roared.

Michael didn’t anwser at first. Instead he listened to his soul. His heart was loud, but not scared. His mouth watered at the thought of such a big ass. His hands itched to move.

He laughed. “Great Dragon, your ass is mine!”

He jumped behind the woman. Swinging his entire arm, he struck her buttocks with a mighty WHAP!

The giant woman screamed and shrank down ten feet. A red stripe appeared on her ass.

“Little man, I am not some bitch that can be spanked into submission!” the Great Dragon roared.

Michael shook his head. “That’s not what I think.”

He jumped up and grabbed her by the ear. The giant bent over with his hand. Michael grimaced as the Great Dragon roared in pain. Michael knew that hurt because it was the same thing Grandmother Yan would do when she spanked him as a child.

“Bad dragon!” Michael scolded. His hand smacked her ass with outraged fury. This wasn’t the kind of spanking Michael gave Mei Rou, this was the spanking you gave a naughty child: harder and faster with the sacred justice that comes from being a fed up parent. He didn’t spank as much as he whupped.

The Great Dragon screamed in pain. The Giant changed shape but Michael held onto her ear. Now she was human size and shaped like a porn star in all the right places.

“Let me go and I’ll fuck you crazy,” the Great Dragon said.

Michael kept spanking.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was the ugliest woman Michael had ever seen. Hair grew from her ass, moles decorated her skin.

Michael kept spanking.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was a man, with a hard cock bouncing between his legs.

Michael kept spanking. “An ass is an ass,” he said.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was in the shape of Grandma Yan, yelling and cursing just like she would.

Michael kept spanking. “That’s just sick,” he said.

The Great Dragon changed shape again. Now she was huge. Covered in scales and sporting a great horned head, her body snaked and coiled like a serpent for miles.

“After I eat you, I am going to eat that thrice damned monastery and all that live within it! Their skulls will be shitted all over the world!” The Great Dragon’s breath was like a butcher’s shop.

Michael paused. Somehow, he still had the Great Dragon by the ear, and somehow his hand was still inches from her ass, but now he saw the Great Dragon in it’s true glory. It was immense. It was like a mountain that hated. How dared he think he could defeat something so magnificent.

He thought of Mei Rou and her perfect ass. Michael knew he needed to be worthy. He didn’t want to save the world in that moment as much as he wanted to save one particular ass.

Michael spanked the Great Dragon even harder. The Great Dragon grew smaller and smaller. He spanked until the Great Dragon was smaller than a gecko, and then Michael let him go. The Great Dragon ran into a corner and whimpered. It would be another fifty years before it grew brave enough to be a threat again.

Michael knew then the secret of the Master of Spanking. It wasn’t about knowing special moves, or receiving special training. It was about loving the asses of the world more than any fear of death.

The Master of Spanking walked out of the cave. He didn’t slow down when Lo dropped to his knees and sang the Master’s praises. The Master could care less. He knew that his concubine was waiting for him and that her bottom needed him

  5 Responses to “Fiction: Master of Spanking Part Six”

  1. Yaaay for him saving the asses of the world!

  2. Just once I wanted a hero who literally saved an ass.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Master of Spanking. For different reasons then your other stories – the humor, the mixture of American and Oriental commentary…made me smile.

  4. thank you for this story! i think a lot of people take sex too seriously, and it’s nice to have something silly and sexy at the same time. not to say there weren’t serious considerations, like loving asses no matter what, but again, humor is sexy. uptight sex is only fun once in a while.

    p.s. what other versions of ghostriders in the sky are there besides johnny cash and spiderbait?

  5. Musns- Thanks!

    Miss Blue- Amen. Do not get me started on how many people take spanking too seriously.

    Most of my ‘Ghostrider’ songs are from the 40’s and 50s from country groups. For example, Burl Ives does one of my favorite versions. Other versions I have include some from Blue Brothers 2000, R.E.M., a German death metal version, a euro pop version and one by Concrete Blonde.

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