Oct 242008

It’s been a strange October for me. Long time readers may have wondered why I didn’t do a month long celebration of Halloween this year. The short anwser is that I have not been in the usual festive mood. The long anwser is that the month of September was so stressful work wise that I promised myself that I wouldn’t push myself to do anything in October. I gave myself the month off and it’s been kind of nice.

Another reason is that when I do get in a spooky mood, I’ve worked on my yet-to-be-titled BDSM Werewolf story. The falling temperatures and overcast days have been great for getting into the mood. I’ve written some really nice Rude Sex scenes and I think you’re going to like. You might be reading it in January but you’ll like it.

What is interesting to me is that a lot of the blogs I read in all sorts of topics have all communicated a lack of interest in Halloween this year. I am going to go out on a shaky limb and blame the election coming up. For a lot of people, a bad outcome in the election would be more horrible than a zombie plague. I have a lot of anxiety related to this election and my brain can only process so much stupidity in such a short time.

Next week I’ll post a three part Librarian story and I might make the schedule Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a Halloween post on Friday. I might just round up my favorite horror related books and movies this year. I usually hate top ten lists but this year I have read some really great horror and I want to share.

*Female Ash picture from Dragon*con2008.

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  1. i’ve noticed you don’t usually participate in memes, but i thought i’d give it the old college try. Tag!

    If you’d like to play, the rules are over at my site: http://uncommoncuriosity.blogspot.com/2008/10/seven.html

    i’m looking forward to reading your seven random and/or weird facts. :)

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