Oct 022008

Daggerpoint was having a sale on quick sketches and I decided to grab one for Laura from Volleyball Mad-ness. I really liked how he conveyed action in this picture. It’s pretty much exactly how I imagined it.

I’ve had this image for over a month but I haven’t posted it because I know in fiction, what people imagine a character looking like is superior to any one artist’s interpretation. Hell, I wrote the character and I always imagine Laura’s hair being shoulder length even though I always describe her hair as short and athletic. Now that the story is over, I feel free to share.

I am so happy with this picture that I am tempted to get more art commissioned for my stories. Deviant Art has a lot of great artists who work in many different price ranges. This image was 10 dollars and I would have gladly paid more. I think for blogs that lean more towards fiction, using a drawn image has a better impact than a photograph lifted off a porn site. For one thing, when you commission art, you can get exactly what you want in pose and body type. For me, commissioning art is another creative outlet.

  2 Responses to “Commission: Laura by Daggerpoint”

  1. Oddly, for some reason, I thought of Laura with longer hair..love the picture though.

  2. I have a suspicion that Laura might be a long haired name.

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