Oct 172008

I love writing short stories but the really awesome thing about writing a lengthy story is that every morning I know the anwser to that horrible question- what am I writing today? There is none of that fingernail biting where I beg my brain to come up with something brilliant and new right now.

Today I am writing about more rude sex with strangers. There might be a scene where a man eats while getting a blowjob. It depends on how I feel at lunch.

  4 Responses to “Certainty”

  1. Tease be your middle name…

  2. Shon Tease Richards sounds like one hell of a hair stylist :P

  3. a lunchtime blowjob. fantastic.

  4. Sounds like allot of fun…two out of the three best things in life food, sex all that’s missing is sleep.

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