Sep 032008

Once again I pestered Rich Larson to do a commission for me. I asked for a topless Island girl to be tied up by monkeys. He gave me one of the biggest compliments of my life when he said “This sounds like fun.” Click on the picture for the giant sized version.

Dragon*con was fun this year but exhausting. We came home early on Saturday because my girlfriend was pretty much a nervous wreck after dealing with thick crowds for three days straight. I was pretty worn out too, as well as frustrated by the technical limitations of my camera. 80 percent of my pictures are shit, which is high even for me. On Monday I saw that my LCD screen was broken and I was almost happy to have the chance to upgrade.

One of the things that disappointed me was the lack of steampunk I saw. Last year, steampunk was everywhere but this year I only personally saw one outfit. Oh, I saw more than that but I refuse to count Victorian clothes + one goggle as a steampunk outfit. The one great outfit I saw was a woman with a clockwork mask and she refused to allow people to take her picture. Sigh, I don’t think she got the point of dressing up.

I also want to say that as much as I bitch about the flood of Vampire Fucker fiction in the bookstore, Laurell Hamilton herself was pretty cool. She wore an Anita Blake shirt for most of the time and she was far more personable than a star of her stature had any right to be. She said that her characters were her imaginary friends and you know, I think that is the best description I have heard of my characters in a long time.

I’ll upload more pictures on Friday.

  6 Responses to “Island Princess Commission”

  1. That’s a fantastic commission! Just gorgeous :)

    xx Dee

  2. That is an absolutely lovely picture there. I love the expression and her position, not to mention the monkeys. Yummy!

  3. Dee- Thanks, I thought so too.

    t’sade- I try to keep my requests to a minimal with artists, so I didn’t say how I wanted her tied up. It’s not the position I would have chosen, but man, that position is just perfect. Moral of the story is let the artists do what they like.

  4. The commission is awesome!

    The steampunkery – I’ve seen pictures from dragoncon that some folks have taken on flickr and most of it wasn’t all that. Matter of fact, I thought well that’s what I’m wearing with goggles or a pocketwatch. Blah on steampunkery – Woot for an “excuse” to get a better camera.

  5. Oh but wait – did you see the Steampunk fairy? I saw a picture of her and thought it was awesome – her wings were coiled copper.

  6. Musns- I saw her on flickr and I am starting to think most of the steampunk people must have been at the Sheraton because I never saw any of those folks. Sigh.

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