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“Victoria, you are the best friend anyone has ever had ever period,” Laura said.

“I think you are very drunk,” Victoria said.

“But it’s true,” Laura said loudly to every one in the bar. “We’re millionaires now, so I can quit my job, and do nothing worthwhile the rest of my life! I wouldn’t be rich if it wasn’t for you winning that game yesterday! You’re always looking out for me, always, just like you warned me against having sex with Lewis here. I would have jumped his ass and we would be kicked out and sent home!”

“Uhh, right,” was all Victoria could think to say. Victoria, Laura and Lewis were sitting in a booth in the Swinging Beaker bar and apparently no one else heard Laura’s remark. A quick glance around at all the groping between volleyball players and staff would have destroyed Laura’s assumptions. Victoria was just glad that Laura was such a light drinker that her partner was incoherent after three Pina Coladas.

Victoria felt like the smart thing to do would be to go back to the room and rest up for the rest of the tournament tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the semi-finals round, a rest break and then the final match. They should be resting. On the other hand, it’s not every night that you win a million dollars and celebrating was a lot more fun in a bar than it was in a suite. Even the losers of today’s matches were having a good time tonight.

“Don’t get the wrong idea,” Laura said to Lewis. “I would jump your cock because I think you’re good looking. I wouldn’t do it because I thought you were my slave because you are supposed to provide our every need. I would fuck you like a hot person, not fuck you like I was sexually harassing you. Cause you’re cute and I think you would be good fuck.”

“Uh, thanks,” Lewis said. He looked at Victoria and smiled.

Victoria was scared he was going to say more. Like maybe Lewis would explain how Victoria teases and dominates him every chance they get alone. He could tell Laura how Victoria has mounted his face three times already. Lewis could tell all sorts of stories about what Victoria does to him.

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Lewis kept looking at Victoria and she understood he was waiting for some sort of sign. This would be a perfect time to come clean with Laura while she was still ecstatic over being rich. Victoria just couldn’t do it. She had a hard enough time admitting how much she enjoyed dominating people to herself. She couldn’t even imagine explaining that to her partner.

Victoria decided to give Lewis a sign. She slipped her sandal off and reached her foot underneath the table. Her foot pushed aside Lewis’s thighs and she rested the heel of her foot against his crotch. The tight shorts that all the Tournament Assistants wore meant there was barely any fabric between Victoria’s heel and Lewis’s cock.

“Oh!” Lewis cried out.

Laura didn’t notice. “Yeah, I bet you have a big cock,” she said.

“Ah,” Lewis answered. Victoria’s toes were curling against the growing bulge in his shorts.

“But I could suck it down,” Laura said. “I can swallow a lot. I’m surprised that swallowing a big cock hasn’t been a challenge yet.”

“Hmm,” Lewis replied. Victoria’s big toe had found the tip of his cock. She was slowly stroking it just by flicking her toe.

“That reminds me,” Laura said. “That Otto guy is crazy, right? I mean, you have to be crazy to have Madd as your name, right?”

“Von Madd is a family name,” Lewis said. Victoria liked how his face was flushing. She stroked faster.

“So,” Laura said with the unbeatable confidence of a really drunk woman. “He’s still crazy, right? Have you met him? What’s he like?”

“Yeah Lewis,” Victoria said. “Tell us what he’s like.” She slipped the sandal off her other foot. Both feet were now pressing against Lewis’s very hard cock.

Lewis took a deep breathe before answering. “Dr. Von Madd is really smart but he gets a bit obsessed. He once shut down all research until we could design an intelligent lubricant applier. No other work could be done until we had a working prototype. Damn thing took a year and half to make.”

Victoria was only half listening. She was concentrating on stroking Lewis’s cock with her feet. When her heels would press against his balls, Lewis would make a pained face and keep talking. His compliance in aiding his own discomfort was making her extremely wet.

“A lubricant applier?” Laura said. “You spent a year and a half making better bottle?”

Lewis shook his head. “No, we spent a year and half making an intelligent flying device that senses when you are having sex. The device then flies to the area of contact and applies lubricant directly to the source of friction. It is a hands free lube aid.”

Victoria was impressed. Not with the device, but that Lewis could form complete sentences while her toes were playing with his erection. She especially liked squeezing her feet together and seeing the way Lewis would gasp as she gripped his erection.

A woman approached their table. Victoria thought it was the waitress so she kept manipulating Lewis with her feet. It was only when the woman spoke that she realized it was Monica Gilbert, New York Beach’s premiere player.

“You two are going to get crushed tomorrow,” Monica said. She was carrying a drink and wearing sunglasses inside the dark bar.

“What?” Laura said. “We’re unstoppable!”

Monica snorted. “You’ve been very lucky. You had the first match and obviously sluts like you weren’t bothered by nudity. I would suspect you two were strippers, but I hang out with real strippers and you two aren’t smooth enough.”

Victoria felt like she should have said something witty, but she really didn’t care. Lewis’s cock was throbbing and she was enjoying the feel of her toes pinching his cock.

Laura picked up the slack. “Wow, you came over here to tell us we suck? You’re a real bitch.”

Monica continued. “I just wanted to make sure you two don’t get your hopes up. The only reason you won against the Vargas’s is that their strategy depends on their speed. That stupid chocolate out there slowed all of us down. You two were just lucky that they are so dependent on their movement.”

Victoria was only half listening. Lewis’s breathing became very rapid. She moved her feet together around Lewis’s trapped cock. Victoria wondered if she could make him climax in his shorts.

Laura responded for both of them. “Oh, so you’re being a bitch and a dick? Why bother to come tell us this? If we’re so bad, why are you so worried, Ms. Worry McWorry pants?”

Monica was speechless. Laura’s drunk insult baffled her. “I can’t spend all night talking to you losers. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have any false hopes tomorrow. Your freak winning streak is coming at an end tomorrow.”

Victoria moved her feet faster. She could tell he was close.

“Yeah?” Laura said. “Our freak winning stuff is coming to fuck you in the ass tomorrow, bitch dick.”

Monica walked away without acknowledging Laura’s insult. Laura yelled it again, louder just in case she missed it. Laura took an angry sip of her drink.

“Can you believe that?” she said.

“Hmm?” Victoria said. She noticed that when she dug her toes into Lewis’s balls, his mouth hung open from his groans.

“Damn Victoria,” Laura said. “I wish I was as laid back as you. You’re so much cooler than me. You’re like ice.”

Victoria felt Lewis climax. He shuddered and her hands clenched into fists. Not a word escaped his lips. Like a good assistant, he didn’t betray a single sign of what she was doing. Her toe pressed hard again the wet spot forming on his shorts. That wet spot belonged to her.

“I just know when something’s not worth my attention,” Victoria said.

to be continued,

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  1. …sighs happily…

  2. Musns- lol, those are the best compliments.

  3. I just read 8-12 in a row (am on holiday) and wow am i enjoying it all immensely, somehow reading it run chapter after chapter keeps the sexual excitement flowing, but with slightly different flavours since it’s a switch between the two girls and then a match then the pattern resumes, (plus that shower chapter was hot) *swoon*

    I don’t know if this kind of flow was planned overall, or if you’re just going chapter by chapter and writing it to reflect the scene and characters at the time, but the end result of the entire compilation seems like a accumlation of mass variety of foreplay, I’m getting teased from different angles.
    Can’t wait to see the end, but I think I will wait until you’re done and have a long fun ride to the finish line. ^^

    – As much as we’re tempted to turn to the doctor’s fanbase, just know that it’s an indirect way of us saying ‘we love ya!’ ;)

  4. Mystique- Part of the inspiration to write the chapters this way was to reflec the back and forth of a volleyball match. Laura, then Victoria, then Laura and back to Victoria with the occasional match thrown in feels like volleyball.

    I also really like foreplay. I wish more erotica was foreplay based :)

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