Sep 162008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker. This morning we have round three of the Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament. Two matches are scheduled, followed by a two hour intermission followed by the championship match. Allisonr, could you break down the first match for us?”

“Of course, Ed. Our first team is the popular duo from Japan, Chieko Shimura and Yayoi Wakami. Viewers may remember that they did surprisingly well in the first round against their American opponents. Yayoi especially seemed to relish being topless. They then defeated the Bronze Medal French team in the Ever-Fudge match in a close 15 to 13 game. These ladies adapt fast and are having a lot of fun out there.”

“But not as much fun as their opponents, right Allison?”

“That’s right Ed. The team of Laura Marie and Victoria Sage are the real Cinderella story of this tournament. These girls weren’t even ranked nationally and look how far they came. They put away a top ranked team from Sweden and the Brazilian Olympic team. Who knows what other surprises these women might accomplish?

“I hate to interrupt, Allison, but it looks like the Tournament Assistants are explaining the special rules for this round. I can’t wait to see the look on the player’s faces!”

“Ed, I don’t think it’s their faces you’ll be watching.”

“They go on our nipples?” Laura said. “Seriously? They look like metal pasties.”

Lewis nodded. “Right. They’re called Smart-Clamps. They use some sort of liquid metal technology to stay on you.”

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Laura looked at her partner. “Jesus. We can’t leave nipple clamps on for an entire game. If you leave them on too long they become numb and you could get hurt.”

Victoria smiled. “And how did you possibly know that?

Laura blushed. “I have a life you know. I once left a pair on for like ten minutes and it hurt like a bitch.

“Aren’t they supposed to hurt?” Victoria asked.

“What Laura means,” Lewis started to say, “is that regular nipple clamps cut off blood flow with their pinch. That isn’t good for anybody’s skin long term. Smart-Clamps however constantly adjust. A normal clamp will bit down like a clothespin. These will constrict and release on a frequent basis. There will be no chance of long term damage.”

“Wonderful,” Laura said. “So it will just hurt all the time.”

Victoria sighed. “We’re already millionaires. We could just walk away now and let them beat us.”

“Fuck that!” Laura said. “I’m not letting anyone beat us.”

Laura pulled her bikini off and tossed it on the bench. The crowd cheered. Laura waved at the perverts. Being topless was starting to feel natural. She looked at Victoria, expecting her to be shocked, but for some reason, her partner was smiling. No, Laura realized, she was smirking.

“Ok, how do we put these fuckers on?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “The instructions just said to point the flat side of Smart-clap at the nipple and-“

The Smart-Clamp leaped from Lewis’s hand. Like a teenage boy, it flew over to Laura’s exposed nipple and cinched in. Laura jumped as the Smart-Clamp secured itself to Laura’s tit. It felt like she was being bitten by a very excited guy.

Laura turned her chest and aimed her other breast at the other Smart-Clamp. It flew onto her nipple and locked itself down. The metal discs molded themselves to the curve of her heavy breasts. When they stopped melting, Laura realized she looked like a cover girl from a heavy metal album.

“Do I look half as tacky as I feel?” Laura said.

Victoria took off her bikini. The clamps flew from Lewis’s hand and attached themselves to her nipples. Laura looked at her partner and sighed.

“I was wrong, they look twice as tacky as they feel.”

“Yep,” Victoria said. “Hey look, Cheiko has already taken a picture of you for her scrapbook of humiliation.”

Laura growled.

“Laura is on fire again today, Allison! That’s her third point in a row! The Japanese team can’t seem to form a defense against Laura’s spikes.”

“I have to wonder, Ed, if the Smart-Clamps on Laura’s chest are blinding them. Every time she jumps for the ball the sun reflects off the metal and it’s like a disco ball on the beach.”

“That woman certainly has an asset advantage over the Japanese girls but don’t count them out yet, Allison! The score is only four to one, anything can happen!”

Laura was in a world of pain. Her ass was still sore from the spanking she received yesterday. She still had a headache from the drinking she did last night and oh yeah, she had two fucking annoying clamps on her nipples. Her whole body was either aching or stinging.

She had played through pain before. Two years ago she had a bruised shoulder that never bothered her during an entire weekend of playing. The trick was to get used to the pain. These clamps made that impossible. The clamps were constantly adjusting. They would clamp down hard when she ran and slowly relinquish their grip any time she stood still. It was a lot like having a lover constantly biting on you. It never felt the same way twice.

Laura looked beyond the spectators to the shaded V.I.P. platform. Dr. Von Madd sat there in his lab coat and inscrutable goggles. She wondered if he was controlling the smart-Clamps. Sometimes she swore that the clamps bit down the hardest when she was in full view of the crazed genius.

The thought made Laura wet. Heck, anything made her wet lately. She was so damn horny and other than shower masturbations, she hasn’t fucked in days. Being horny was almost as bad as being in pain.

“God, I hope this match ends soon,” Laura thought.

“Yayoi evens the scores one more time to bring us to a score of 10 to 10. Allison, it doesn’t look like either team is going out easy this time.”

“All four of them are playing their hearts out, Ed. Victoria has been defending the back court like it was her long lost virginity. Cheiko is still spitting out sand from when she dived for the save. Yayoi has been relentless with her powerful serves and merciless spikes. Last we have Laura who dived for the sand three times in that last volley.”

“I know, Allison! I thought she was going to lose her Smart-clamps on that last dive. That was a brutal dive.”

“That’s just wishful thinking, Ed. Those Smart-Clamps won’t let go any easier than any of these athletes will let go of the win. It looks like the Americans are calling a time out.”

“Christ,” Laura said between pants. “I wish they would fucking give up already.”

Victoria was frowning. “I don’t think these two will give up. I think they are actually happy it’s such a close game.”

Laura sighed. She brushed some sand off her breast and winced as the smart-clamp tightened down. “I am fucking exhausted. I don’t think I have any energy left.”

Victoria looked at Laura with that same strange look she been giving Lewis the last few days. Her friend stood a little bit taller and her eyes narrowed. Laura forgot about the pain in her nipples and wondered what the hell was going on in her partner’s head.

“That’s too bad,” Victoria said. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but I thought you had a right to know.”

“Right to know what?” Laura asked.

“Lewis explained to me that Yayoi has their Tournament Assistant transmitting this match straight to Japan as we play. They’re really excited to be playing against Mommy Tits and want everyone in the nation to see. They’re broadcasting your clamped tits right as we speak.”

Laura felt the fury rise within her. “Serve the ball, Victoria.”

“You okay?” Victoria said.

“I will be.”

“Owww! Allison, I can’t believe Yayoi’s head is still attached!”

“I know what you mean, Ed. Laura spiked that ball right into her face. What the hell did Laura yell when she hit the ball?

“I’m glad you asked, Allison. According to our instant transcriber, Laura yelled and I am quoting here, ‘I am not your fucking souvenir monkey!’ Is that some sort of volleyball slang?”

“Not that I know of, Ed. I know the score has tilted 14 to 11 in the American’s favor though. One more point and it is over!”

“I bet knowing that one more point will get the clamps off is a lot of incentive, Allison.”

“Which reminds me, Ed. Every viewer watching this match will be entered into a lottery drawing for each Smart-Clamp used today.”

“Allison. Are commentators included in the drawing?”

“Ed, stop drooling on yourself and call the match.”

Laura knew Victoria had been lying about the Japanese girls taping the game. Laura also knew that Victoria thought she was pretty smart for manipulating her. It didn’t bother her. She felt like she should have been mad but the truth was, she was happy to believe it just to make the pain in her tits go away.

Unfortunately, the false burst of anger was gone now. All Laura had left was the stinging in her nipples. As the anger faded away, so did the rest of Laura’s energy. She was exhausted. She doubted she could move another muscle, much less score one more damn point.

She waited for Victoria to serve. Laura looked at the tired face of Yayoi and saw the same level of exhaustion. The Japanese girl kept touching her Smart-Clamp on her right breast and Laura winced as she imagined the clamp biting down. Of course, Laura wincing just caused her own clamps to adjust and tighten as well.

This time when they tightened, Laura felt a jolt of desire emanating from her pussy. It confused her at first but then she realized that her whole body was hyper sensitive. The constant aches from her spanked ass combined wit these relentless clamps had her whole body on edge. Laura bet she could climax from just one little stroke of her clitoris. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to try.

Victoria served. Cheiko moved in the backfield to stop it. The ball went over to Yayoi and the tired woman bounced the ball straight up. Cheiko was already in motion, running to spike the ball at the net.

Laura had to block it. She had done this move a hundred times. Hell, she had blocked Cheiko’s spike a dozen times this game. Laura could see this all unfolding in inevitable slow motion. She just had to will her body to move.

A slight breeze blew off the water. The slight breeze touched Laura’s skin like a phantom kiss. She could barely feel the breeze but it was enough to make the Smart-Clamps chomp down again on her tender nipples. The twin sparks of pain sent a fresh flood of arousal to Laura’s pussy.

Laura ran into position. The Smart-Clamps tightened and released with every jiggle of her heavy breasts. Laura leaped in the air and set herself up for the block. She saw Cheiko’s eyes switch from the ball to Laura’s silver capped tits for just a split second. That short laspe of concentration was all Laura needed.

Laura blocked the ball and slammed it into the ground. She hit the ground and fresh squeezes of pain clenched her nipples. The crowd erupted into a roar of sounds that embraced Laura and made the damn smart-Clamps vibrate with excitement.

She didn’t mind. The pain felt kind of nice now.

To be continued,

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