Sep 042008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker as we continue to provide coverage of the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! If you are just joining us, we are about to start match six of round two. Allison, why don’t you explain the enhancement for today’s matches?”

“Sure, Ed. The brilliant boys and girls from the Edible Pleasures Division has created a form of Chocolate fudge that doesn’t melt. Ever-Fudge, as the marketing boys like to call it, has been applied to the ground of the playing area. The players are discovering just how sticky, warm and delicious the Ever-Fudge is. It’s sticking to every girl like a beautiful sheen of mud.”

“That’s right Allison and for just ten dollars, you can have an 8 by 10 picture of your favorite volleyball player coated in Ever-Fudge. Just press the glowing camera icon on your Datalink Network screen. Speaking of favorite players, it looks like our next match features the Vargas sisters taking on yesterday’s surprise winners, Laura Marie and Victoria Sage!”

“This is going to be interesting, Ed. Yesterday, Laura and Victoria were the first team to experience the strip lasers. They recovered from the surprise before their opponents did and proceeded to win. Today they won’t have that advantage as we have already seen ten teams get coated in Ever-Fudge.”

“They’ll have to win by pure playing talent today, Allison. Let’s see how well they do!”

“It was a nice run while it lasted,” Laura said.

Victoria couldn’t bring herself to agree. “I don’t know. This mud is pretty weird. We might still win.” She pulled her foot out of the Ever-Fudge and tested how hard it tried to hold onto her foot. It was like pulling your foot out of wet sand.

“Really?” Laura said. “I mean, I’d like to win but those are the Vargas sisters. They posed for men’s magazines last year. I don’t think we’re going to shame them like we did Annika and her partner.”

“Maybe not,” Victoria said. She looked across the net at their opponents. The Vargas sisters were beautiful brunettes in micro bikinis. Their breasts were already on the verge of popping out and their thongs left little else to the imagination. If they were covered in Ever-Fudge, it might just make them look less naked.

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Victoria knew they were going to lose but something deep inside her couldn’t accept it. She wanted to win. Victoria was always a realist but right now she was refusing to accept that they were out classed. No, it was more than that she realized. Victoria couldn’t believe she could lose. Something had changed.

Lewis gave her a thumbs-up from the sideline. Victoria nodded at him regally. She knew why she felt different. It was so easy to dominate Lewis, that she hated releasing control over any other part of her life.

“Laura,” Victoria said, “listen carefully. We are going to win. We are going to win against these sisters and you know why?”

Laura looked at Victoria funny. It took a moment for Victoria to realize that Laura was taking her seriously, and that’s why she looked so odd. It had never happened before.

“Why?” Victoria asked.

“Because we want it more than them,” Victoria said. “They think they should win. We on the other hand, are going to want it and we are going to take it. Do you hear me?”

Laura ran her hands through her short black hair. “Hell, yes. You’re right. I want this! But you know, my ass is sore as fuck. I mean, that stupid robot did a number on me. It hurts just to walk.”

“Oh yeah,” Victoria said. “I wanted to say something about you letting some robot spank your ass the day of our match. What was it? Oh, I remember. As far as your sore ass goes, suck it up.”

Laura laughed. “Okay, I deserve that. I’ll try to pass out later from the pain.”

“Right,” Victoria said coolly. “Let’s go take this win.”

“That’s the second face full of Ever-Fudge that Victoria has taken but she keeps the ball in play! Laura goes to spike the ball and the sisters are completely out of position, Allison!”

“And that’s another point for the Americans, Ed. I am really impressed with Victoria. The Vargas sisters thought they had that point, the audience thought they had that point, even Dr. Von Madd clapped at what he thought was a point yet Victoria saved the day again. The score is now five to three.”

“And what commitment, Allison! I mean she went diving into the Ever-Fudge and got covered from head to toe again!”

“God damn, Victoria,” Laura said. “Are you all right? You’re going to picking fudge out of your ass for weeks. Ummm, you know what I mean right?”

Victoria wiped the Ever-fudge from her eyes. Every part of her body felt sticky. She licked her lips. It was pretty delicious.

“I’m fine,” Victoria said. It was an understatement. She was feeling fantastic. They were winning by a slight lead but that wasn’t why she was feeling so great. She was feeling great because she made the choice to dominate the Vargas’s and that’s exactly what they were doing. The power was giving her a head rush.

“Laura, let’s see if we can make the other team dive for the ball for a change.”

“Holy cow Allison! Instead of going for the point, Victoria spiked the ball right into Gabrielle Vargas’s chest! The older sister just made a huge splash in the Ever-Fudge! Angelica just managed to return the ball and Laura easily scores while Gabrielle was still trying to get up!’

“That might have been strategy on Victoria’s part, Ed, but I would bet my thesis paper that Victoria did that out of pure intimidation. Did you see the smile on her face?”

“I sure did, Allison. That woman has a mean streak that no amount of Ever-Fudge could sweeten.”

“That turns you on, doesn’t it, Ed?”

“. . . yes.”

Victoria called for a time out. Laura looked surprise but she didn’t say anything. The Vargas sisters seemed almost disappointed. They both looked pissed at that last move Victoria did and were ready to get some revenge. That’s why Victoria called the time out. She wanted to defuse that anger.

Well, that and she wanted to torment Lewis.

While Laura sat and rested her legs, Victoria walked up to their Tournament Assistant and stretched her arm out against his shoulder. He massaged her arm while Victoria had her back to Laura.

“When we finish this game,” Victoria said so low that only he could hear her, “you’re going to clean every drop of chocolate off of me.”

Lewis’s eyes widened.

“And you are going to use your mouth. You are going to lick every inch of my body and then you are going to hand wash me in the shower. You understand me?”

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

Victoria pulled her arm away. “Come on, Laura. Those sisters have rested enough.

“And the rout just continues, Allison. The score is 14 to 7 and Victoria is a one woman wrecking machine. The Vargas sisters are just looking tired out there.”

“Running in that Ever-Fudge must be exhausting, Ed. The only one not dragging their ass out there is Victoria. The Vargas sisters and Laura are moving in slow motion while Victoria is on fire. Maybe she’s getting a sugar high from that chocolate.”

“She certainly has eaten enough of it today, Allison. She has shown no fear when it comes to diving for the ball. She looks like a chocolate beach bunny out there.”

“Yep, she’s dirty and sticky, Ed. That’s how that girl rolls.

Victoria never knew playing volleyball could be this easy. In the past she had always been able to read offenses and defenses, but it had never occurred to her to read her opponent’s ability to be dominated. It was all a matter of exerting her will. The Vargas sisters were national champions and physically perfect players, but Victoria just saw them as minor obstacles to her desires.

She played close to the net. Laura and her sore ass were guarding the back court. Victoria wanted to be close to the Vargas sisters where she could look them in the eye. She knew she could communicate how fucked they were with a glance. Victoria knew this from doing it repeatedly to Lewis.

Chocolate clung to every part of Victoria’s body. It was under her top, pressed tight against her tits. It was in her shorts, sticking to her ass and pussy. It was between her toes, behind her ears and in her hair. Instead of bothering her, all Victoria could think of was Lewis’s mouth cleaning it all.

She growled when Angelica jumped to block the spike. It must have been loud because Angelica’s fudge covered face turned to look at her instead of the ball. Victoria batted the ball into the ground. The result splat of Ever-Fudge splashed all over the Brazilian superstar.

“Game point!” the referee yelled.

“Victoria!” Laura yelled. “We just won a million fucking dollars!”

Victoria blinked. She had forgotten about the cash prize for winning this round. Financial freedom seemed like a distant bonus compared to the thrill she had just experienced. She had beaten world class players through sheer force of will. It was an extremely arousing experience.

“Great,” Victoria said. She caught Lewis’s eye. “I’m heading to the showers.”

to be continued,

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  1. “Chocolate clung to every part of Victoria’s body. It was under her top, pressed tight against her tits. It was in her shorts, sticking to her ass and pussy. It was between her toes, behind her ears and in her hair.”

    Somehow this was the most arousing passage in the story, and I don’t even understand why.

  2. My guess is that every place on Victoria’s body that is listed would be yummy to lick anyway, but now it has chocolate.

  3. I really am loving this story – just wanted to let you know that. So many wonderfully Madd inventions :)

    xx Dee

  4. Hummm… Victoria’s point of view is starting to let me take place in my Dom’s eyes, looking at me battling to please him without thinking behind the action, like returning the ball!

  5. dee- Thanks :)

    missblue-See? Volleyball is just like BDSM. I swear it is.

  6. that was possibly the most hilarious/ sexual volleyball scene ever.. i want to know more about some of these inventions

  7. Athena- Thanks. Doing a humorous and sexy sport scene was a challenge every freaking time.

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