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Laura was bored again. Yesterday she had won the first match in the Von Madd Volleyball Tournament, had way too many drinks with some of the best players in the world and then went to bed after having a wonderful five course meal. The waiter who served her said that the meal was scientifically designed to prevent any hangovers from all the drinking she had done. She didn’t believe it but the meal was delicious.

The problem with not having a hangover on an island vacation is that you find yourself fully awake and alert at 8 in the morning. The tournament didn’t resume until noon which meant Laura had to amuse herself for four whole hours. Laura guessed she could have slept in, but staying in bed seemed like a waste of time.

Normally she would harass Victoria, but her partner was fast asleep. Laura was actually happy about that. She noticed her friend has been pretty uptight lately, so maybe sleeping in would relax her. Laura wished they were allowed to date the island staff. A new romance would definitely help Victoria unwind. Oh well, Victoria said they couldn’t and Laura had come to trust her judgment on these things.

Laura went down to the lobby of the hotel. She hoped to maybe find a map that could lead her to something fun. As she stepped over the elevator, she noticed a metal pole hanging down from the ceiling with a bar tied to the bottom end. If she jumped, she could just reach it. There was a large steel box beside the rope that looked very out of place. Of course she went closer for a better look.

“Push your limits!” a voice boomed out. Another ten foot tall hologram of Dr. Otto Von Madd appeared.

“Yep, once again I am eye level with your crotch,” she said.

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The hologram looked down at Laura. “Are you brave enough to push your limits? Are you strong enough to endure ten minutes of excitement? Do you want to win awesome prizes?”

“Sure, I have nothing else to do,” Laura said.

“Correct,” the hologram said. “Nothing could be more important than participating in a Von Madd challenge! To begin, please remove your shorts and jump up to the Challenge bar. Please jump facing away from the Challenge Box.”

“My shorts?” Laura asked. “Is that part of the challenge or are you just a perverted program?”

“Prizes have been certified by an independent panel of prize experts to be awesome!”

Laura sighed. She looked around the lobby and saw only a handful of people working. They all had stopped their tasks and were now looking at her. She decided to just go for it. She was on vacation after all. Laura unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop. Good thing she had decided to wear her bright red bikini bottom instead of panties.

She jumped up to the bar and grabbed it with both hands. “Ok, now what?”

“Now the SpankBlaster 4000 will activate,” the hologram said.

The wall in front of Laura was a giant mirror. She could see the Challenge Box break apart into some sort of robot monstrosity. Eight arms snaked out and at the end of each arm was a cruel looking metal paddle. The arms went into a cycle of motions, cutting smooth arcs of paddling through the air.

“What the fuck is the challenge?” Laura yelled.

“This challenge is simple and fun!” the hologram announced. “Hold onto the metal bar for ten minutes while the SpankBlaster 4000 goes to work. If you let go of the bar, the SpankBlaster 4000 will automatically stop and you will lose the challenge. Are you ready?”

“Oh fuck,” Laura said.

“Push your limits!” the holographic Dr. Von Madd said.

A heavy thud echoed behind Laura as the SpankBlaster 4000 moved closer. The first paddle came flying towards her ass. Laura clenched her eyes and then felt the gentlest of taps on her bottom. The light tap was followed by another and then another. Instead of a thundering barrage on her ass, it felt more like a steady sprinkle.

“That’s it?” Laura asked. There was no answer from the hologram. The SpankBlaster 4000 continued to lightly tap her bikini clad ass.

Laura giggled. “At this rate, my arms will get tired first.”

After two minutes of the light spanking, Laura began to notice something. Her ass was slowly getting warmer. The spanks weren’t getting any harder, but her bottom was getting more sensitive. The constant patter of hits were making her ass very tender.

“Phase two!” the hologram announced.

“What does tha-Oww!” Laura said. The light barrage stopped and a paddle struck her ass hard. The force of the blow nearly made her let go of the bar. Before her ass was merely getting hot, now it was stinging.

WHACK! WHACK! Two blows struck the top of Laura’s ass..

WHACK! WHACK! Two more blows struck the bottom of Laura’s bottom.

WHACK! Another paddle hit Laura’s left buttock.

WHACK! Her right buttock was hit by a cruel paddle.

WHACK! The exact same spot on her left buttock was hit again.

WHACK! The exact same spot on her right buttock was hit again.

WHACK! A metallic arm swung around her entire body and hit her round tits with a surprise paddle!

WHACK! While she was still gasping from being hit in the tits, another arm snaked between her thighs and struck her ever so lightly on her pussy!

The pattern repeated. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, breasts and then cunt. This went on for at least five minutes. The simple pattern meant Laura always knew where the paddle was going to strike, but there was nothing she could do to protect herself.

A crowd began to assemble. Most of the people watching were Von Madd employees but Laura began to recognize a few players as well. Everyone was watching her getting spanked and quite a few of them were laughing. Laura wanted to hide from all of the watching eyes but that would have meant letting go of the bar. She tried closing her eyes so she couldn’t see them, but that didn’t help at all.

The SpankBlaster 4000 changed tactics. The paddling stopped and for ten blissful seconds, Laura’s ass was free of any abuse. It didn’t stop her ass from hurting though. Her bottom felt like it had been stung by a hundred bees. Her tits were sore too and the less she thought about her poor sex, the better. It wasn’t just where the paddle hit either. Her arms were burning from hanging so long and she waned nothing more than to just let go and end this challenge.

Laura held on.

WHACK! A paddle landed hard on her ass and it almost knocked off the bar.

“Oww!” Laura yelled.

Three long seconds passed by before the paddle struck again. Laura cried out from the sudden impact. Three seconds later, another paddle blow landed. Three seconds would pass before it would strike her sore bottom again.

Three seconds was an awful long time to wait. It was just enough time to see the laughing faces of the other players. It was plenty of time to notice how the Von Madd employees were studying her with their eyes. It was a lifetime for her tired arms and an eternity for her waiting sore bottom. Three seconds was enough time for Laura to realize how inexplicably wet she was between her thighs.

Laura started wishing for the earlier non-stop barrage.

“One minute left!” the hologram announced.

Laura laughed. She was going to make it!

The SpankBlaster 4000 went into overdrive. The punishing slow blows were replaced by a whirlwind of paddles. With state of the art precision, eight spanks a second were administered to Laura’s already tender bottom. Every centimeter of her ass was targeted for paddling.

“Fuck!” Laura yelled. She started to kick her legs in a mad attempt to avoid the paddles but it was no good. The SpankBlaster 400 never missed hitting her ass. Laura twisted and turned as much as her awkward position would allow and the paddles didn’t even slow down. That didn’t stop Laura from trying. Even though it was more exhausting on her arms to keep trying to dodge, she just couldn’t accept staying still and taking it.

The paddling stopped. Laura flinched as she imagined a paddle striking her incredibly sensitive ass. She felt phantom strikes as if her body had been trained to be spanked.

“Congratulations!” the hologram announced. “You have pushed your limits! Awesome prizes will be yours at the conclusion of the tournament!”

Laura let go of the bar. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she felt a jolt travel up to her ass. She couldn’t believe it but somehow her ass felt worse.

The crowd applauded. Someone came up to her and gave her a bottle of water. Laura drank the water down as the crowd kept applauding. People were patting her on the back. The humiliation disappeared as more people congratulated her. Already some one else was taking off their shorts for the challenge. Laura couldn’t believe it. She just got her ass pummeled and somehow she was some sort of a heroine.

One of the Japanese girls from the elevator ran up to her. Laura thought it might have been Yayoi.

“Mommy tits! Can I take a picture of your ass?”

Laura laughed. “Sure, maybe my ass will be as popular as my tits.”

“What a great vacation,” Laura said as she bent over for the camera.

to be continued,

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  1. Ahh, wonderful!

    So, Shon, does the pattern ” Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, breasts and then cunt” open up secret areas or powerups?

  2. Joe- I wrote that joke out and thought to myself, “Have I jumped my own shark with this one?” I am glad someone got it.

    The anwser of course is that it unlocks multiple orgasms.

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