Sep 192008

“Those New York bitches are crazy,” Laura said.

Victoria had to agree. They were back at their suite, trying to relax for the championship game but it was impossible. Neither of them could stop thinking about the match they had just seen. Laura was on the couch, while Victoria was on the massage table, having her back working on by Lewis.

Laura kept babbling. “I mean, did you see how Monica and Jessica would pull on each other’s clamps between points? Those fucking clamps hurt and those crazy bitches were just building harder on them.”

“Yeah,” Victoria said. “I think they liked them.”

Lewis grunted. “It made me hurt just watching them.”

“And their defense was weird,” Laura said. “They didn’t say anything. They just kept switching positions without even using hand signals.”

“That just comes from practice,” Victoria said. “They do this full time without a job getting in the way.”

“Really? You can make a living from doing volleyball?”

“Sure,” Victoria said. “There’s swimsuit deals, suntan lotion endorsements and other products. Only the top players get those deals though, which lets them practice all year long.”

“And did you see how they kept slapping each other’s ass for the crowd?” Laura said. “Those sluts don’t have any shame.”

“I know,” Victoria said. “Look Laura, so far we’ve been lucky. In every match so far, we’ve been able to win by keeping our shit together while the other team suffers through what ever crazy rule addition Dr. Von M add comes up with. The simple fact is these two skanks are going to deal with the new perversion better than we will.”

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“I don’t know,” Lewis said. He was massaging a really tight knot on Victoria’s shoulder. “You two are pretty good.”

Laura sighed. “No, Victoria’s right. So we really have no chance at winning, do we?”

Victoria smiled. “No, we do have a chance. I noticed something about them that’s different from us. They don’t hang out together. They barely talk to each other and when there isn’t a game, they separate. Those two aren’t nearly as close as friends as we are.”

Lara rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe you’re saying this. We’re going to win through the power of our friendship? Is this some sort of 80’s sports movie?”

Victoria rose up from the massage table. She was topless, and Laura was a little surprised at how casual Victoria was with her body around Lewis.

“We are going to win because are two best friends who will be have better teamwork be cause we really care about each other,” Victoria said. “And to bond us even closer, we’re going to have a threesome.”

“What?” Laura said.

“What?” Lewis said.

“Laura, I owe you an apology,” Victoria said. “I’ve been having sex with Lewis and not telling you.”

Laura looked at her best friend. “Yeah, I guessed that a few minutes ago. I would have noticed sooner but I’ve been distracted by all this. I am a little pissed that you told me we couldn’t have sex with the employees.”

“I’m really sorry,” Lewis said.

“Don’t be sorry, Lewis,” Victoria said. “It was all me, Laura. Look, I’ve been going through some odd changes lately. I have been umm, more forward in my sexual relations and I haven’t been able to tell you about it. I’m a little embarrassed by it and I was afraid you would make fun of me, or think I was weird.”

Laura stood up and walked over to her friend. She put her arms around her. “Victoria, I will always be your friend no matter how big a pervert you are. But now you have to tell me what you have been doing to Lewis.”

“Tell her, Lewis,” Victoria said.

Lewis’s dark face blushed. “Umm, Victoria commands me. She makes me eat her. She strokes me, and allows me to climax. Victoria sets the rules.”

Laura nodded. “Yeah, I always knew you were a big old dominant. Good for you for finally figuring it out.”

“What?” Victoria said. “This is all brand new!”

“All right,” Laura said sarcastically. “You’re the one who picks our match dates, where we eat and how we should car pool. You’re not dominant at all.”

Victoria started to say something but stopped. “Fuck it, let’s get to the threesome.”

Laura laughed. “Really? Lewis is a handsome guy but don’t you think having a threesome is a bit much? I’m not bi and I don’t think you are either.”

“Trust me on this, “Victoria said. “In every match, we win separately. One time you won because you had to work through some nudity issues. The next time I won because I dominated the other team. The last game, I manipulated you into getting angry enough to win. We need to start working together, and to do that, we need to get over any barriers to our friendship. I’ve been keeping Lewis to myself and I am sorry for that. I want to share him with you.”

“You are fucking crazy,” Laura said.

“What does that crazy Dr. Von Madd keep saying to you in those stupid challenges?” Victoria said.

Laura smiled. “Push my limits. All right, let’s do this! Why the fuck not?”

“Do I get a say in this?” Lewis asked.

“No,” Victoria said.

Lewis moaned. “Perfect.”

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalinks Network! I’m Ed Jackson and I am joined by the beautiful Dr. Allison Parker. It has finally happened; the team of Laura Marie and Victoria Sage are having a threesome. They are the last team on the island to engage in a threesome and we are broadcasting it live to all Von Madd Laboratories employees. Any thoughts as they undress?”

“Well Ed, I just want to correct you on something you said. There are four other teams that have not had a threesome; this team is just the last of the projected teams to have a threesome. The wonderful hard working folks in the Erotic Dynamics Division included this team in the possible threesome group, and only now have they finally performed. As for my thoughts, I just want to say that I am hoping we continue to see Victoria dominate Lewis like we have watched all weekend. That girl really has a way with man handling.”

“Right you are, Allison. The last time I saw a woman as forceful as Victoria, I had to pay 400 Euros and provide proof of health care.”

“Too much information, Ed.”

Victoria couldn’t believe how good she was feeling, and it wasn’t even her pussy being eaten. She was pushing the back of Lewis’s head, keeping his face pinned to Laura’s sex. It wasn’t like Lewis needed her to do that, he was more than happy to eat Laura out. Victoria just liked doing it.

She was also amazed by how turned on she was by watching her partner. Laura was stretched out on the massage table with her legs thrown wide. Victoria watched as her partner massaged and fondled her own heavy breasts. The rest of Laura’s body was in constant motion, humping, bucking and fucking Lewis’s eager mouth. Victoria didn’t feel jealous at all. In fact, she felt a symbiotic connection with Laura, as if by having her partner get oral sex, Victoria was enjoying it too.

Since Lewis was bent over eating Laura, that left his hard cock swinging between his legs. Victoria released Lewis’s head and moved down under the table. She crawled between Lewis’s legs and reached up for his hanging member. Her fingernails stroked his balls and she saw his legs tense up. Up until now, Victoria had yet to taste his cock. She felt like it was treat he hadn’t deserved. Now she was reconsidering it.

Victoria took him into her mouth. In one fierce gulp, she took all of him between her lips. She buried her nose in his pubic hair while his cock touched the back of her mouth. His body trembled. Victoria would have been satisfied with nothing less.

While Lewis continued to eat her partner, Victoria ate him. His long hard cock was just another way to manipulate him. A bite at the tip of his cock made him jump. A lick at the under side of the cock made his knees buckle. Victoria made sure to explore every inch of his cock for every possible response.

“Now Allison, it says here that Victoria had not participated in any sort of power exchange before coming to the island. How did Human Resources know to assign Lewis as their Tournament Assistant?”

“Well Ed, the analysis was that Victoria was not likely to have participated in power exchange relationships, not that she had never done so. She did however exhibit classic signs of repressed dominance frustration syndrome. The sports hobby, the dead end job and the lack of any sustained long term relationships are all signs that speak of her unhappiness. I’m just glad the girl is finally enjoying herself.”

“I see now that she’s directing Laura to bend over the table for Lewis to fuck her. Tell me, Allison, why would she direct her lover to fuck her partner? As a dominant, shouldn’t she be the one on the receiving end so to speak?”

“Not at all, Ed. See, Victoria is the one calling the shots. To her, that is far more important than who is getting the cock.”

“Fuck her hard, Lewis,” Victoria whispered. She was standing behind Lewis, reaching around and pinching his nipples. Her body molded to Lewis’s back, feeling every thrust as he slammed into Laura.

“Fuck that pussy,” she whispered.

Lewis fucked faster. Victoria could hear Laura moan. Instead of being embarrassed by Laura’s moans, Victoria was becoming more aroused. That was her friend. That was her partner. That was her buddy. She delighted in Laura’s delight. Victoria let go of one of Lewis’s nipples and started stroking herself. She rested her head on Lewis’s back and stroked in time to Laura’s moans.

Victoria wanted to help her partner’s pleasure. It took her only a moment to come up with a way how.

“Lewis, fuck her like she was me,” she whispered.

Laura cried out as Lewis really started to fuck her.

“Allison, I think Laura’s orgasm was loud enough to be heard back at the beach.”

“That’s the sounds of a happy woman, Ed. I see now that Victoria is having Lewis get up on the massage table. I think she plans to mount his cock and fuck him herself.”

“That’s not unusual for a dominant woman, is it?”

“All women are different, Ed, even the dominant ones. I just think Victoria realizes how tired Lewis is and is taking over the motion duties. She’s a team player, Ed. Probably now more than ever.”

Victoria lowered herself slowly onto Lewis’s cock. She gasped as she felt his girth inside her. It seemed like a shame that she hadn’t let him inside her before now, but Victoria didn’t worry about that. She was just happy to have him here inside her now.

She wished she could see Lewis’s face but Laura was bending over their Tournament Assistant. Her partner was suffocating Lewis with her generous breasts. Lewis was greedily sucking and biting Laura’s bounty. Laura had her eyes closed but her lips were smiling as Lewis found new areas to nibble.

Victoria used to be jealous of Laura’s tits but that feeling was long gone. Now she saw Laura’s bigger breasts as another asset for the team. She was happy Laura was busty, it was making Lewis thrust even harder.

Victoria rode Lewis. Her powerful thighs gripped his hips as she fucked him. She took her long blonde hair out of its ponytail and let it fall on her shoulders ad breasts. She put her hands on his chest too support herself as she fucked the hell out of him.

Laura opened her eyes and looked right at Victoria. Victoria laughed when she saw the smile on Laura’s face. Her partner was happy for her. That was almost better than cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Victoria moaned. The orgasm was better than volleyball. No, it was better than sex. She looked down at her partner and realized that the orgasm wasn’t better than friendship.

“I love you,” she said to Laura.

“I love you too,” Laura said. “I’m still not fucking you.”

Victoria laughed. “That’s Lewis’s job.”

to be continued,

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  1. Yes, that made up for not being posted yesterday.

    I thought it was a wonderful demonstration of the importance of teamwork & friendship in .. sports, yeah, sports of all sorts.

    I heart you.

  2. Hot damn! Loved the commentary on the threesome, building on the volleyball game commentaries. Lewis must be in heaven :)

    xx Dee

  3. Musns- Teamwork is a beautiful thing.

    Dee- Thanks, I knew I wanted at least one sex scene with commentary but I wasn’t sure how it would play out.

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