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They stepped onto the court together. The wind came off the water and brought them cool comfort from the hot sun. The crowd cheered as their names were announced and the girls waved to the crowd like they had already won. The sun hung low in the sky as if it too couldn’t wait for the match to begin.

Laura and Victoria felt fucking great. The afterglow of their threesome was lifting their spirits. Victoria could still taste Lewis’s seed from when she had sucked him down. Laura could still feel his mouth on her tits where Lewis had bitten her. The two women smiled at each other, knowing that they could handle fucking anything that was thrown at them today.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice boomed out. Dr. Otto Von Madd stood in front of his chair with a microphone. Bikini clad beauties continued to fan him with their palm fronds. “Give me your attention please.”

“This ball I hold here is the latest design of the Omnistimulus Orgasmic Oscillator, or as I like to call it, the O-Ball. The O-Ball constantly emits short range sonic vibrations that are undetectable to the human ear. These sound waves stimulate parts of the brain that manages the human libido. For those of us watching, this means we will be in perpetual states of semi arousal. For the players who will be touching the O-Ball and always within eight square meters, it will be the equivalent of trying to play while freebasing Viagra.”

Dr. Von Madd activated a button on his watch. Immediately Laura and Victoria felt a flush of dampness between their thighs. Victoria remembered every ridge on Lewis’s cock as her tongue went over it while Laura found herself remembering how damn good Lewis’s cock felt sliding up her pussy. Both girls groaned as they realized the o-Ball wasn’t even near them yet.

“Good luck to both teams,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Push your limits!”

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Laura watched him throw the ball to the other team. Jessica Nyler caught the ball and dropped to one knee. The tattooed brunette stood back up on shaky legs. Laura noticed how slowly Jessica walked to the serving position. That O-Ball was going to be a bitch. Already Laura was fighting the urge to reach down to her bikini bottom and maybe sneak in a few strokes.

Jessica served the ball and it was one shitty serve. The O-Ball barely got over the net and Laura was in the perfect position. As the O-Ball came to her though, the feelings of lust surged in Laura. She flashed back to her time in the Shower Challenge and how good that orgasm was. Her legs locked up and her eyes closed. She opened them up just in time to see the O-Ball coming for her face!

Laura hit the O-Ball into the air. She cried out as the O-Ball touched her skin and made her think about Lewis’s cock ramming her from behind. She just hoped Victoria didn’t bounce the O-Ball back to her.

Which is exactly what happened. Laura watched as Victoria froze and then bounce the O-Ball back into the air. She knew that her partner must have been griped with the same overwhelming memories of fucking. Laura felt bad for her partner but there was no time to think about that. They had to return the O-Ball to the other side of the net or else the New York bitches would score a point.

Laura tried to ignore her wet bikini bottom. She pushed past the mental images of getting fucked and tried to focus on the O-Ball. The athlete tried to ignore how hard her nipples were as she ran to the net. When she jumped in the air, the athlete tried not to think about how much she needed a thick cock inside her right now.

She spiked the O-Ball. Monica made a move towards the O-Ball but literally stumbled over her own shaky legs. The O-Ball bounced off the sand and Laura was happy to see it roll away from her. The further it rolled, the clearer she could think. Or at least what passes for thinking when your whole body feels like it is being kissed.

“We are fucked,” Laura said, and then laughed at how right she was.

“Allison, you worked on the O-Ball, didn’t you?”

“My division helped test some of the technology, Ed. At first we thought we could incorporate the technology into a bondage device but it was impractical and quite dangerous.”

“How so, doctor?”

“Well Ed, if someone is tied down and they couldn’t move away from the O-Ball, their bodies would be overwhelmed with pure arousal. Imagine getting gangbanged by a hundred of the most beautiful ladies you can imagine for hours. The human body wasn’t designed for it.”

“Allison, have I ever told you that I have always wanted you and I wanted to fuck you right now?”

“That’s the O-Ball talking Ed, and right now the feeling is mutual. Now imagine what those players are going through right now.”

Victoria had never felt lesbian urges but right now, looking at Monica and Jessica, Victoria wondered what it would feel like to sit on both of their faces. She wanted to see the look on Monica’s smug eyes when Victoria smothered her with pussy. She wanted to feel Jessica struggle under her while Victoria rode her face.

God, Victoria was horny.

The O-Ball came at her. Victoria suffered a half second of hesitation as the lust within her surged. Laura yelled something and Victoria’s body took over. She ran to the O-Ball and knew she wouldn’t make it. Victoria dived for it, jumping and reaching out for the O-Ball before it touched the ground. Her fingers touched it, and Victoria had a sudden image of fucking Monica with a strap-on. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever imagined.

Lucky for Victoria, her fingers reflexively swatted the ball back into the air. While Victoria still daydreamed about Monica crying out from Victoria’s large strap-on, her body crashed into the soft sand. The impact hit her body and she climaxed from the sudden sensation. Victoria moaned as the release washed over her.

The crowd cheered. Victoria remembered she was in a game and sat up. The scoreboard changed and showed that Laura must have scored. Victoria collapsed back into the sand.

“This is what it is like to have your brains fucked out,” Victoria said.

“The score is 8 to 8 and nether team can seem to gain an edge. Allison, both teams are struggling just to play remotely competently. What do you think will give one team the edge it needs?”

“Ed, I masturbated thinking of you last night.”

“Really? And uh, how does that relate to which team will win?”

“Oh, umm, wow. I have no idea, Ed.”

Laura wondered what it would be like to kiss Dr. Von Madd. Would his goatee be itchy? Would he try to cop a feel of her tit? Should she cop a feel of his cock?

Jessica was going to try to spike the O-Ball. Laura would have been surprised if the girl was able to jump. Jessica’s red bikini bottom was literally soaked with her desire.

As if just to annoy Laura, Jessica jumped and spiked the O-Ball. Laura had to stop daydreaming about kissing and make the block. Laura’s block was much stronger than Jessica’s swing and the O-Ball rocketed right back into Jessica’s stomach.

The tattooed athlete climaxed a foot away from Laura. She screamed and her hands curled into fists. The O-Ball was completely ignored as it bounced into the sand in front of both women. Jessica was on her feet, shaking as the spasms went through her body. Her eyes were clenched and her mouth hung open as she rode the orgasm.

Laura laughed. “I know how we are going to win this one.”

“And Monica Gilbert takes another one to the crotch! Ed, she is down on the ground forcing her partner to play by herself in a bad double team situation.”

“Oh God, Allison. I love it when you use the word, double-team.”

“Oh do you? I bet you want me to double team you with that pretty technician girl who fixes your microphone.”

“Oh yes, talk more about my microphone, Allison.”

Victoria’s only regret was that this was going to be over with one more point. Forcing her opponents to climax was almost more fun than fucking. She was taking a sadistic delight in Laura’s strategy.

“Please,” Monica begged. She was breathing hard and looking at Victoria with dread. “I can’t come any more.”

“Yes, you will,” Victoria said. Laura was getting ready to serve and Victoria could feel the power of the O-Ball behind her. The thing was; all of Victoria’s fantasies now involved scoring on her opponents.

Laura served and the O-Ball flew over Victoria and Monica. Victoria smiled as Jessica stumbled to her position. Jessica popped the O-Ball up to Monica who popped it straight up. Jessica whimpered as she ran towards the ball, while Monica sighed with relief that someone else had to touch it.

Cruelty, competitiveness and sexual desire flared and melted within Victoria. Her body tapped into an endless source of energy. She could play for another eight hours. She could see how futile Jessica’s scoring attempt was before she even moved to block it. Victoria felt a complete domination over her opponent and she never wanted the feeling to end.

Victoria jumped. She predicted Jessica’s sad swing and moved her arms to block. A cruel inspiration caused Victoria to shift at the last moment and spike the ball in a new direction. It went flying into Monica’s crotch and the screaming orgasm Monica gave was louder than the rising roar of the crowd.

They had won.

to be continued,

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  1. Ohhh, I went an O-ball. I suddenly have this raging desire to start playing volleyball, for the first time in 20+ years!


  2. The O-Ball is too intense for American consumers though I hear it is a top seller in Russia.

  3. Shon, I really like your writings. (Long time lurker)

    It’s almost a possible invention, the O-ball. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

    You could turn it on in a bag in your college class ;p

  4. Thanks for de-lurking! I think the O-Ball might be one of those toys that people never leave the house with.

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