Sep 092008

Laura was tired. She was covered in Ever-Fudge, her ass was sore from a brutal spanking this morning and her legs were killing her from running in ankle deep chocolate. All in all, she would have happily slept for the next 48 hours till all her aches and pains went away.

She was also a millionaire, and that was just plain incomprehensible to her right now.

Victoria had already left to go back to their suite. Before he went with her, Lewis pointed Laura to where the beach showers were located. Laura was almost there now, trying to force her sore body to move so she could get this chocolate crap off of her.

It was a rather conspicuous looking white building that looked completely out of place on the yellow beach. The building was a giant cube with no windows. The words, ‘Von Madd Shower Facility’ was etched on the side in bright purple letters. It stuck out like a sore thumb but at this point, Laura expected no less from this crazy island.

As she was about to open the door to the shower, another woman stepped out. The woman’s arms were covered in tattoos of indeterminate designs. She was wearing a designer swimsuit that looked like it had real gemstones in it. Laura felt like she should have known her, and she was certain that she had seen her play earlier, but she couldn’t remember who she was.

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“Oh, it’s you,” the woman said coolly.

Laura was tired but she always had energy to be bitchy back. “Yep, I’m me. Are you someone?”

The woman snorted. “I’m Jessica Nyler. I was voted ‘Hippest Athlete of the Year’ by Association of New York Sports Columnists. I have a book out. It’s called ‘How to Make Love Like a Volleyball Player.’”

Laura gave her best sympathetic face. “I’m sorry, now I am sure I have never heard of you. Have you done anything vaguely important?”

“Look, you little bitch,” Jessica said. “I’m somebody. You’re nobody. I have sucked more cock and eaten more pussy in New York than any other player here. Me and my partner, Monica Gilbert are going to win this tournament. My agent says a win here could translate into international exposure. I could get a fucking reality show out of this, you understand?”

Laura was a bit lost. “Good luck on that. All sorts of skanks get reality shows. There is no reason you can’t.”

“Not if you and your dyke partner win,” Jessica snapped. “You two have been lucky so far but you’re playing against the big girls now. So go ahead and take your sorry asses home before we humiliate you in public.”

Laura laughed. “Hello? I flashed my tits on television. Public humiliation isn’t much of a threat. Now get your bitch ass out of my way so I can take my damn shower.”

Jessica took out designer sunglasses and put them on. “I’ve said what I needed to. Take your little million dollars and go home. You’re out of your league.”

“I’ll give you a snappy comeback after my shower,” Laura said. She just couldn’t think straight. She was fucking tired.

Laura stepped into the shower building and was glad to see there was a lock on the door. She clicked it shut and then stripped off her Ever-Fudge soaked clothes. Once she was naked, she looked for the shower controls. All she found was a single blue button. Laura pressed it out of a lack of any better ideas.

A shower head emerged from the wall. It blasted her with amazing water pressure. Even more amazing was that the water was at that perfect level of cold and warm. Laura moaned as the Eve r-Fudge slipped off her body.

“Push your limits!” a voice boomed. A tiny six inch hologram of Dr. Otto Von Madd appeared right in front of Laura’s face.

“Jesus Christ!” Laura yelled. She covered herself up with her hands. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Do not worry!” the tiny hologram announced. “I am a simple program unconcerned with your wanton nude body being sprayed with water. I am here to offer another Tournament Challenge so you can win awesome prizes!”

“Fuck your prizes,” Laura said. “I’m sore, I’m tired and now I have a million dollars. I don’t need your prizes.”

The hologram seemed to be studying her. She noticed that although he was six inches tall, his crotch was still at eye level with her. The little hologram folded his arms and seemed to sigh.

“My programming did not realize that you were only interested in monetary awards,” the hologram said. Laura felt like it was sulking.

“That’s not true,” she said. Laura didn’t know why she felt defensive. “I’m just sore and tired. I can’t take another challenge like this morning.”

“One hundred percent of previous Challengers have rated this challenge as the most relaxing they have had to date!” The hologram resumed the former bombastic nature.

“Really?” Laura said. “What else did they say?”

“Eighty-two percent of the Challengers requested to try it again,” the hologram said.

Laura sighed. “Why the fuck not? Ok little dude, I’ll try your challenge. Sign me up.”

“Push your limits!” the hologram announced.

A jet of water shot up from the floor of the shower. The powerful stream of water struck Laura right between the thighs. It hit her pussy dead on, pulsing against her in all the right ways.

Laura threw her arms out to either side of the shower stall to balance herself. “Holy shit,” she said. “Oh damn that feels good. Is this the challenge?”

“No,” the hologram said. “You must answer a series of questions correctly. The questions will cover all topics relating to beach volleyball. Fail to answer a question correctly, and the soothing water will be cut off.”

Laura closed her eyes and felt the warm water pulse against her sex. She leaned a little bit and it struck her clitoris perfectly.

“First question,” the hologram said. “How many points are required to win a match?”

Laura didn’t bother to open her eyes. “Easy, fifteen points.”

“Correct,” the hologram said.

The water pressure increased and Laura moaned in pleasure. She opened her thighs wider so that the water could reach every part of her sex. After a long day, this was exactly what she needed.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “In meters, what are the dimensions of half the court?”

Laura opened her eyes. She was squatting over the greatest sexual water jet ever created. It was a simple question but the ability to do math was eluding her. Laura had to concentrate and that was distracting her from the watery bliss between her legs.

“Eight by eight?” she said.

“Correct!” the hologram announced.

“Oh yes!” Laura moaned. The water jet was now pulsing in a wonderful rhythm. She opened her legs so wide she was almost squatting on the jet.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “True or false, the ball is slightly smaller on average in beach volleyball than it is in official indoor volleyball.”

It was a simple question but the round about way of the phrasing was confusing Laura. She also was damn close to an orgasm and not thinking straight at all. The tenderness of her spanked bottom was a distant memory thanks to the powerful jetting vibrations against her pussy. The regular shower was still on and raining her body with cool water. Laura was in heaven, which was an impossible place to be to be answering rules questions.

“Four seconds,” the hologram announced.

“Shit,” Laura said. “Umm, false! The beach ball is bigger!”

“Correct!” the hologram said.

Twin jets fired from the wall in front of Laura. They struck her large breasts with the same pulsing pressure. Computer aided targeting resulted in the showers striking both nipples perfectly.

“Oh yes!” Laura cried. She leaned forward into the breast pounding jets and the jet aimed at her sex followed her.

“Next question,” the hologram said. “What is your bra size?”

“What?” Laura said. Her hips were moving back and forth, as her body tried in vain to hump the water jet.

“Answer the question or forfeit the challenge in 4 . . . 3 . . . 2-“

“38DD!” Laura snapped. She would have said anything to keep the water going.

The hologram went straight to the next question. “How many vibrators do you own?”

Laura counted quickly to herself. A new water jet hit her bottom. It gently splashed cold water over her much abused ass.

“Nine!” she yelled.

The hologram floated closer to her face. “How many times have you masturbated while thinking of Dr. Von Madd?”

Laura looked at the hologram. Her body was being pummeled by the most wonderful combinations of pulses and pressure. Modesty was a distant concern.

“Three times since I have been here,” she said.

A second water jet fired from the floor. This one hit the inside of her thighs. The sudden pressure reminded Laura of fingers grabbing her thighs. Her imagination was the final drop that sent her body overflowing with pleasure.

Laura screamed her orgasm. She titled her face to the showerhead, opening her mouth and taking the water like it was coming from Dr. Von Madd’s cock. The water overflowed out of her mouth, spilling down her chin and joining the water that was being pulsed to her body from all the marvelous jets.

When Laura pushed her spent body away from the jets, all of the water in the shower cut off. She stood there shaking with pure pleasure. She felt wonderful but she also felt more exhausted than she had before she stepped into the shower.

The hologram was still there. Laura had the impression that the six inch simulation of Dr. Von Madd seemed a bit smug. She was feeling so good, she didn’t really mind.

“Your score has been submitted to the Prize Computers,” the hologram said. “Do well in other challenges to increase your Prize score. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament. Prizes are guaranteed to be awesome!”

Laura laughed. “If they are half as good as the Challenges, I bet they are.”

to be continued,

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  1. hmmm.. and I’ll be going in the shower now. Bye!

  2. Shon, you’ve lost me as your groupie. I’m solely Dr. Von Madd’s groupie now.

  3. This story just keeps getting better! Jessica is totally going to get what’s coming to her, isn’t she?

    xx Dee

  4. Julie- Be sure to press the big button!

    Musns- Sigh. Doctors get all the chicks.

    Dee- I think everyone is going to get what’s coming to them :)

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