Sep 252008

Laura woke up. She felt refreshed and truly rested for the first time in months. She smiled and enjoyed the feeling. This is how a summer vacation should feel.

She very carefully removed herself from the bed. She took Lewis’s hand off her breast and carefully climbed over Victoria’s stretched out leg. Once Laura was gone, the two sleeping lovers filled the gap and curled against one another.

Laura was tempted to rejoin them. After their amazing win yesterday, they had come back to the suite and fucked for hours. The thrill of being multi millionaires and the thrill of winning a tournament against the best in the world couldn’t compare to the joy of fucking a great guy with your partner. Okay, maybe it could but last night was pretty damn hot.

There was one thing bothering Laura though. She liked to meet challenges head on. She never shied away from a spike or a block. She came here to play and she came here to grab some fun wherever she could. Laura hadn’t backed down yet, but there was one challenge out there on the island. She had been waiting for it but if she had to go seek it out, she was fine with that too.

She was going to meet Dr. Von Madd.

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She put on a bright red bikini because it was the one that made her tits look the biggest. Her short black hair was a mess but that was alright. She swigged some mouthwash and then left the suite.

Laura decided to start with the elevator. She stepped inside and picked the highest floor listed. Her heart pounded. Laura was a millionaire many times over but here she was, scared like she was going on her first date.

The elevator opened to a hallway with a single door at the end. She was tempted to go back to her suite. What if she made of a fool of herself? Maybe he would think she was stupid and boring. If he hadn’t tried to reach her by now, doesn’t that mean he doesn’t really care to meet her?

Laura stepped out of the elevator. She went down the hallway and to the door. She knocked on the door, politely but firmly. Fuck what the doctor wanted, Laura had her own wishes.

Dr. Otto Von Madd opened the door. It was early morning but he seemed to be wide awake. He was wearing the white lab coat she always saw him in, as well as those purple goggles. He was pretty identical to his hologram.

“Laura Marie, please come inside,” he said. “I was expecting you this morning.”

“Oh?” she said. “Predicted it on your spreadsheets and computers?” Laura winced as soon as she said that. She was hoping to come across as cool and flirty, not snotty and condescending.

“Not this time,” Dr. Von Madd said. He offered her a spot on the couch while he sat at the end. “When I am on vacation, I try to relax and use only estimations formed without the help of behavior forecast software. It is more fun that way.”

“And what does your estimations say about me?” Laura asked. She scooted herself closer to Otto.

“I haven’t analyzed the data we gathered from your challenges,” Otto said, “but my estimations are that you are a thrill seeking woman who likes to explore new avenues of adventure. Coming to the island was an adventure, as well as winning, but now you are curious as to how far you can get with me.”

Laura smiled and placed a hand on his knee. “Doctor, I think you are trying to come across as much cooler than you are.”

Otto’s face portrayed little reaction while his goggles continued to hide his eyes. “Oh? In what way?”

Laura reached for one of the buttons on his lab coat. She casually undid the button. She moved to the next button and kept talking.

“I figured it all out,” she said. “You were the hologram for every challenge. That wasn’t some computer program. That was your way of playing with me, seeing how far I would go and maybe just fucking around with me. I bet you were the one firing the water balloon cannon. I bet you were the one controlling the spanking machine. I think it’s been your voice talking to me and demanding more from me. That is what I think.”

She had his lab coat unbuttoned. Her hand moved down to his pants. Her fingers toyed with the zipper, dancing along the growing bulge as if they were uncertain.

“Wouldn’t that be creepy?” Otto asked. “If what you say is true, that would be like I was stalking you.”

The fingers stopped at the top of the zipper.

“It might be,” Laura said. “But I thought about it in the elevator. I was intimidated by you, being all brilliant, and rich and a genius. Then I thought about me, being all sporty, brash and not having a degree in anything. I had a feeling you might be just as intimidated by me.”

Otto smiled. “That is not an unreasonable hypothesis.”

She unzipped his pants. He was wearing boxers and it was a simple matter to pull his erection from the loose material. His cock stood tall and felt hot in her hand. Laura squeezed him and she heard the tiniest of sighs from his lips.

“I have this theory,” Laura said. “I think you set up this whole tournament so that you could meet the right kind of girl. You wanted to meet someone with a killer body and who wasn’t afraid of all your weird sex toys. I think this was one big try out for you to nail some great ass.”

He laughed. His hand wrapped around her hand. He guided her slowly up, and then slowly down.

“Interesting theory,” Otto said. “But in all honesty, I really like volleyball. It’s a sport involving geometry, teamwork, beaches and swimsuits. I just had some extra ideas about how it could be improved.”

With her hand still around his cock, Otto leaned over to Laura’s ear. He bit her earlobe very gently until shivers went down her back.

“Finding you, Laura Marie, was just a really nice bonus.”

He stood up and kept her hand pinned to his cock. While she kept stroking, he took off his lab coat and stepped out of his pants. Laura looked up at him as he took off his shirt.

The goggles stayed on.

His hands reached for her hair and pulled her face to his cock. She took him between her lips, letting him fill her mouth. She felt his fingers embed themselves in her short black hair, massaging her scalp as she sucked hard on his cock. Her cheeks bulged as she tried to taste every inch of his cock.

Laura felt his hands tighten around her head and pin her in place. Otto pulled his cock nearly all the way out until Laura had to stick her tongue out to keep licking him. Then he would push his cock back into her lips, pushing deep until she could feel his balls pressing against her chin.

He pulled out and Laura moaned. Over and over, he slowly fucked her face and Laura was squirming in her wet bikini bottom. It was another challenge. Laura looked up at him as her tongue reached for his cock again. She tried to read his face but all she was those inscrutable purple goggles.

She took his thrusting back into her mouth as his approval.

After a deliciously long time of sucking, Laura felt her head released from those large hands. The hands reached down and ripped her bikini top off. Laura giggled as he grabbed her tits and pulled her to her feet. The pain was no worse than being hit with a volleyball and this was certainly far sexier.

When she was on her feet, he took her breast in hand and dipped his head down. She moaned as his tongue swirled around her nipple. His teeth bit down and Laura’s knees almost gave. He tapped a complicated rhythm on her nipple with his tongue and Laura could feel shivers rippling through her breasts, down her spine and straight into her sex. He kept biting and his tongue kept tapping until Laura’s hips were grinding against him.

Just as she thought she was about to climax, he released her breast. He smiled at her as he lifted the other breast and dipped down to suck the other nipple. She went to her tip toes, trying to force her nipple back into those teeth and tapping tongue.

The teeth clamped down and Laura cried out. His tongue this time did a different rhythm on her bitten nipple. The waves of pleasure were still the same, making Laura’s eyes roll back in her head and forcing her to wrap a leg around Otto to stay up right. She could feel the orgasm building but once again he broke away.

“Lay down on the couch,” Otto whispered. Laura had never met a man who was breathless from sucking tit before. She decided she liked it.

“It’s about time,” she said.

He pushed her down to the couch. Her legs opened for him and he ripped away her soaked bikini. Laura groaned he placed the tip of his cock against her and she screamed as he slid into her. He grabbed both of her ankles and spread her muscular legs apart. Laura looked up at him and pinched her nipples. She jiggled her breasts as if trying to signal him to come all the way into her.

Otto snapped his fingers. A tiny metal sphere flew into the room. It swooped down and squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto her pussy. Laura laughed as it flew away. That thing was damn handy.

Laura bit her lip as he fucked her. She let go of her breasts and grabbed the back of the couch. She loved the feeling of her ankles gripped in his iron hands. He pulled her legs apart like he wanted to admire every hard line of her thighs and calves. Laura felt like a beautiful work of athletic art. Otto was fucking her like he was going for the spike with every thrust.

She reached up and ran her fingers through his chest hair. “Get down here,” she said.

Otto let go of her ankles. She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down to her. They shifted, working together to turn length ways on the couch. Laura noticed that the couch was just the perfect length to fuck on. His weight crushed her breasts while her thighs wrapped around him.

“Now we can fuck,” she said. Her ankles pushed him in. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. She bit down on his shoulder, transferring all of her desire into one scintillating bite. Her thighs clamped down on him, moving him back and forth as she set the pace.

Laura fucked him. Laura took his cock, his weight and his shoulder as she bit down. Laura took her prize. She took everything she had earned and she enjoyed every second of it. Her orgasm was coming and this time, she knew she was going to take it.

“You were right,” she gasped.

“About what?” Otto asked.

“The prize is awesome!” Laura screamed.

The end.

  7 Responses to “Fiction: Volleyball Island Madd-ness Finale”

  1. Bravo! This is an incredible ending!

  2. The whole story was fantastic, Shon – I’ve been reading with interest as each new chapter went up. You do write brilliant smut, you know :)

    xx Dee

  3. Dee- Thanks, I’m glad you’ve kept with it :)

  4. Bloody brilliant, freaking amazing last match and final chapter! <3

    Was definitely worth it to wait until the end and then marathon the last 4 chapters.
    I have a sneaky suspicion that you cut a deal with the good doctor and implemented some virtual version of the ‘o-ball’ onto your blog, so we read your stories and get this into this sustained state of arousal…
    (Or of course we could just go with reality and repeat what Dee said.)
    You write not only brilliant smut, but original, creative, funny and downright wacky; this entire sexual science genre really does prove that the only limit to creativity is a person’s imagination, I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to glance into yours, I’m somewhat inspired. :)

    PS: Hurray for the doctor taking one for the team! :D
    I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I read the last chapter. *laughs* – Otto came across to me as someone who doesn’t accept personal pleasure outside of his work (the opposite of people not mixing work with pleasure, I guess.)
    – So was nice to be proven wrong ;)

  5. Otto smiled. “That is not an unreasonable hypothesis.”

    You are awesome. I’m torn between you and the Dr though

  6. Mystique- Well, it is his vacation. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the long weird journey. I had my doubts about a mad science volleyball tournament.

    Me- lol that’s what threesomes are for.

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