Sep 152008

My Dragon*con photos were a bit more slice of life than last years. To bad 90% of them are blurry, fuzzy and dark. I am so blaming the now-dead camera that I was using. I love this image of a Jessica Rabbit so close to someone who typifies what we expect out of a Dragon*con attendee.

I took this from across the street on my way to dinner one night. She offered to pose later but I declined. I already had the great picture in my mind.

Seriously, it takes a Drag Queen to really look fabulous at Dragon*con.

This was one of my favorite costumes because fuck, that hat is amazing. Sadly it is one of my worse pictures. She was part of a group of women dressed in a candy theme.

Jonas Venture Jr. We stood in line to see the Venture Brothers panel and the line snaked around forever. This guy was behind us just around the corner. Every time new people were heading to the back of the line, they would round the corner and you would hear them go “Holy shit!” when they saw him.

It’s not Dragon*con without Power Girl.

Scouts from team Fortress 2. They didn’t know each other but when I asked them to pose they snapped into action. Every person I saw in Team Fortress gear wanted to hang around and talk. Most people in costumes want their picture taken and then for you to go away. Team Fortress people wanted to know what class you play, what other people you had seen, etc. I would never have guessed that at a sci-fi convention that the people who play a PvP shooter would be the friendliest. I play Heavy by the way, because my aging fingers are as slow as the Heavy.

  3 Responses to “Dragon*con 2008 Pictures”

  1. I think I prefer the Jessica Rabbit picture from last year’s Dragoncon, that you posted.

    Love the candy themed girls and you are SO right, that hat is awesome!

  2. Musns- Sigh, I was hoping to run into her again.

    I was tempted to ask if I could take a picture of just the hat.

  3. Oooh AND it gives me some ideas for Wicked Faire ’09, it’s themed Wicked Chocolate Factory.

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