Aug 042008

I spent the weekend plotting out my next Librarian story so I am a little tapped for brand new content this morning. My goal is to write it while the Big Story is being posted. More accurately, my goal is to have quite a few stories written out while the Bog Story plays. It would be nice to have a back log ready.

What has been difficult with the Librarian story is that it is a series and even if you are the one writing it, previous episodes set the expectations. If the first story has structure A, and the second story has Structure A, then my expectation is to do Structure A again. I had to go back to my original hand written notes about what I wanted to do with the series. Over the years my mental impression was that I wanted to do stories where the librarians work as a team to overcome problems in obtaining books. I had a quest expectation. Looking at my notes though, I see that I had ideas for some simple melodrama, some slice of life stories and other non-quest oriented plots. It sounds weird, but I had to go back and get permission from myself to branch out with these characters. I could certainly have branched out on my own but I would have felt like I had fallen short of my own goals which would have diminished the process for me.

I had hoped to send the Big Story to my usual editor but she took an unexpected vacation right when I finished my rewrites. I am going to go ahead and start posting since by my estimates, at two chapters a week, the story will finish right before October. I really don’t want a summer specific story bleeding over into the Fall.

I find myself in the mood to read more sex fiction. Real life sex stories are too personal right now. I think I care a bit too much for the bloggers I read about. I want to read about some fake people doing really fake things. Any recommendations?

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