Aug 252008

I did jack this weekend which felt really nice. Behind the scenes here at Erotiterrorist, things have been hectic. I was recently promoted which added an unbelievable amount of what I have come to call ‘Soft Work’. This is work that doesn’t actually produce anything but it’s the million and one things that have to be addressed for other people to do work. It has been a strange experience because I love having something to show at the end of the day for all the work I do. Instead I just have less problems to solve than the day before.

My writing has been impacted obviously but at the same time I have Dragon*con right around the corner. That will be four glorious days where I can not work, watch TV or write. It is such a jarring experience that it traditionally ruins whatever story I am working on at the time. For that reason, I tend to wrap up unfinished projects before the convention because I will be in an entirely different head space when I get back.

So for lack of a better post, I thought I would show you what stories are currently on my to-do list. None of these stories are guaranteed but they are bubbling in my head. Maybe after Dragon*con I will have figured out how to make those stories work.

One quick note, I often feel that it is better to keep these ideas to myself so that when I present them, they are fresh and new. Lately though I have been feeling that I wish I read more blogs about the process of writing so I am going to practice what I wish. If you would rather be surprised, don’t click the Whole Post link. If you curious what is on the back burner, go ahead and click.

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1. I saw Flash Gordon the other night. I haven’t seen the movie in years but man, it was so much freaking fun. Flash himself was kind of boring but Ming was the shit. Here’s an evil emperor with the standard issue Evil Daughter, his fearsome henchmen and court full of freaks who want to kill him. I find myself wanting to read about the adventures of Ming. What was the mother of his evil daughter like? Why does he fill his court with tough people who hate him instead of wimps who fear him? There are answers there.

And you know, I don’t want to sympathize with him either, I want him to be the same wicked person he is. In one scene, his daughter is being tortured for betraying him and Ming is standing there, eating. That is a fucked up person and hence, interesting.

2. When I was a kid, I could not get enough of kids who solved mysteries. Encyclopedia Brown, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and the Three Investigators were my favorite books. Kids using their brains to beat adults was not only my entertainment but also my fondest wish. I loved these characters because I wanted to be them.

As I get older, I wonder about their adulthood. I wonder if the Hardy Boys would ever go over their codependence over each other. I wonder if Nancy could ever get married. I have my suspicions on the long term romance of Encyclopedia Brown and his assistant.

But being a sex writer, I wonder how teenage geniuses would cope with the rather perplexing world of sex. Obviously I wouldn’t write about underage kid detectives, but kid detectives of my own creation grown up would be fair game. Especially if they interacted with each other. I would commit murder just to read that story.

And whatever happened to their enemies?

3. Sasha38DD. Big giant inner sigh here. I love that name. I love the idea of artificial intelligence and as a sex writer who in a way, programs characters to act a certain way, I love the idea of an artificial intelligence designed for sex. I like the idea of a robot who’s name designation is overtly sexual. There is something inherently sad about that. It’s sex slavery if you create something with emotions to fuck, and it’s just masturbation with a complex vibrator if she does not.

One of the things that interests me about sex robots is the sense that you could change her appeal with a new program. One day she could be the best dominatrix ever, the next day she can be a submissive maid. It’s that ability to change that fascinates me because I wonder if a live person could ever appreciate something that was so easily changed. When you thing of the speed of internet memes, it is easy to imagine that Sasha38DD would have gone through a Japanese schoolgirl phase, Baywatch Bimbo phase or a Suicide Girl phase.

I find that flexibility to say so much about the human sexual condition. I can sense a story there like you would sense someone in the room with you, but for some reason the story doesn’t gel for me. Maybe Dragon*con can shake that loose.

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