Aug 072008

Victoria Sage waited impatiently in the lobby. The Georgia Beach Volleyball Association had requested her appearance at 4pm yet here she is at 4:45 and she hadn’t talked to anyone yet. She tried to remain calm but it was impossible. Her future as a volleyball player in the Savannah area was at stake.

In hindsight, calling her teammate and talking while waiting in the lobby was not the best way to stay calm.

“You have your hair down, right?” Laura asked. “You have really nice blonde hair so don’t put it up in that lesbian ponytail you like so much.”

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“My hair is down, and it is not a lesbian ponytail,” Victoria said.

“Are you wearing the red bra?” Laura asked. “The one with the lace that lets you see everything?”

“Yes,” Victoria said.

“And are you wearing the black blouse I got you for Christmas?” Laura asked. “It makes you look like you have more tits than you really do.”

“Hey,” Victoria said. “I am wearing it but my b-cups are just fine the way they are thank you.”

“Sure they are,” Laura said. “I just want you to make a good impression. Since it was Michael who sent us the letter, hopefully he’ll be the one who talks to you. You know he’s been trying to get in your pants for a year.”

Victoria turned the volume down on her cell phone just in case any one in the lobby could hear Laura. “I dressed up because you insisted, Laura, but I don’t think it will be necessary. I bet they have already forgotten what happened last summer.”

“Vickie, my top fell off on cable television!” Laura said. “My tits were flashing the nation when I was spiking the ball! The picture of me and my chest up in the air beside the net is still the number one Google search for volleyball tits! I don’t think the association has forgotten about it!”

Victoria sighed. “You know, it really didn’t help that Nurber Baby Food was sponsoring the event.”

“I know!” Laura yelled. “What the fuck does baby food have to do with beach volleyball? As much attention as my tits have made, you would think Nurber would give me an endorsement deal.”

“Nah, they would just get you a bra.” Victoria said.

Laura laughed. “If that’s what it takes to play this summer, I’m all for it. Beach volleyball on the weekends is the only thing that makes this stupid tech support job bearable.”

“Try accounting some time,” Victoria said. “If it wasn’t for volleyball, my ass would just as wide as everyone else’s in my office.”

“That’s why you totally have to go down on Michael,” Laura said.

Victoria laughed. “You’re just thinking of the team, right?”

Laura laughed. “Fuck, tell him I’ll suck him. He’s not bad looking. Are you wearing that pink lipstick I gave you? Guys love that color around their cock.”

“Okay, I think I will hang up now before you come up with any more suggestions for the good of the team,” Victoria said. “I’ll call you later when I find out something.”

“Remember!” Laura said. “Tell him what a big cock he has!-CLICK

It turned out that Victoria’s appointment was with Michael. He greeted her with a big smile and friendly handshake. Victoria noticed his eyes kept returning to the cleavage of her black blouse. She knew Laura would have been pleased.

He left his office door open as they sat down. Victoria relaxed a little. If he was going to give her bad news, surely he would have closed the door to avoid a scene. Maybe Laura and Victoria had been worried over nothing?

“Last year, your partner Laura flashed over a million viewers on cable television.” Michael said.

“Well shit,” Victoria thought.

“Nurber Baby Good was harassed with thousands of letters from concerned parents and religious groups,” Michael said. “A senate subcommittee was almost formed and the FCC fined ESPN for broadcasting Laura’s umm, attributes.”

Victoria’s subconscious took over. As a long time volleyball player, she had learned to sense and anticipate how events play out. The more Michael talked about the disaster of last year, the more she knew that she had to fight back. Since she couldn’t leap over his desk and spike his head, she resorted to the only plan she had- Laura’s plan.

Victoria stood up and put her hands on his desk. Very slowly, she bent over till Michael could look straight down her blouse. He slowly stopped talking about Laura’s tits as he noticed Victoria’s.

“Michael, how long have you been asking me out?” Victoria said.

“Uhh, eight months?” he said.

Victoria toyed with the top button on her blouse. “What do you think are the odds of you ever getting a date with me, if I get kicked out of Georgia Beach Volleyball Association?”

Michael’s face burst into a smile. “Oh, we’re not kicking you out of this year’s season!”

Victoria stood up. “Really? Oh wow, I really jumped to conclusions there, didn’t I?”

Michael laughed. “You sure did. The Association has no trouble with you. They just want to ban Laura. If she isn’t there, then there is no need for the press to bring up last year’s unfortunate exposure. We can say we handled the problem and everyone is happy.”

Victoria opened the top button on her blouse. “So just Laura is banned, right? I get to play this year as long as I find a new partner?”

Michael’s eyes stayed on her blouse. “I’ve already made inquiries. Nicole Prant’s partner moved to New York. She said she would happily take you as a partner.”

Victoria unclasped a few more buttons. More of her red lace bra was revealed to Michael’s hypnotized eyes. He made sure to take a few deep breathes.

“And if anyone asks about Laura,” she asked, “what am I supposed to say?”

“Just tell them that after last year’s incident, you decided to go with a partner who better embraces Savannah’s core values. Hey umm, Victoria? I know you’re real happy about playing, but shouldn’t we close the door before you take off your clothes?”

Victoria took off her blouse and ran her hands through her long golden hair. She reached behind her and unclasped the bra. As Michael kept watching, she slid the bra off her small breasts and placed it on his desk.

“Seriously, Victoria!” Michael said. “Any one could come by and see!”

Victoria sat on his desk and rested her feet on the arms of his chair. Slowly she pulled her skirt up to reveal her slender toned legs. Up the skirt went, up past her knees, up past her thighs and stopping right before her sex.

“Michael, did you really think I would sell out my partner just to keep playing?”

She lifted her skirt to reveal black lace panties.

“Ummm,” Michael said. “It’s not really selling out. It’s restructuring.”

Victoria pulled her skirt up and hooked a finger around her panties. She pulled them aside to reveal her shaved sex. Michael just sat there, trapped between her legs afraid to say anything that might stop what was happening.

With her panty pulled aside, Victoria used her other hand to stroke her pussy. She started at the bottom of her lips. She stroked upwards till she reached her clit, slowly circled it, and then slowly stroked down. Victoria watched the bulge in Michael’s pants grow larger and larger.

“Victoria, please,” Michael said. “Just close the door first before we do anything else.”

The topless volleyball player kept stroking her sex. “Michael, there isn’t going to be anything else.”

He tore his gaze from Victoria’s sex. “What? I got you into this year’s tournament. Some people on the board wanted to ban you too.”

Victoria stroked faster. The wet sound of sex grew louder in his office.

“Michael, Laura’s my partner,” she said. “The fact that you think I would dump her just to save myself really pisses me off. You kick her out, you’re kicking me out too. So fuck the Georgia Beach Vollyeball Association, fuck Nurber Baby Food and you can go to hell too.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing this for?” Michael said in a strangled whisper. “And keep your voice down!”

Victoria spread her thighs wider as she stroked faster. “This? Oh I just wanted to show you what you were never ever getting.”

“Victoria, be reasonable,” Michael said. “You could get me fired!”

“One second,” Victoria said. “I’m about to climax.”

She needed this. What started as a way to humiliate and scare Michael had turned into something very erotic. Stripping, teasing and then masturbating in front of this asshole had set Victoria’s entire body on edge. She rubbed her clitoris and slipped two fingers right into herself.

It was the look of despair, fear and arousal on Michael’s face that really made her climax.

“Fuck!” Victoria said. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Michael shrank in his chair, helpless and unable to stop watching.

“You’re crazy,” he said. “Just like your partner!”

Victoria wiped her wet fingers on Michael’s shirt. She stood up and smoothed down her skirt. She put her blouse back on but didn’t bother to button it.

“We’re partners for a reason,” Victoria said. She headed for the door.

“Wait!” Michael said. “If you’re both really that crazy, maybe there is something you two can do.”

Victoria paused at the door. “What do you mean?”

Michael reached into his desk and pulled out a paper. “There is this guy who has been harassing the Association ever since last year’s incident. He wanted to get a hold of you and Laura. He sent us this letter but we just sat on it. To be honest, none of us knew what to do with it.”

He handed it to Victoria. “The whole thing sounds crazy, but what the fuck, maybe you girls should do it.”

Victoria looked at the paper. The title was certainly eye catching.

“Otto Von Madd Invitational Erotic Beach Volleyball Tournament”

To be continued,

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  1. oh good lord! you NEVER fail me! this was so fucking hot!

    again – let me say – you should NOT make us wait so long between posts!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sinful. I shudder to think how you will handle waiting over the weekend :)

  3. LMAO. I will survive by re-reading Cell Phone Slave. My man just read it for the first time this week and says he has “ideas” so now I have to re-read and see what I’m in for.

    God I love you and your stories!!!!

  4. I think I came when I read Otto Von Madd’s name.

    God, I’m hot for that sexy scientist.

  5. Musns- The letters of the invitation’s title were scientifically calibrated to induce a sexual state.

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