Aug 122008

Laura wasn’t convinced. “We’ve been invited to a beach tournament, but we have to watch the actual invitation on a web site?”

“That’s what Michael told me,” Victoria said. “Holy fuck, what is your wallpaper?”

Laura blushed. “It’s called Orgy of the Gods. It’s very historical and mythological. See, over here is Aphrodite getting double teamed by Vishnu and Saint Peter. “

“Right,” Victoria said. “You have a giant image of sex on your computer because it reminds you of your World Religion class back in college and not because it has a full color image of a woman who looks lot like you getting fucked by some muscular guy in a toga.”

“That’s Hercules banging Morrigan,” Laura said. “You think it looks like me? Really? I was thinking of letting my hair grow out.”

“Let’s just load up the web site, okay?” Victoria said. “I don’t even want to know what your opinion is of the flying snake and those twin girls.”

“That’s Qui-,” Laura said before Victoria put her hand over her mouth.

“I said, I didn’t want to know,” Victoria said.

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Laura nodded. Victoria removed her hand and typed the web address. A site appeared and slowly loaded a Flash program.

“I hate these,” Laura said. “They never work and if there is any good porn, you can’t save it off the Flash program.”

“You do know you can do things with your computer other than porn?” Victoria asked.

“Excuse me?” Laura said. “Who gave me the link for that beach sex movie?”

“Well-” Victoria started to say.

“And who gave me that DVD of Anime volleyball porn?”

“That was to expose you to a foreign culture,” Victoria said.

“What were you exposing me to when you sent me that picture of that machine that spanks people?”

It was Victoria’s turn to blush. “Fine, if you don’t like me sending you porn . . .”

Laura didn’t get a chance to answer because a booming voice came from the computer.


The screen changed to an aerial view of an island. A glittering silver building rose from the dense forest. The camera swooped down to skim along beaches filled with golden sand. A volleyball bounced into view and quickly back out. The camera shot up into the air and then came sharply down towards the ground where handsome men laid on the beach. The camera quickly moved to show a volleyball net surrounded by comfortable looking bleachers. The camera lingered, letting Victoria and Laura get a nice long look at the very professional looking play environment.

The camera view changed to show a man who did not seem to belong on the beach at all. He was a tall man wearing a lab coat and purple goggles. His black hair was a mess and seemed to be catching all the sand that was in the wind. A black goatee surrounded his very large smile.

“Hello possible contestants!” the man said. “My name is Dr. Otto Von Madd. You might be familiar with some of the sexual aids and entertainments created by my company, Von Madd Laboratories. For example, we make a fine line of voice activated vibrators and this past year we have released our third machine designed to aid in spanking people who lack a spanking partner.”

Laura looked at Victoria. “Hey, he made that machine you sent me a picture of!”

Victoria nodded. “Yeah, it was a weird web site. Supposedly you could buy lipstick that can give other people an orgasm just by kissing. I thought it was a joke because all the prices were so obscenely high. I mean, two thousand dollars for lipstick?”

Laura sighed. “You could easily earn that money back by opening a kissing booth.”

“If you are seeing this presentation,” Dr. Von Madd continued, “that means you have been chosen from literally thousands of players to participate in the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! You are invited to spend a glorious four day weekend at my private island where you will stay in luxury class accommodations. Your air fare will be paid for and you every whim catered to as you stay as my honored guests. This tournament will cost you nothing, yet the grand prize for winning the tournament is ten million dollars!”

“Holy shit,” Laura said. “Is this guy for real?”

“As a courtesy gift for listening to my offer so far,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Please accept this complimentary orgasm.”

The screen flashed a complicated sequence of colors in the space of one tenth of a second. Laura felt the orgasm hit her full force. Her toes curled, her nipples went hard and her sex clenched like she had just been fucked for an hour.

“Fuck!” Laura cried out. She doubled over in her chair with pure pleasure. When she finally sat back up, she saw Victoria’s flushed face gasping for air.

“Wow, I guess that’s your ‘o’ face,” Laura said.

“I had no idea you were a screamer,” Victoria said.

“Like I hold back at any other time,” Laura said.

Dr. Von Madd started speaking again. “You might be wondering why a sexual genius like myself has invited the best players in the world to a beach volleyball tournament. The answer is rather selfish. I love beach volleyball and I can’t get enough of it. However I get bored with the dull way everyone else seems to play it. I have my own ideas on how to improve the sport and I am inviting you to help me realize these grand designs.”

“I would love to share my plans with you now, but I am afraid that my competitors in the sexual entertainment fields will steal my ideas. My ideas are radical and highly erotic. Possible variations may include but are not limited to: Vibrating sports bras, weather controlled rainstorms, alcoholic penalties, aphrodisiac balls, stripping, courtside massages, handstands, mud, spankings, eighteen point matches, transparent sports bras and double elimination floggings.”

“Rest assured though, that I am not inviting you to my island for sex. You can have sex with anyone you like but at no point will you be required to have sex to participate in the tournament. All participation will be consensual and you will be provided with a plane trip away from my island at any time that you request one.”

“With that out of the way, let’s have another free orgasm as my gift to you.”

“No way,” Laura said. “I never climax twice in a-FUCK YES!” The orgasm rippled through her body and curled her toes again. When she opened her eyes again she saw that Victoria was smiling.

“Look, I scream when I come,” Laura said. “I can’t help it.”

Victoria shook her head. “I was just wondering if we’ll be able to replay the video.”

Dr. Von Madd was now shown walking along the beach. The water was splashing against his lab coat but he didn’t seem to care.

“In return for participating in my tournament, everyone will receive a free sexual aid of your choice. For those who make it all the way to the quarter finals, I will give a million dollars to each player. For making it to the semi finals, I will give two million dollars. For making it to the finals, I will give five million to the losers and ten million dollars to each member of the winning team.”

“Is he for real?” Laura asked.

“This is completely true,” Dr. Von Madd said. “A team of lawyers will fax you the appropriate accreditation as soon as we receive your application. Money is meaningless to me; I have all that I need for my research. This volleyball tournament is my recreation and I want to ensure that the bravest players in the world are well rewarded for their efforts.”

“Do you want to spend four day on a beautiful island? Are you brave enough to compete in beach volleyball matches that have been erotically improved? Do you like winning millions of dollars for doing what you love to do anyway? All you have to do is fill out the online application now!”

Dr. Von Madd checked his watch. “And while you decide, have another complimentary orgasm.”

“I might have to fuck this guy,” Laura said. The screen flashed and she screamed out another orgasm.

To be continued,

  7 Responses to “Fiction: Volleyball Island Madd-ness Part Three”

    *dies* x.x

    Am i right in thinking that this is the first feature length Von Madd story, cause I’m already in love with it (seeing as i adore his character)
    “As a courtesy gift for listening to my offer so far,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Please accept this complimentary orgasm.”
    – *sighs* If only eh, it’d bring a new meaning to the phrase ‘the internet is for porn’:p

    Vibrating sports bras, weather controlled rainstorms, alcoholic penalties, aphrodisiac balls, stripping, courtside massages, handstands, mud, spankings, eighteen point matches, transparent sports bras and double elimination floggings.”
    Your imagination never fails to amaze me, I am truly bespelled, lol.

    You have successfully reduced this greedy bookworm to the 48 (or so) hour waits, I am at your mercy, waiting for the next insallment. m(_ _)m

  2. You know, for the first time in my life I’m tempted to take up volleyball …

    xx Dee

  3. Mystique- This is the first feature length Von Madd story though Laura and Victoria take center court. I think he works better on the side like this.

    I am glad you are unable to wait :)

    Dee- If I had to pick one sport to play, you can’t do worse than beach volleyball.

  4. Swoons…Dr. Von Madd…swoons some more.

  5. Musns- you crack me up lol

  6. Man! Where the hell was Dr. Von Madd when I used to play volleyball?!?!?!

    Must.. have… sports bras! ;)

    Can’t wait for more!!!

    Blessed Be.


  7. Rose- Where was Dr. Von Madd when I was trying for the first time to take off a bra?

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