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Victoria ducked into the quiet of the elevator. Laura followed right behind her. The lobby outside thundered with the noise of a hundred volleyball players looking for their room assignments. Victoria’s natural instinct for crowd dynamics had taken her straight to the room assignment table and back out of the crowd to the quietest elevator. Laura was still dripping from the water balloon challenge and Victoria wanted to get her partner to a shower as soon as possible.

“Hold the elevator please!” a squeaky voice called out.

Victoria held the door open as two Japanese women walked in. Their short hair was dyed pink and blue. Both of them were dressed in ragged midriffs and torn blue jean shorts. She recognized them immediately.

“Oh my God, you’re Chieko Shimura and Yayoi Wakami!” Victoria said.

“Choke a what?” Laura said.

The two Japanese women looked at Laura and became more excited than Victoria.

“Look, Yayoi, it’s Mommy Tits!” Cheiko said.

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Yayoi put her face a few inches from Laura’s wet breasts. “They are so much bigger in person!”

Victoria felt her stomach sink. “You’ve seen Laura’s topless picture?”

“Oh yes,” Yayoi said, still staring at the breasts. “In Japan, we call her Mommy Tits because she feeds those babies on the baby food with her giant tits.”

Laura was smiling. “I’m famous in Japan?”

Yayoi nodded. “There is a manga series about you and your magical disappearing bra. You lose your top in every episode and are humiliated. I have all of the issues and the anime on DVD.”

Victoria was still in shock. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re actually here. I love watching your matches. You two are my favorite players. I just can’t believe you know who we are.”

Cheiko tilted her head at Victoria. “I am sorry, I don’t know you at all. “Are you Mommy Tits talent manager? Are you here as celebrity entertainment?”

“We’re volleyball players,” Victoria said. “I’m her partner.”

Victoria’s idol giggled. With complete sincerity, Cheiko asked “Do your panties disappear?”

The elevator door opened. “I’m so sorry, this is our floor,” Cheiko said. “I will see you tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what funny things you do at tournament.”

“Bye Mommy Tits!” Yayoi said. She waved to Laura’s breasts as the doors closed.

“They seem nice,” Laura said.

“They think we’re a joke!” Victoria snapped. “Cheiko Shimura thinks we are the god damned comic relief! I finally met my favorite player and she thinks I’m a manager for a pair of tits!”

Laura shrugged. “We are a bit out of our league. Try not to take it so seriously.”

They got out on their floor and went to their room. Victoria’s annoyance faded as she took in the splendor of the room. Actually, it was more of a suite with two separate bedrooms and a couch area. A flat screen television hung on one wall. A computer was on a table in front of the couch. Sunlight flooded the room and they had an amazing view of the beach and ocean. Their suite was bigger than either of their apartments.

“Well . . .wow,” is all Victoria could say.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Laura said. “Go raid the mini bar or something and relax.”

“Sure,” Victoria said. She sat down on the couch while Laura went into the bathroom. Victoria sighed. She loved the view and the suite, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they didn’t belong here. They were going to go lose and lose bad.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized how much she and Laura didn’t belong here. Victoria was a decent volleyball player because she could see patterns. She could read defenses, anticipate offences and interpret team dynamics at a glance. The fact that every one else here was an awesome player, while Laura and Victoria were known only for exposing themselves, could only mean that they were not invited here to compete. They were invited to be ridiculed.

A knock at the door broke her out of her pessimism. She went to the door and peered through the peephole. Victoria half expected to see Yayoi wanting an autograph. What she saw instead was a very handsome black man in a white shirt and shorts.

Victoria opened the door. “We didn’t order the room service.”

The man smiled. “That’s great. I’m not room service. I am your Personal Tournament Assistant. “

Victoria looked at him. He was six feet of muscle and dark chocolate skin. His head was smooth and bald. It was his eyes that really caught her attention: they were so bright and eager.

Something cold and cruel emerged from within Victoria. “You’re a personal tournament assistant?”

“Yes,” he said. “My name is Lewis, and I have been trained in everything you may need.”

“I bet,” Victoria said. “Things like massages, making breakfast and helping me dress?”

Lewis’s eager eyes became brighter. “Well, yes, but also I can help you find your way around the island, make inquiries into any dietary needs you have and arrange any requested entertainments for you. It’s more of a gopher and personal secretary kind of thing.”

Victoria could barely hear his reasonable speech over her own lust. The humiliation of being laughed at by her favorite player was fresh in her mind. She wanted satisfaction. She wanted to feel in control.

“So if I asked you to assist with me sitting on your face, you would object?” she said.

Lewis was too stunned to speak, but those eager eyes were all the answer Victoria needed.

Victoria grabbed him by his shirt collar. She pulled him to her bedroom, which incidentally was as large as her entire apartment back home. Victoria slammed the door behind them and dragged Lewis to the bed. She turned him around roughly and then pushed him so that he would fall backwards onto bed.

“Ma’am,” Lewis said, “if you want I could get you a pillow or-“

He stopped talking as Victoria wiggled out of her shorts and panties. Once her bottom was bare, she climbed onto the bed and walked over till she was above his face. Without saying a thing, she lowered herself until her thighs embraced his head. She brought her pussy down to his face where Lewis joyfully opened his mouth.

Victoria groaned. Her sex melded onto Lewis’s mouth. She looked down and all she could see of his face were those bright eager eyes. Victoria clenched her thighs and she could feel him lick faster. She idly wondered how well he could breathe. Victoria decided she didn’t care.

She put her hands behind her and rested them on his broad chest. With this extra support, she took pleasure in slowly grinding against his face. She rode him. She claimed his mouth for her own pleasure. Her fingers dug into his shirt, scratching his chest underneath. Lewis’s mouth moaned from the light pain and Victoria’s pussy clenched from the vibrations.

Once again, Victoria’s troubles melted away. It was getting easier to slip into this frame of mind. As soon as she made the decision that she was going to facefuck this man, she could feel all of her worries and humiliations slipping free. She still remembered the high pitch laugh of her idol, Chieko Shimura, but it all seemed so inconsequential compared to sitting on a handsome man’s face.

Victoria moved her hips, enjoying the face her pussy slid easily over Lewis’s now soaked mouth. She thought about how mean she was to him and how she should at least maybe give him a hand job for his fabulous licking. Then she realized how frustrating it must be for him and a surge of new pleasure flowed between her thighs. No, it was better to leave him frustrated.

“I’m going to cum,” she said. Damn, she used to never climax this fast.

Lewis’s only answer was to lick faster.

“Fuck, fuck, yes!” Victoria said. Her orgasm burst through out her body. Her thighs clenched tighter as her fingernails clawed at Lewis’s chest. She shook with pleasure, but mostly she shook from the sheer power she felt from commanding this total stranger.

“Victoria!” Laura yelled from the main suite. “Where’d you go? I thinking of hitting the beach.”

“Oh shit,” Victoria said. She dismounted from Lewis’s face instantly. All the feeling of power was replaced with the sudden fear of discovery. Victoria scrambled off the bed and started putting her shorts back on.

Lewis just gasped for air.

“Quick,” Victoria said. “Wipe your face and umm, don’t tell my partner what we just did.”

Lewis sat up and looked at her. Despite the sudden shame Victoria was dealing with, she smiled when she saw that Lewis’s eager eyes hadn’t diminished at all.

“I am here to assist,” Lewis said.

To be continued,

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  1. …….. Oh. That was delicious.

    Holy crap!



  2. I completely sympathize with Victoria – I spend more time feeling like I don’t fit in than I do feeling like I do fit in.

    Matter of fact, made me quite sad (and then I cheered right up when she sat on bright eye’s face)

  3. Rose- Thanks :)

    Musns- As a man who writes about mad science and volleyball, I completely understand.

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