Aug 262008

“You are tuned into the Von Madd Datalink Netowrk! I’m your host, Ed Jackson and for the next four days we will be providing you with non-stop coverage of the first annual Von Madd Beach Volleyball Tournament! So sit back, put your vibrating experiments on pause and start picking your favorite beautiful players now!”

“Joining me is the lovely Dr. Allison Parker. You may know her as the efficient project leader of the Mechanical Restraints division but did you know that Dr. Parker played beach volleyball in college? I bet you were a dominant player of that game, Dr. Parker!”

“Please, call me Allison, Ed. I have to say I was a terrible player. I kept getting distracted by the net. I thought it would look much better wrapped around my opponents.”

“Ha ha. Maybe if we play our cards right today, we might be able to net us a beautiful woman today.”

“There is certainly no lack of beauty today, Ed. The weather here at the beach is simply gorgeous. We have a slight breeze coming in from the east and there is not a cloud in the sky. The bleachers are jammed with sexy players and even sexier staff members if I do say so myself. The handsome Dr. Von Madd himself is sitting in his VIP box sipping a Pina Colada. I think the women surrounding him with fans are a nice touch.”

“Dr. Von Madd is laid back with his mind on the game and the game on his mind. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Beach Volleyball, we prepared a little rules break down for you. Allison, would you do the honors?”

“Certainly. Beach volleyball is a game between two teams of two players each. A ball is bounced back forth over a net and if the ball lands on a team’s side of the net, the other team scores a point. The ball can not be touched by the same player twice in a row, and it can not be touched by one team for more than three touches before being returned to the other side. Play continues until one team scores fifteen points, and has a two point lead. There’s other bits but I suggest you do your own research.”

“Well put, Dr.! Who are the first players for today?”

“First up is Laura Marie and Victoria Sage versus Sassa Ekwall and Annika Thorsen!”

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Laura waved to the crowd as they announced the first match. The crowd was polite in their applause but Laura thought she saw Dr. Von Madd give her a thumbs up. It was kind of hard to tell with all those girls around him.

“Annika Thorsen?” Victoria said. “Well, shit. I guess we’ll have an early day.”

“Is she good?” Laura asked.

Victoria closed her eyes. “She’s Sweden’s number one player. She trains on snow. Last year she was ranked fifth in the world. Yeah, she’s fucking good.”

Laura wasn’t discouraged. “Yeah, but we look fucking awesome in these suits!”

They were issued their swimwear this morning. The silver glittery bikinis clung to her body like paint. The top especially was extremely comfortable. Laura had been trying to pop out of her top all morning but the sparkling top stubbornly kept on her. There wasn’t going to be a repeat of the Nurber incident today.

“Well, we do look pretty good,” Victoria admitted. “It looks like every one is wearing the same swimsuit. I wonder why?”

Laura shrugged. “Who cares? I bet it’s some sort of swimsuit they’re testing. Lets just go out there and have some fun.”

Victoria managed a smile.

“There you go,” Laura said. “Sure, they might be better than us, but really, how much better can they be?”

“Holy shit Allison, the Swedish team is really demolishing their opponents!”

“I know Ed. The Swedish team has scored four times in a row with barely any sort of defense from the Americans. The Swedish team is just too powerful and fast. This is what happens when a better team is completely in control of a weaker opponent.”

“You know, when you put it that way, you make a massacre seem sexy.”

Laura watched in disbelief as Annika jumped to block Laura’s return. The poor girl had hit the ball with everything she had but it seemed to be moving in slow motion as Annika moved to position. The blonde titaness pulled back her massive arm and batted the ball like it was a lazy softball. The volleyball fired into the ground like a missile. Laura could barely watch the ball much less block it.

A booming voice announced the score. “Point Five!”

Lasers emerged from the top of the poles holding the net. Before Laura could react, a blue light fired at her. She felt a warm sensation on her chest. She looked down and her silver bikini top was completely gone!

“Victoria! It happened again!”

Laura clutched her breasts and turned to Victoria. To Laura’s almost relief, Victoria’s top was missing too!

“Time out!” Laura yelled. The referee nodded in agreement.

“What the fuck!” Laura yelled at her partner.

Victoria turned to the crowd. “Lewis, get you ass out here!”

The team’s Tournament Assistant jogged out to the two women. Laura noticed that he was smart enough not to smile at their predicament. That didn’t stop him from staring at the ample tits that Laura was unsuccessfully trying to hide.

“I’m sorry, ladies,” Lewis said. “I was just told after the match started about the penalty lasers.”

“Penalty lasers?” Victoria snapped. Laura could tell Victoria was about to explode with rage. What fascinated Laura was how unsurprised she was with this development.

Lewis tried to explain. “The lasers go into effect at the five point mark. If a team scores five points, then the other team loses their tops. At ten points, they lose their bottoms. It’s give the losing team encouragement to play better. I have also been given this card to read to you, hold on.”

“Von Madd Laboratories would like to assure you that the lasers were designed to only ignite the special material in your unique swimsuits. The lasers are harmless to human flesh though it is not advisable to stare directly into a laser while it is being fired. Please also do not run from the lasers as the beam might strike an audience member and result in premature declothification.”

“That is fucking insane,” Victoria said. “We can’t play with our tits flying out for every one to see!”

Ever since last summer, Laura had nightmares that were just like this. She dreamed of losing her top all the time and now her worse fear had come to life. She kept waiting for the terror to hit her, but it wasn’t coming. Laura decided to run with it.

“Sure we can!” Laura said. To prove her point, she moved her hands away from her breasts and put them on her hips. The crowd cheered.

“Think about it,” Laura continued. “I at least have done it before. Yeah it’s humiliating but I’ve had a year to get over it. The question you should be asking is can Ms. Sweden over there play like this? Can her partner? Can they keep playing know that they are about to flash all of their colleagues?”

Laura wasn’t sure if Victoria was going to buy this strategy. Then she saw Victoria move her hands to her hips too. The sun beat down on the topless team. What really made Laura relax was seeing that wicked smile of Victoria’s.

“You’re right,” Victoria said. “Let’s go strip us some champions.”

“I can’t believe it, Allison. The Swedish team just seems lost out there. Victoria and Laura have scored twice on them now.”

“I have to agree, Ed. I don’t know if it’s Laura’s big tits flying at them on every spike or if it is the fear of losing their own tops, but the Swedish team is really distracted out there. What ever the reason, the Americans are really pounding the Swedish team now.”

“Allison, you say the sexiest things. The score is five-four, and Victoria runs forward for the surprise spike! B-cups take to the air and score! It’s laser time and the crowd goes wild!”

“Hey Laura,” Victoria yelled.

Laura held the ball in one hand, ready to toss it up for the serve. Yeah?”

“You know now they are going to play harder now to avoid losing their shorts.”

Laura laughed. “That’s okay. Both teams know something that we didn’t know before.”

“What’s that?”

Laura pointed at the score board. “We know that they be can scored on.”

She served the ball with the confidence of a winner.

“It’s laser time again Allison! Annika Thorsen is butt naked for the Von Madd Datalinks audience! Apparently the Swedish women prefer not to shave!”

“That’s not all Ed! Apparently Annika is not a natural blonde either!”

The score is 10 to 7 and we could be watching the upset of the century! Annika and Sassa have already lost their modesty, now they stand to lose the match!

“Ed, check out Laura working the crowd! The girl thinks she’s a cheerleader! Did she just do a cartwheel?”

“Allison, she’s jiggling what her momma gave her!”

Laura felt amazing. She was topless and she couldn’t mistake the disapproving looks the other players in the crowd were giving her, but every one else was cheering her. It was such a complete reversal of the humiliation last year. Now she felt alive. Now she felt adored. Now she felt like an athlete, playing against impossible odds and insane challenges.

Laura was so wet she just wanted to fuck.

Winning would be just as sweet.

“Allison, we are at match point! The score is 14-8 and the Swedish team is looking tired.”

“They also look very pink. Their tournament assistant should have rubbed their tits and butts down with suntan lotion. I don’t think Annika knew she was nude sunbathing today. They are looking a bit burned down there.”

“Speaking of burning, Allison, the team of Laura and Victoria are on fire! The girls might have their tits to the wind but they seem so natural out there.”

“You’re right, Ed. These girls have declared war on the Swedish team and they don’t give a fuck about neutrality.”

“Umm, Allison I think you might have reached a little on that one.”

“Shut the fuck up, Ed, I’m having fun here.”

Laura’s heart pounded. Across the net, Sassa was shouting Swedish to her partner. Annika answered with a yell as she ran towards the net. Laura watched the Annika’s powerful legs pump across the sand. Annika’s black bush came closer and closer as Sassa sent the ball to the net.

The crowd went silent as Laura and Annika jumped in the air. The net separated the two as them and their tits went flying into the air. Time slowed down for Laura. She felt the wind on her hard nipples. She saw a spot of sand on Annika’s sunburned tit. Laura was distantly aware of Dr. Von Madd looking right at them, a refreshing beverage halfway to his lips.

Annika hit the ball.

Laura hands were already in front of the ball. She felt the ball strike her palms like a bullet. Pain shot down her arm.

The ball bounced back at Annika. It struck her right between her pink tits and then down to the ground.

Laura landed on the ground right as the referee’s whistle blew. The jolt of the ground traveled up her calves, up her thighs and straight to her sex. She screamed and everyone thought it was a cheer of victory.

No one knew she had climaxed from winning.

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