Aug 052008

Last Summer

Laura Marie was happier than she could ever remember being. It was a hot summer day and she was playing beach volleyball. She and her partner, Victoria, had managed to play their way to a sixth round match at the Savannah Beach Blast tournament. One more win and they would be going to the quarter finals.

They had never played this well before and Laura was thrilled. She loved playing volleyball but to make it into the finals would be such a huge achievement. It didn’t hurt that this year, the Beach Blast was being sponsored by Nurber Baby Food and televised on cable for the first time ever. Right now at this very moment, Laura’s kick-ass body was being admired by millions of cable viewers. She had never been so happy about her two hundred sit ups a day regiment till now.

One of the cameras was on her now. Laura decided to help the ratings. Striking her best swimsuit model pose, she ran her fingers through her short black hair. She stretched her back so that the folks at home could see her generous breasts strain against her blue bikini top. She raised her ankle behind her ass and grabbed it; showing off her fit legs and her awesome balance. Laura debated bending over and touching her toes but she decided against it. She’ll save that for the championship match.

“Your top is slipping again,” Victoria said.

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Laura looked down. “Damn it,” she swore. The wonderful electric blue bikini top looked great but the fabric kept shifting around. It held her in all the wrong places comfort wise but it looked fucking awesome on her. She should have really brought a backup top but she didn’t imagine it would give her this much trouble. Maybe after this match, she’d see if she couldn’t beg a spare from one of the other players.

The whistle blew and Laura forgot all about her top. It was game time.

The opposing team served. The ball launched in the air and sailed over to them. Victoria was already in position. The woman was almost psychic with the way she could get where she needed to be. Victoria hit the ball up high and towards the net.

Laura broke into a run. She fucking loved this part. She leaped high in the air. Time slowed down. The crowd watched as she soared. She kept her eye on the ball and let loose with a mighty swing.

The ball went flying to the other team like a rocket. One of her opponents barely managed to put her arms up to keep from being hit in the face. The crowd gasped as the player prevented future expensive plastic surgery costs. The other player sped towards the ball and gently lobbed it back up in the air. To the crowd’s delight, her partner jumped up and ran towards the net.

Laura watched Victoria run to the back court in defense. That would have been the smart thing to do if the other team was interested in scoring. What actually happened was that the woman who nearly got hit decided to return the favor. She spiked the ball right at Laura with an angry yell.

The ball stuck Laura in the chest. A blast of pain hit her tits. It felt worse than that time in college when she let that fraternity take turns sucking on her breasts. Laura barely had the presence of mind to knock the ball towards Victoria.

She stood back up and clutched her poor stinging breasts. When her hands touched bare skin, Laura looked down in terror. Her bikini had been obliterated by the volleyball. The cheap fabric had been blasted away on cable television.

“Coming at you!” Victoria yelled. She had lobbed the ball back towards the net in that slow perfect spike-able arc. Obviously, Victoria had no idea how screwed Laura was.

The other team knew. They were both standing still with their mouths open. Laura could tell it wasn’t sympathetic shock. It was the look people had when they were relieved the horror wasn’t happening to them.

They were completely defenseless.

“Fuck it, I’m taking the shot,” Laura said.

She ran to the net. Her breasts bounced in the hot summer sun. Every asshole on the beach with a camera got ready. The referee blinked in wonder and didn’t blow the whistle. With every running step, Laura could feel more and more eyes upon her topless body.

Laura didn’t care. She leaped high in the air. Time slowed down once again except this time there was a hell of a lot more people watching. Her nipples were unusually hard but it couldn’t be helped. It’s not every day you flash millions of people.

She spiked the ball. It shot like a bullet into the ground. Her rivals didn’t even move towards it. They just stood there in open mouth shock.

“In your face!” Laura yelled. The thrill of scoring eclipsed everything. Laura’s heart was racing. The look of defeat on her opponent’s faces lifted her spirits. For one brief second, Laura had forgotten everything in the last few minutes except for the fact that she just scored.

She turned to the crowd to receive her cheer but the crowd was silent. They all stood with their mouths open and eyes as big as beach balls. One of the Association officials was pointing at her chest with a trembling hand. The Nurber Baby Food executive was openly crying.

“Oh shit,” Laura said. Was being topless really that much more important than scoring?

To be continued,

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  1. hahahahaha! fantastic! “The Nurber Baby Food executive was openly crying.” but this was such a cocktease post. i need more!

  2. Miss Blue- Thanks :) Nothing like a crying executive to set the tone for a story.

    Parts will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday.

  3. ONLY TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS!?!?!?! I need part every day! :)

    “Was being topless really that much more important than scoring?” I love it!

    This is a fabulous start! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  4. Sinful, I could kiss you. I changed that last line about a hundred times and only settled on it this morning. I think I can finally stop obsessing over it.

  5. Tuesdays and Thursdays?! But, but that’s not fair (she wails)…and I saved your blog for last today (I always save best for last) and now I have to go to sleep with the knowledge there will be nothing tomorrow?!


  6. Musns- I’m rethinking my Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Mostly I went with that because the main character switches from chapter to chapter. Tomorrow’s part is about Victoria, then back to Laura and back to Victoria etc. If I do shift in posting schedules, it will most likely be a Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday schedule. I’m still thinking about. Back in the day, I used to break stories up in once-a-week doses but in today’s blogging world, that might seem glacial in speed.

  7. *chants for daily posts with the others* xD
    Hey, we can’t help but be greedy here when you always serve us with something so delish (and so funny)

    Couldn’t help but think of the janet jackson stunt at superbowl – was surprised to be honest at the extent of the negativity that it was receieved for a minor accident, it’s not like she streaked across the field (yeah, it’s happened a few times here, they even made a documentary about it on the whole, lol)
    but I guess that’s reality and this is fiction, will the TV viewers be more kind to the lovely Laura, I wonder?

  8. Musns- Short anwser- Sorta :)

    I think on Friday I will open a poll on who wants four parts a week as opposed to two.

  9. Kisses are always welcome! :)

    I’m not waiting for Friday to make it known that a daily post would certainly be better than twice a week. Although I’ll come back Friday and vote……20 or 30,000 times!

  10. Mystique- I’m sorry, I addressed you as Musns. I have about lost it today lol.

    Sinful- 20,000 comments would be one hell of a record here.

  11. I was thinking ‘hmm he’s got musns on the brain today or is very very tired’, lol
    It’s okay, thanks for realising ^^

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