Aug 142008

“Would you like a drink?” the young handsome airplane steward asked. “Bottled water, soda, wine or anything else from our bar?”

Victoria shook her head. “No thank you,” she said.

The good looking man tried again. “How about a snack? A salad, perhaps some shrimp or maybe some sushi from our four star restaurant chef?”

Victoria laughed. “Wow, Dr. Von Madd likes to travel in style. No thank you.”

The steward frowned with great disappointment. He wasn’t ready to give up on providing some sort of service. “May I interest you in some sort of entertainment? We have personal video game devices, mp3 players or maybe you would like to engage in a complementary make out session?”

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“Excuse me?” Victoria said. “Are you hitting on me?”

“No ma’am” he said. “As an employee of Von Madd Laboratories, I am trained in the art of kissing and some light groping in a creative and engaging way that will keep you entertained for at least half an hour.”

“Oh,” Victoria said. “No thank you. I think I’m just going to take a quick nap.”

“Certainly,” the steward said. “I’ll bring you a pillow.”

As he walked off, Laura started laughing beside Victoria.

“I can’t believe you let all that training go to waste,” Laura said.

“I guess I’m a bit nervous is all,” Victoria said. She looked across the aisle and saw Julie Teadows talking with her partner Christina Rimi. Julie fucking Teadows, three time winner of the Malibu Open was heading to the same tournament as Victoria. How crazy was that?

“You’re not allowed to be nervous,” Laura said. Victoria scowled. “What?” Laura said.

“We’re going to get creamed,” Victoria whispered. “I saw the Vargas sisters come on. They competed on the Brazilian Olympic team! We are not in their league at all!”

“Hey, we got invited for a reason,” Laura said. “Dr. Von Madd must have seen something in us he liked.”

“Most likely your tits,” Victoria said. “I think we were invited because we’re infamous, not because we’re any good.”

Instead of being offended, Laura just laughed. “When has that ever stopped us? Look, we’ve been kicked out of the Georgia Beach Volleyball Association. We’re not playing competitive beach volleyball at all this summer. We’re stuck on the sidelines. I don’t know about you, but I find that fucking depressing.”

“Well yeah, of course,” Victoria said.

“So this is it,” Laura said. “We’re going to an exotic island and we’re playing volleyball against some of the best players in the world. As soon as we lose, I plan to party my ass off every night. I am going to cram an entire summer of fun into one four day weekend. As my partner, you are going to fucking enjoy yourself whether you like it or not.”

Victoria smiled. “You’re right. We’ve never really came close to winning before. Why worry now?”

“It’s beach volleyball,” Laura said. “Not the fucking Olympics. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Did you know that your seat is also a massage chair? According to this brochure, it can work on your back, your shoulders or something called ‘tantric zones’. What do you think that is?”

Victoria had a good guess. “I don’t know, why don’t you try it out and I’ll catch a quick nap?”

Laura shrugged and took out the remote. As she fiddled with it, Victoria closed her eyes and tried to relax.

As soon as her eyes were closed, Victoria could picture Michael’s office. As clear as day, she could see him between her legs, sitting in helpless agony as he watched her masturbate. It had been a week since that day and Victoria still felt a thrill run down her thighs when she thought about it.

It had become her favorite thing to masturbate to. It had become the only fantasy she cared about. That moment of defiance and exhibition had hijacked her libido.

Maybe she liked that moment because it was such a nice revenge on that asshole. Maybe Victoria had been so stressed out by the threat of suspension that when it finally happened, she was relieved. Maybe, Victoria suspected, just maybe, it was fucking fun and with a summer of no volleyball, fun was in short supply.

She opened her eyes. Coming up the aisle was a stunning blonde that Victoria recognized from magazine covers. Annika Thorsen, the beach volleyball Goddess of Sweden was in the same tournament as Victoria. Her biceps were huge and Victoria had read that Annika trained on hard packed snow to build those muscles.

Victoria turned her head and saw two time New York Beach champion, Monica Gilbert. The statuesque brunette was drinking bottled water while reading a sports magazine. Victoria remembered when Monica had been on the cover of that magazine.

So much talent was riding on this plane. Despite Laura’s pep talk, Victoria was intimidated. It was one thing to play volleyball and know you were not the best; it was another thing to play against players who were going to spike that difference right through your non existent skills.

“Fuck this,” Victoria said. She hated the feeling of inadequacy. She never felt this way at work and up until now, she didn’t feel this way about volleyball. She wanted to stop feeling this way and lately, only one thing had made her feel different.

Victoria stood up and went looking for the helpful steward who had waited on her earlier. She saw him standing by the restroom. He smiled when he saw her coming towards him.

“Changed your mind about a snack?” he asked.

She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. “Something like that.”

Victoria pushed him into the restroom. She was not surprised at all to discover that the area had a small cot up against the wall. Von Madd Laboratories definitely knew what people wanted.

“Ma’am, if you could instruct me on the location of your erogenous zones, I will be happy to-“

“Shut up and kiss me,” Victoria said. She grabbed him by the wrists and pinned him against the wall. Arms that carried plates and magazines were no match for arms that blocked vicious serves and speedy spikes. His arms briefly struggled but when Victoria pushed her tongue into his mouth, all of his resistance melted.

Victoria took his mouth. She kissed him with all the desperation of a summer romance. This handsome man was hers to kiss and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

He tried to move his hands. Victoria thought he might want to show off some of his groping skills. She worried a little that maybe his arms were getting sore. Victoria didn’t care. She had decided that he wasn’t going to be allowed to touch her at all. It was just a whim, but once the thought crossed her mind, she relished the idea. This was for her enjoyment.

Victoria noticed how much kissing was like volleyball. Tongues move back and forth in a natural flow of give and take. Anticipating correctly was half the fun but the other half was being surprised. Hearts race, mouths gasp and at the best parts, you feel like you’re flying.

You also have to be in fantastic shape or else you’ll be out of breath in five minutes like the poor steward was. Victoria didn’t care. She kept kissing him. She wedged a thigh between his thighs and felt the bulge in his pants. That only encouraged Victoria. She kept kissing until she felt his hips grind against hers in frustrated non penetration.

Victoria broke the kiss. She looked at her prey. His cheeks were flushed. He was breathing hard like he had lost a marathon. His hair was mussed beyond recognition. She could tell he was this close to asking for sex.

Damn, she felt so alive.

Victoria left the restroom. She ran right into Monica Gilbert. The tall woman looked at her face and shook her head with a patronizing sigh.

“People still do the Mile High Club?” Monica said. “That is so suburban. In New York, the thing to do is the Skyscraper Threesome. That’s real fetish.”

Victoria waited a second to feel embarrassment or some sort of inadequacy. It didn’t happen.

“Wow,” Victoria said. “I am amazed by how little I give a shit.”

She walked back to her seat and sat down beside a very red faced Laura. Victoria couldn’t believe she had just smarted off to someone as famous as Monica Gibson. She liked that a lot better than being afraid of her.

“How was the tantric zone massage?” Victoria asked.

“I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming,” Laura said. “I’ve had parts of me vibrate that I didn’t know existed. You should try it. Maybe it’ll help you relax.”

Victoria laughed. She could still taste the steward’s lips. “That has already been taken care of.”

to be continued,

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Volleyball Island Madd-ness Part Four”

  1. Great so far.

    er, typo.

    She looked across the aisle and saw Julie Teadows talking with her partner Christina Rimi. Julie fucking Meadows, three time winner of the Malibu Open was heading to the same tournament as Victoria.

    Meadows or Teadows?

  2. Ha, Teadows. Meadows is the name of an actual person.

  3. I just can’t decide what I liked best here…the tantric vibrating chair that makes parts of you vibrate you didn’t know could. The steward trained in kissing and light groping….

    I bet he has something magnificent in his lab for those who spend too much time hunched over a sewing machine making corsets :P

  4. Musns- I suspect what Dt. Von Madd has vibrates, hums and most likely flogs.

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