Aug 192008

Laura was bored. Getting off the plane had been easy. Waiting for your luggage to be slowly unloaded by a staff that had obviously never handled luggage before was another matter. It was taking forever. Laura was ready to hit the beach or at least hit a bar. Out here by the airstrip there was nothing to do except stand around and hang out.

Laura did notice some sort of odd construction. It looked like some sort of long building that was barely ten feet tall. There was a man in a lab coat standing outside the building. A large sign stood besides the building. Out of curiosity, Laura went over to read it. She noticed that Victoria and a crowd of other players followed too.

The sign read, “Push your limits!”

“Ok, I’ll ask,” Laura said. “What’s up with this?”

The man in the lab coat said nothing. He pushed a button on the panel and a eight foot tall hologram of Otto Von Madd appeared. Laura noticed that due to the height of the hologram, she was eye level with Otto’s crotch.

“Welcome to Von Madd Island!” the hologram said. “Von Madd Laboratories has placed several challenges around the island that can be engaged at any time. These challenges will test your athletic ability and the data gathered will aid in designing future events. Winners will receive an award that will be determined at the end of the tournament. Awards are guaranteed to be awesome.”

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“What kind of challenges?” Laura asked the man in the lab coat. To her surprise, the hologram answered.

“Challenges will test your athletic ability as well as your personal limits. All challenges are safe and completely harmless which is why every challenge has a fully trained medical doctor on staff.”

The man in the lab coat raised his hand to indicate he was the trained medical professional.”

“Wait a minute,” Victoria said. “If it’s safe, why is there a doctor?”

The hologram looked down at Victoria. “Intellectual queries are not part of this challenge.” The hologram turned to Laura. “Are you willing to participate? Eighty percent of the testers who took this challenge described it as ‘unforgettable’.”

“Sure!” Laura said. “The prizes are awesome, right?”

“Very awesome,” the hologram said. “Please put your hands behind your back while the Challenge Technician prepares you for your challenge.”

“Okay,” Laura said. She put her hands behind her back while the man in the lab coat took out a chain and manacles.

“Hold on,” Victoria said. “What is that bondage gear for?”

The hologram answered. “The restraints are part of the challenge. Please allow the Challenge Technician to continue. Rest assured, there are plenty of restraints for everyone.”

“Relax, Victoria,” Laura said. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

Victoria looked at her partner and shook her head. “Where’s your sense of caution? We’re on an island owned by a man who makes sex toys and you’re volunteering to get tied up.”

“I know!” Laura said. “Isn’t it great? What’s the point of being on a vacation if you don’t do something really crazy?”

The restraints pulled back Laura’s arms and secured her wrists to each other. Chains wrapped around the rest of her arms drawing them tightly back. Laura looked down and saw that her posture was forcing her into pushing her chest out. She wasn’t sure if the restraints were supposed to hold back her hands or if they were meant to push out her breasts.

“What exactly is this challenge?” Laura said.

“Oh, now you ask,” Victoria said.

Laura wasn’t sure, but the hologram seemed to frown at Victoria before turning to address Laura. “This challenge is a simple speed race. You must run the length of the tunnel in under five minutes. That is all.”

Laura looked down the length of the tunnel. “It’s what, thirty yards? Why so long to run thirty yards?”

“That is why it is a challenge,” the hologram said.

“That doesn’t answer the question,” Laura said.

“The prizes will be awesome!” the hologram said.

Laura felt a moment of hesitation. Her hands were tied behind her back and they haven’t even reached her room yet. The tunnel looked harmless, like one of this things kids run through and jump around without any fear of getting hurt, but that was suspicious in itself. Maybe she should back out.

But Laura looked at the other players there. They thought she was crazy. Not a single one of them was going to do it. That only encouraged her more. What the hell? Why not?

“Let’s do this!” she said. She kicked off her sandals. She had a feeling it would be easier to run barefoot through the thing.

The hologram changed to a five minute timer. The voice could still be heard. “The challenge begins in three, two, one, Push your limits!”

Laura took off running. The inside of the tunnel was very bouncy. It was like running on a trampoline. Once inside, she could see that the ceiling was made of metal. She ignored it and kept running. The floor was hard to run on but not impossible. Laura felt like she had plenty of time.

A flap opened in the ceiling and a red balloon flew at her at high speed. Laura’s volleyball instinct was to use her hands to block, but the restraints held her arms tight. The balloon struck her in the chest. The balloon exploded on contact and doused her with cold water.

The force of the balloon combined with the unstable ground she was running on caused her to fall flat on her back. The shock of being knocked down was nothing compared to the shock of the icy water soaking through her shirt and bra. Laura shrieked as the freezing water touched her skin.

“Two hundred and seventy seconds remain,” the hologram announced.

“Now I get it,” Laura said. She rolled over on her belly and shrieked again as the floor pushed her wet shirt against her body. Laura got up and turned to run.

Another water balloon came flying at her from the same cannon. This time she was ready for it. Laura side stepped it and ran past it. Another cannon appeared out of the ceiling and launched a water balloon at her. She was expecting this too and easily dodged it.

She kept her eye on the ceiling as she kept running. That is why she missed seeing a panel opening on the right side of the wall. A water balloon smacked into her side and splattered her with a fresh load of cold water. The force made her slip and fall into the far wall.

“Fuck,” Laura said. She looked down and could see her nipples as hard as ice cubes against her soaked shirt. Her shorts were clinging to her skin and cupping her ass. She took comfort in knowing that her short black hair only became spikier when it was wet.

“Two hundred and sixteen seconds remain,” the hologram announced.

“I’m onto you now,” Laura said. She got up and charged down the bouncy tunnel. Water balloons launched from the left. Water balloons launched from the right. The ceiling fired a barrage of water balloons that she cleverly avoided. Laura made a lot of progress as she realized that they were spaced every five yards apart.

Near the end, three cannons emerged from the ceiling and fired an inescapable volley of balloons.

“Fuck!” she yelled. She was knocked down from the force of all three hitting her. She was soaked from head to toe and her wet body slid a few yards down the slippery tunnel. She tried to spring to her feet, but the bouncy material was now slick from all the water being fired. The whole tunnel had turned into a giant slip-n-slide. Laura fell back down to her knees.

“One hundred seconds remaining,” the hologram announced. “Awesome prizes are within your reach!”

Laura did not let herself get tied up and soaking wet just to lose. She stood back up and looked at the three cannons aimed at her. Her athletic mind plotted out all the different trajectories that the water balloons could cover and she tried to visualize the blind spot she could sneak through.

She smiled. “There isn’t one.”

Laura ran as fast as she could on the bouncy material. The water balloons flew at her and she didn’t try to dodge. She took one in the chest again by this time her tits were so cold a little more water wasn’t going to hurt. The water balloon struck her and she kept running.

She had finally figured it out. Water balloons pelted her chest, face, legs and at one point, right in the crotch. Laura caught every one of them with her body. She realized that on the unstable surface, trying to dodge was screwing up her balance. It was much easier to just get hit and keep running.

When she emerged out of the tunnel, Victoria was waiting for her with a big hug.

“You crazy ass,” Victoria yelled. “You’re look like you’ve been in a hurricane!”

Laura laughed. Now that she was out from the tunnel, the hot island sun was warming her body. The Challenge Technician quickly took off her harness and freed her arms. She stretched her arms and looked at the crowd of volleyball players who had watched her. The shocked looks on their faces just made her laugh more. They had no idea how fun that was.

“What’s my prize?” Laura asked.

The hologram appeared beside her. “Your score has been submitted to the Prize Computers. Do well in other challenges to increase your Prize score. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament. Prizes are guaranteed to be awesome!”

Victoria snickered. “I’m betting first prize is going to be a free goatee ride from Dr. Von Madd.”

Laura looked at the hologram. Her heart was racing from the challenge and her body was tingling from the mix of cold water and hot sun.

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” she said.

to be continued,

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