Aug 282008

“What a difference a win makes,” Victoria thought. She was shaking hands with Angelica Vargas, the top Brazilian player in the world. Even weirder was the fact that Angelica had wanted to shake *her* hand. Actually, Victoria realized, the weird thing was that Victoria was still topless from the laser strip match and Angelica didn’t seem to mind.

“That was amazing!” Angelica said. “You did a great job out there!”

“Thanks,” was all Victoria could muster. “I just played my best.”

“No,” Angelica corrected, “you kept playing while your opponents spent all their time worrying about the tetas. You stayed focused. That’s what a good player does. You showed the rest of us how to play when things get weird around here. You set a good example for the rest of us. Every team that wins today owes their win to you.”

“Thanks,” Victoria offered again. She didn’t know what else to say. She had gone from laughing stock to someone great players admire?

What was more confusing to Victoria was that she couldn’t take her eyes off of Lewis. So far she had fucked the cute Tournament Assistant to bolster her ego. Now that she had defeated Annika Thorsen, her ego was doing just fine. So why was she still fantasizing about doing something cruel and imaginative to him?

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Victoria wished she could be more like Laura, who was already starting a long day of celebrating.

“Hey Victoria,” Laura yelled at her. Laura hadn’t bother to put on a top since the win. “Some girls from California want to take us out for drinks back at the beach bar. They said they lost to Annika last summer and they were glad we stomped the blonde queen.”

Victoria frowned. “Nah, I thought I would head back to our room. I’m fucking exhausted.”

Laura nodded and stepped closer to Victoria. Whispering, she deliberately turned her back to Lewis.

“I was curious; what you think about Lewis?” Laura asked.

“What do you mean?” Victoria said. She tried to keep her voice as natural as possible despite the faster beating of her heart. Did Laura know about her face fucking Lewis?

“I was curious if you think he likes me?” Laura said. “He was checking my tits out, and I thought what the fuck, if he’s interested maybe I can get lucky later.”

Victoria shook her head. “Laura, that would be so wrong. He’s our tournament assistant, not a piece of sex meat. If we fuck him, it would be like sexual harassment or something.”

Laura sighed. “You really think so? I mean we just played a game where lasers stripped our clothes. You think they would really get upset?”

Once she had started lying, it was easy as pie to keep at it. “Oh yes. I think I even saw something in the waiver we signed. If we fuck the staff, we get disqualified.”

“Well shit,” Laura said. “I might as well get drunk with the girls then. Are you sure you won’t join me?”

“No,” Victoria said. “I just was a good long soak in the tub.”

“All right, I’ll be at the bar if you need me,” Laura said. “

“Have fun!” Victoria said. Once Laura was a safe distance away, Victoria turned to Lewis.

“Take your shirt off and give it to me,” she said.

He smiled and those bright eyes of his beamed with worship. “Of course.” He
took his shirt off in one fluid perfect motion to reveal an even more perfect chiseled chest. He handed his shirt to Victoria like it was the most natural request in the world.

She put it on and smiled as the smell of him surrounded her. “Let’s go back to the room,” she said.

Lewis’s smile changed from worship to almost gloating. Victoria wasn’t sure she liked that change. The need to reassert herself came instantly.

“Don’t smile so much,” she said. “I’m not sure if I am fucking you yet.”

“I understand,” he said. “You know, you haven’t really talked to me much except give me orders. I might have skills you need.”

Victoria shrugged and kept walking. “You work on an island owned by a sex crazed genius. I’m guessing you answered some ad for body builders interested in an island vacation.”

Lewis laughed. “You think I’m a body builder? Wow, thanks. Actually I work as an engineer for Von Madd Laboratories. This is usually our summer shutdown period but Dr. Von Madd offered some employees a chance to do summer work on his island. I thought I could use a working vacation.”

They entered the light jungle that surrounded the living areas. The shade from the palm trees were a welcome relief to Victoria. It was late morning but the sun was merciless here.

“You’re really an engineer?” Victoria said.

“Does that disappoint you?” Lewis said.

Victoria shrugged. “Maybe a little. I mean, it is one thing to order some porter to fetch your bags, it’s another to tell someone with a science degree.”

Lewis laughed. “I understand my job is low brain power but that’s why I took it. I spend all year trying to squeeze a few more vibrations out of a motor and keep costs to a minimum. I deserve to spend a few days where all I need to worry about is where the extra ice in the suite.”

“That and when is the crazy volleyball girl is going to fuck you next,” Victoria said.

“That is an unexpected bonus,” Lewis said. “But yeah, I find myself a little obsessed with it. I don’t think I have ever been such a willing participant in something I seem to have so little control over. It feels kind of nice. I just wait and wonder if and when we might do something again.”

“I know when,” Victoria said.

“Oh?” Lewis said.

“Right now,” Victoria said.

She pulled him off the path and into the jungle. Her heart was racing again but she wasn’t nervous. Victoria felt the calm wash over her. She had made another snap decision and she was going to follow it through.

When they were out of line of sight from the path, Victoria put her back to a palm tree. She put her hands behind her and leaned back. Like a good assistant, Lewis kept his distance until she spoke.

“Take off my bikini bottoms,” she said.

Lewis knelt before her. His hands gripped her waist band and very gently pulled her bikini down. He pulled them off and carefully folded them and set them aside. His face was inches from her sex but he didn’t make a move towards that sweet sex.

“Now stand up,” Victoria said, “and take your shorts off. I want to see that cock.”

He was quick to obey. He unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. Unlike the bikini bottom he so gently put aside, he simply kicked his shorts and underwear away. Lewis stood before her, waiting her next command.

Victoria took a moment to look at him. His cock was thick and already hard, which was good because anything else might have pissed her off. It curved ever so slightly to the left. She wondered how that would feel inside her.

Keeping her voice cool and detached, she gave her next command. “Stroke yourself,” she said. “Jack that cock while I decide if I want you in me.”

Lewis obeyed. He grabbed his cock and started pumping. His desperation shone through by the speed at which he stroked. He looked at her the whole time, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Stroke faster,” she said. Victoria reached down between her legs. She had planned to fuck him but now she changed her mind. The thrill of cruelty was too hard to resist. Victoria stroked her cunt, matching his speed almost stroke for stroke.

“Don’t look at my face,” Victoria said. “Look at my pussy. Focus there, you understand?”

“Yes,” Lewis said. He looked down between Victoria’s thighs and moaned. His fist pumped faster.

“Focus there,” Victoria said. “Think about me riding your face. Think about how wet and hot I was. Think about what it would be like to slip that cock right up inside me.”

Lewis moaned. His legs trembled a little.

“Think about fucking me against this tree,” Victoria said. She stroked faster. Her voice was getting more ragged as her breathing grew stronger. “Think about pounding me. Think about screwing my brains out. Think about making me scream from that cock.”

“Yes,” Lewis moaned. “I think I might come,” Lewis said.

“Hell no,” Victoria said, suddenly inspired again. “I forbid it. You keep stroking and you don’t come. Understand?”

“Yes,” he growled. His eyes flashed to her face. All that brightness and eagerness was there, but there was also a new depth of lust.

“Eyes down there,” Victoria said. Lewis looked back down at her stroking fingers.

She stopped talking and enjoyed the moment. Her ass could feel the soft bark of the pine tree on her bare skin. The wind blew through her blonde hair, partially obscuring her face. She could smell his scent through the shirt and she loved the feeling of cotton on her.

Most of all, she loved the power she held. Winning had been awesome but winning against someone’s will was proving addictive. Even if that will was so willing to be won. This handsome man was an engineer and yet he was struggling to hold back an orgasm because of her whim.

From the beach she could hear the distant roar of the crowd as they cheered another win. It was the last piece she needed. Victoria dug her fingers deep in her pussy and climaxed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned. Her toes dug into the sand. Her thighs widened and her back arched. Through out it all, Lewis kept pumping his cock.

“Please,” Lewis said. His strokes were a lot slower now. He was ready to burst.

“No,” Victoria said. She almost climaxed again when he let go of his cock. Just like that, he denied himself for her command.

“Come over here and put my bikini back on,” Victoria said. “I’m ready to go get that bath now.”

Lewis sighed and then laughed. He knelt before her with his engorged cock bobbing between his legs. With bikini in hand, he put them back on her legs.

“I am here to assist,” he said.

to be continued,

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