Aug 182008

I will be on Cult of Gracie Radio on Wednesday, August 20th at 9 p.m. (central). I am as surprised as you are. Considering that last week’s guest was Nina OMG Hartley, I can’t help feel like there has been some kind of mistake. Since I love to talk about myself, go ahead and tune in. It’ll be just like my blog except with more cursing and less editing. Links will be provided as soon as I figure them out myself.

I spent the weekend working and writing which sums up my life lately. I am toying with the idea of posting excerpts on Twitter but I think that might be too cheeky. the alternative is to use Twitter to let you know when I am watching Project Runway and current page count on the Complete Sherlock Holmes tome I am reading. I like Twitter because it is another outlet for my creative exhibitionism and at the same time I fear it may completely trivialize myself.

Dragon*con is right around the corner and once again I will be spending four glorious nerd days with my fellow dice slinging geeks. If you are also attending and want to meet up for conversation, drop me an e-mail. I will be the guy wearing the Order of the Triad shirt taking pictures of the girls dressed like Catwoman.

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