Aug 082008

Holy crap am I behind in work. So let’s keep this short and sweet.

Volleyball Island Madd-ness is a 16 part story with a pov that alternates by chapter between two characters. The question of debate is how often should I post this beast? Back in the day, I would have posted one chapter a week but this is the fast and furious future and people have different expectations. I used to be a sadistic dom about making people wait but now I am mellow and soft with being in a good relationship, so I could go either way.

So post your vote in comments. I can’t say I will let the most votes win, but I am curious how people feel. Cell Phone Slave posted once a week and that seemed to work. On the other hand, this is a crazy story about volleyball, mad science and bitchy opponents. Somehow I think it should be as fast as trying to finish StreetFighter 2 at the arcade before your mom comes back to pick you up.

Choose your fate. Umm, I mean preference.

  7 Responses to “Busy Busy”

  1. Stick with two chapters a week. Make us wait. Feel your power. (You know you want to; you already warned us this vote won’t determine what you do.)

    Besides, if you post less frequently now, you’ll have more time to write the next saga. (I’m voting that should be a new installment of “Cell Phone Slave.” :) )

  2. Well I have made no secret of the fact that I want you to post more often.

    BUT…I do agree with wordslut in that you should do a new installment of Cell Phone Slave!!!!!

  3. I’d vote for tue-thu or MWF type posting. I think anticipation is an important part of life, erotica, and sex itself.

  4. I’d say twice a week would be great. Three times a week would be a treat!

    And I agree, more “Cell Phone Slave” would be much fun.

    Thanks for the great writing!

  5. If most chapters are as short to read as the first two, they could be posted every two days and we wouldn’t get behind. Anyways, I think your readers would not dare to do that, disobey your person, right?

  6. Simply because Otto Von Madd has been brought up in the storyline, I’ll wait a week for a new post. The anticipation is worth it.

    I know, traitor to the other readers who want it all the time.

  7. i like the tuesday-thursday schedule. once a week loses the rhythm a little. but too often will make it be over too soon. and i want you to have lots of time to work on the librarian stories!

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