Jul 262008

The Red Elvises are one of those things that I completely irrational about. I love these guys and have all their albums. I listen to them when I am blue, when I am happy and when I just want to dance. I also think they make great music to listen to when you are rewriting stories, which is what I am doing today.

  4 Responses to “Your Favorite Russian Surf Band”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Partly, you see, but my friends and I are involved with music and dance kind of like this, though not really belly dancing. I’ll have to see what their other stuff is like.

    You made me bounce and grin and laugh. Quite an achievement these days. Thanks, Shon!

    Ill think I’ll put on an Albanian CD now and see if I get inspired to do the dishes…

  2. PS – just looked them up. I should have realized they’re related to Limpopo. Thanks for this! and hope the rewrites are going well.

  3. I am always happy to spread some Red Elvises love :)

  4. Gogol Bordello does it for me (Romanian though, not Russian)!

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