Jul 062008

My long story is finished. Well, the first draft is finished. I still have rewriting to do and editing and other bits of work. I think first drafts are a lot like getting your lover naked: you have a lot to be happy about but you still have to do something with it all.

I have bitched about this story non stop and now that it is over I feel a little sad. I love these characters and I don’t know when I will see them again. This story works for them and I can’t imagine what kind of future story they could serve in. I’m going to miss them.

So since I am feeling tired, drained and all melancholy, you get Kate Bush. Did you know she put out an album in 2005? Cripes, I should be notified of these things.

  2 Responses to “Victory Lap”

  1. congratulations on finishing your draft! i’m so excited about your new story.

    also, i wanted to tell you that i watched friday foster today. thank you for indirectly recommending it to me. i love her, she’s amazing and badass.

  2. miss blue- Friday Foster is great. The shower chase scene is worth it by itself, but then you get such weird moments like Carl Weather’s terminator and the 8 year old hustler kid.

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