Jul 052008

I am writing the penultimate chapter to my long story and I feel like I am buzzing. I barely ever drink but when I do, I go into this sort of bliss where everyone is funny and brilliant. I feel that way right now I am so fucking happy this story is almost over. What really makes me happy is I think it is all going to work. It really really is.

I’m just buzzing with ideas. It is a sort of surge of inspiration. I get this way and it makes perfect sense to start five blogs with different themes because I have no doubt at this very moment that I can supply content for all five forever and ever. The reality is much different but right now I am wallowing in that feeling right now. It is so much easier to write when you think you’re brilliant.

I’m writing this down now so that in a week or two when I am rewriting and intimidated by the mess of it all, I can remember this feeling.

  2 Responses to “Saturday High”

  1. I get that feeling when studying, actually. But yes, that not quite drunk but still slightly buzzed feeling is great.

  2. I’ve been writing all day and I am wishing the day would never end lol. I get this weird feeling I am going to be hung over tomorrow.

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