Jul 302008

After two days of virus scanning, downloading virus scanners and reading ‘The Ruins’ while my computer virus scanned, my computer is finally back to normal. I found 316 infected files which made me happy that there really was a problem before I thought about how 316 files is a fucking lot of infected files.

Like I said, I was reading ‘The Ruins’ which was a pretty good horror book. It was mostly about people self destructing which I always find interesting, but it was also about a bunch of whiny characters who made me feel like Clint Eastwood because I wasn’t whining incessantly about my computer. I mean shit, if I can keep it together while trojans are trying to kill my porn collection, surely Amy could shut the fuck up about a killer plant eating Pablo’s legs, right?

I was so ready to reformat my hard drives. I had drafted elaborate plans where I was going to e-mail my self copies of my long story so they wouldn’t be lost. I was ready to give up gigs of digital camera pictures I had taken. I was even ready to give up my music collection. I was cold like ice. So when Avast finally fixed the last issues of my computer, I let out a sigh of relief quickly followed by a strange feeling of loss. I was ready to amputate some limbs and now everything is okay and here’s some new sneakers? My mental state is weird right now.

Speaking of which, I may start posting my long story next week. It’s a summer story and I guess it should get out before the summer is over. It’s 16 parts and has two main characters. My girlfriend has already given me the speech about not being devastated if my readers think it’s stupid which I knew was a possibility when I started it. I mean, it’s a 16 part sex story centered around a sport. I almost never see sex stories about sports. You have to wonder if there is a good reason for that.

That’s enough rambling for now. Remember folks, back up your files regularly. Avast did a ten times better job than my expensive Norton Antivirus did. If you meet a fellow tourist who says his brother went to some archeological dig and he wants you to come along, just say no.

  2 Responses to “Post Virus Rambling”

  1. i would be shocked if i found anything of yours stupid. even if i weren’t already curious (which i am, terribly so) to see how you made sports erotic (or erotic sports?), i’m sure your writing would draw me in.

  2. Thanks Miss Blue. My girlfriend would like to add that what she said was “Your readers might not like it.” She never said stupid. My writer’s ego however heard stupid because I can be a big baby like that sometimes.

    I’m excited to start sharing it next week.

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