Jul 152008

Few people make as many promises as the unhappy. When you’re unhappy, you make plans and commitments to happy futures under that amazing conditional phrase: If Only Some Amazing Thing Would Happen, I Would Blah Blah Blah.

In the BDSM community, these promises usually come from those who are not in a relationship. Doms promise that if only they had a submissive, they would tie her up every night. Submissives promise that if they only had a dom, they would stick to their diet and work out. Everyone swears that if only they were in a relationship, they would fulfill their desires on a constant basis.

Reality can be disruptive to those promises. For one thing, the happiness a relationship brings creates new pleasures. Making lasagna together is one of my new favorite things, which it sure as fuck wasn’t a year ago. Reality also introduces the idea of satisfaction. Now that you can fuck someone silly in the living room, you don’t need to do it every day.

I was looking at my girlfriend’s ass last night. She had on these cute blue green panties with stars on them. They weren’t sexy, but the ass that was filling the panties were. I thought about how many times I had sworn that if I only had an ass to spank, I would spank it every day. I thought about how I would sigh when I heard one of my submissive friends complain about how their doms only spank them once a week. I remembered how I could not conceive of NOT spanking such a pretty ass any chance I got.

She came to bed with a book. She rolled over away from me but with her ass facing me. The promises I made when I was married and unhappy came to mind. If time travel was possible, Shon from 12 months ago would have been kicking my ass right now.

I sat up and grabbed her panties. I pulled them up into a wedgie so I could have access to both cheeks. My girlfriend giggled and kept reading. I wasn’t offended. I took it as a challenge.

Bare handed and at an awkward angle, I spanked her ass. Her ass turned from brown to red. Her cheeks clenched tighter as I spanked harder. Her legs kicked but I pinned them down with my leg.

I spanked that beautiful ass. I kept my promise to myself. I deserve it.

  4 Responses to “Keeping Promises”

  1. Total spontaneity with passion. Amazingly enough we forget our promises, I am glad you remembered yours and you shared with us.

    ~ Schmack!

  2. Guess Shon from 12 months ago doesn’t need to come kick your ass after all!

  3. Ego- Now if I can only remember those promises about working out.

    Musns- I’m sure 12-months ago Shon is not happy about the back log of story ideas I have lol.

  4. I stand corrected – be prepared for 12-month ago Shon to kick your ass. :P

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