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There is power in a sacrifice. The Greeks knew that a bull drained of blood would ensure victory in battle. The Chinese would bind a young girl and toss her to the Yellow River to protect their crops. The Aztecs would bleed anything that walked in order to make the sun rise again. Every race upon the earth has used sacrifice to bring them power. Every one who has touched magic knows it requires an offering.

Catalina took off her clothes. She worked slowly, removing one layer of cloth at a time. Piece by piece, she revealed her heavy dark breasts, her long limber legs, her smooth belly and the tangled hair of her bush. A silver hairpin kept her long black hair back and away from her face.

English sailors would sacrifice their shoes to the water when there has been no wind for days.

Catalina dipped her fingers in the purple paint. She drew a star over her right nipple. Over her left nipple, she drew a crescent moon. On her belly she finger painted a cup. On each thigh she painted a spear stabbing down. The paint sparkled in the fading sunlight.

A tribe in Africa would sacrifice their fastest boys to the earth so that their crops would grow fast as well.

The floor had three anchor points. Catalina fastened a chain to each point. At the end of the chain was a leather band. First she tightened the bands to her ankles so that she could not move her feet. The third band she fastened around her neck. The shortness of the chain meant she had to crouch down on her hands and feet. Her breasts hung forward while her sex hovered nearly a foot off the ground. For this ceremony, her hands would remain free.

In Haiti, cigars and rum are sacrificed to the gods for protection and good luck.

The dildo was new, as it always should be. Catalina held the base on the ground so that the tip would point towards her sex. She lowered herself ever so slowly. The dildo entered and filled her. She held onto the base as her legs lifted her back up. In this awkward manner, she fucked herself.

On Wall Street, brokers sacrifice their client’s investments to the gods of commerce.

Catalina chanted the names of those who aroused her. She spoke the names of celebrities, friends she had crushes on, fictional characters that aroused her and lovers she had known. Their names fell from her lips as she continued to hump the dildo. Her moans interrupted the litany of names but she kept speaking them.

In Russia, wise people would sacrifice chickens to their spiritual grandmother who rides a flying pestle.

The climax came close. Catalina looked up. In front of her was a full length mirror. She saw herself, nude and painted. She saw herself as something beautiful. She saw herself as something sexual and desirable.

In Ireland, a saucer of milk is left out at night to appease little men.

Catalina looked herself in the eyes. She looked at the beautiful thing that was being offered. She humped faster until she climaxed. Catalina screamed her acceptance.

The Voluptumancer was an offering of herself to herself.

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  1. ther is power in sacrifice being Greek i know! there is power in sacrifice.. my shrink disagrees but then again he is not Greek so what does she know…

  2. piece- Thanks :) What do nongreek shrinks know anyway? :)

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