Jul 252008

Claire Currie was on her knees. Her shirt was off, revealing heavy black breasts marked by frequent hand slaps. She clasped her hands behind her back and never moved them no matter how much her glasses were slipping down her nose. Although she was on her knees, her back was straight and her chin was up. Posture and dignity were very important.

Ever since she started working for the Collette-Ashbee Collection, she had spent a lot of time on her knees. She had also spent a lot of time being slapped, spanked, pinched, licked and penetrated. The greatest erotic collection of books requires the greatest erotic librarians.

As for her boss, Mr. Dillon, he requires a topless woman to kneel before him. As he as often said, being a libbrarian has it’s perks. For Mr. Dillon, his perk was Claire.

He sat in front of her. His shirt was perfectly buttoned with a perfectly placed tie. His brown hair was cut down to a military shortness. In many ways he was the stereotypical appearance of a professional librarian except for one small detail. His cock was out of his pants, pointing upwards towards Claire. It was covered in her spit.

“Ms. Currie,” Mr. Dillon said, for he always addressed her formally. “Name the three cities that the Collette-Ashbee Collection is held in.”

Claire frowned. “Paris,” she said first. That was the easy one. “ahh, Tokyo, and umm, that German place . . .”

She was still thinking of the name of the German city when Mr. Dillon struck her. His hand slapped downwards, striking her right breast above the nipple. She hissed in pain from the sharpness of his slap. Her thighs clenched in desire.

“Dresden is the ‘German place’ as you so inadequately described it,” Mr. Dillon said. “Name the four writers that wrote the Secret Erotic History of Joan of Arc.”

Claire closed her eyes. She had recently read the five volume series. Images of Joan’s sexual rampage through Europe came to mind. The fact that it was all true still blew her mind. Where did the woman find the lubricant?

“Roux, Fournier, and ummmm-Ouch!”

Mr. Dillon’s hand struck twice. Once on the left breast and once on the right breast. the heavy force of his slaps made her wobble but Claire stayed upright. She accepted her punishment with poise. The ache in her pussy grew.

“I should give you two more slaps for giving me only last names, but I am a generous man,” Mr. Dillon said. “After this quiz, you’ll write me a five page report on the four writers, as well as essay on how Joan was able to remain a virgin through out her debaucheries.”

“Yes Mr. Dillon,” she said. She didn’t need to write it down. A couple of years on her knees had taught her how to remember commands for future reference.

“How many erotic books by Mark Twain are in the Collection? And name at least two of them.”

Claire stared at her boss’s erect cock. “We have six in the collection though we are still looking for an alleged seventh. One of the books is ‘Jim’s Adventures in Many Bedrooms’. Another book was ‘A Mississippi Gambler in the Sultan’s Harem’.

Mr. Dillon smiled. “Very good,” he said. He nodded his head slightly.

Claire dipped her head forward. She opened her lips and took Mr. Dillon’s cock into her mouth. She choked herself with her passion. She could feel her glasses slip down a little further. Her sore breasts pressed into his thighs as she took as much of him into her as possible. It didn’t ease the relentless desire in her cunt, but the taste of his cock filled her spirit.

She licked as much as she could because she knew at any moment he might pull her away and there would be more questions. If she could make him climax, then the slapping would stop and maybe other rewards would follow. Or maybe other punishments. The uncertainty made her heart race and her mouth water.

For Claire, her perk was Mr. Dillon.

  8 Responses to “Fiction: Perks of the Collection”

  1. Wow. That makes me wanna go visit the library. I do need to catch up on some reading, after all. ;)

    Very nice.

  2. Thank you Rose. Reading is so fundamental :)

  3. ahhh……i do love the stories from this series.

    i am loving all these short stories you are putting up. makes my day!

  4. Thanks Sinful. I did not intend to write a story a day for the week but around the third day, it turned into some sort of weird self challenge.

    I love these characters too. Originally I only wanted to use them for big long complete stories. Now I am thinking they might be better served by shorter doses.

  5. Bravo for a wonderful sexy week of stories to share! They have been such a wonderful surprise to find each day. I almost can’t pick a favorite, but it was definitely a special treat to see these two back in action. I guess you could say I’ve missed hearing about their work.

    Once again, bravo and thank you!

  6. Glad to see the return. Do returning characters make it easier or harder to write?

    As he as often said, being a libbrarian (typo)has it’s perks.
    “We have six in the colelction (typo) though we are still looking for an alleged seventh.

  7. You have been quite the busy man this week..and I adore you for it. Well, wait – I adore you anyways, but especially so this week!

  8. spoiled pet- Thanks. I am always amazed that people recall them considering how little I use them.

    Anonymous- Returning characters are easy to write if you keep thinking about them. I’ve attempted two other stories with these characters that I ended up scraping. So writing them for this story was really easy. To me they have never left.

    Musns- Thanks :)

    Catalina was odd in that the last time I thought about her was about six years ago. I reread the Voluptumancer story not remembering any of it. I gained an impression of her from my read and started writing her. It can be weird.

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