Jul 022008

Catalina stepped into the circle. She was nude with only her long dark hair to adorn her. All around Catalina, twenty asses were bent over identical purple benches. Twenty sets of beautiful female buttocks surrounded her. Their doms stood by, paddles in hand. They were ready.

Catalina nodded and the spanking started. Twenty paddles fell on twenty asses and twenty voices cried out. At first, every dom spanked to his own rhythm but that didn’t last for long. They spankings soon fell into a beat. No matter how arrogant the dom and no matter how stubborn, their paddles joined into one tap,tap,tap of drumming. They couldn’t help it.

She closed her eyes. The spanking washed over her. The tap,tap,tap of asses being hit filled her soul. Catalina’s hips were the first to move, swaying back and forth to the rhythm. Her shoulders were next, making her heavy dark breasts sway back and forth. Next came her knees, turning and pivoting as the tapping demanded. Her arms drifted in front of her, floating on the deafening beating of asses. Finally her head began to move, sending her long black hair flying.

Catalina danced. Twenty sore asses gave her the beat. Twenty moaning submissives were her chorus. Twenty spanking paddles were her applause.

It was her favorite song.

  3 Responses to “Fiction: Paddle Circle”

  1. That is SO hot!

    *on a side note, I had the privelege of being flogged this weekend, at the TNE I went to. Instead of crossing it off my list of “to try” it has transferred to the list of “must do again”.

  2. i want to hear more about the voluptumancer, please!

  3. Musns- Good for you! Keep crossing that list off.

    Miss Blue- I think that will be happening sooner than later.

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