Jul 162008

Catalina sat in the empty class room. The heat and humidity sealed her white cotton clothes to her dark skin. Whatever part of her skin that wasn’t covered in cloth was covered in sweat. It was the middle of July and the school saw no reason to run air conditioners when there were no students.

But there was one student. He wasn’t on the rolls or in any school records, but he was still here. Girls complained of hearing a male giggle in the bathrooms. Teachers sometimes counted an extra student who wasn’t there for the second count. Janitors found notebooks filled with bad poetry that would disappear when shown to another person.

This school was haunted and Catalina was here to put an end to it. If your home is haunted by demons, you call an exorcist. If a hospital is haunted by a confused soul, you call a witch. When a school is haunted by a horny teenage spirit, you call a Voluptumancer.

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Catalina had been waiting for three hours this morning but she had not felt the presence yet. That was okay. She needed the sweat. When every part of her body was glistening, Catalina stood up and walked to the front of the empty class. Now the real magic could begin.

She picked up a piece of purple chalk and began to write.

‘SEX EDUCATION’ she wrote in big bold letters.

She heard a chair slide behind her. Catalina didn’t look. She knew her white dress was almost transparent against her dark ass. Her bare back shined with sweat. Her curly black hair fell on her shoulders, teasing with flashes of her bare shoulder. Behind her is exactly where she wanted him.

Catalina kept writing. She used large letters and made sure to sway her hips as she moved. Words of power filled the chalkboard; NIPPLES, CLITORIS, VAGINA, ORAL, INTERCOURSE and others.

Behind Catalina, she heard the scribbling of a pencil. She could feel the poetry being written. It was like a lover’s whisper on her neck.

Catalina began to sketch a woman’s body on the chalkboard. “Today’s lesson is about sex education. We will be discussing erogenous zones. Does any one know what that is?”

There was no answer. She kept drawing with the purple chalk.

“Erogenous zones are places on the body that sexually stimulate a person. On every person the zones are different but there are some common zones. For example, on a woman these zones can be on the breasts, on the buttocks or on the lips. Can any one name another zone?”

There was no answer. Catalina drew nipples on the body she had drawn.

“For some women, their nipples can be very sensitive. Pinching, biting or kissing can cause a woman’s erogenous zones to become very sensitive. Can any one name another method of stimulating a nipple?”

“Pulling?” a voice offered.

Catalina turned around. Sitting in the back of the class was a boy. He might have been sixteen. His blonde hair was spiky and he had the small beginnings of a mustache on his face. A red notebook sat in front of him.

“Very good,” Catalina said. She walked away from the chalkboard and sat on the teacher’s table. Her feet dangled in front of her. She braced her arms to either side of her and leaned slightly forward so that her deep cleavage would catch his eyes.

“When the nipples are stimulated,” Catalina continued, “the vagina becomes damp. This helps lubricate the vagina for sex. This is why seduction is so important in sexual relations. Only with arousal can sex occur in a pleasurable manner.”

The boy had stopped writing. He just watched, mesmerized.

“Have you ever pulled a nipple?” she asked.

The boy blushed. “No,” he weakly said.

“It’s alright,” she said. “It is not a race. Come here and we’ll further your education.”

He moved slowly. Catalina stayed perfectly still as he came closer. The chill of the grave preceded him but he had the scared blue eyes of a young man. She could be brave for him.

When he was in front of her, Catalina lifted her skirt. Underneath she wore nothing except the dark bush of hair that covered her sex. She reached down and parted her lips.

“As you can see, I am currently unaroused,” she said. “Can you see?”

He looked down at her and nodded. The boy kept licking his lips.

Catalina reached up for her breast with one hand, while still opening her sex with the other hand. She pulled her heavy breast out of her dress top. The dark breast with the chocolate colored nipple laid in her hand.

“Pull my nipple,” she said.

The boy pulled. Cold fingers grabbed her nipple and pulled.

Catalina moaned. “Now pinch it.”

The boy pinched her nipple. His chewed fingernails cut into her.

Catalina groaned. “Now squeeze my breast.”

The boy put his hand awkwardly on her breast. He trembled as he felt the weight, the warmth and the softness of it all. He squeezed. His hand clenched around her breast with the eagerness of youth.

Catalina stroked herself. “Now kiss my breast.”

The boy licked his lips. He bent down and kissed her breast. It felt like ice on her sweaty breast.

Catalina used both hands to spread her pussy. “Now look at how aroused you made me.”

The boy looked down. A smile broke his pale face. His scared blue eyes changed to laughter. He looked back up at Catalina’s breast and then her face.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you, Keith Carter,” Catalina said. “That was wonderful.”

Keith smiled. “I have never touched a breast before,” he said.

“You have now,” Catalina said. “How are you feeling?”

He touched her breast again. “I feel lighter for some reason. Why is that?”

“Desire can empower us, it can encourage us and sometimes it can anchor us,” Catalina said. “I think when you were in that car accident, you had one desire left that was keeping you here.”

Keith smiled. “I never thought of it tha-“

He vanished. Catalina got down from the table and put her breast back into her dress. She was about to leave when she noticed a notebook sitting on the table top. She picked it up and flipped to the last page written.

The Voluptumancer blushed at the dirty poem she found inside. She laughed at the raw rhymes that only a teenager could write. The book faded in seconds, but the words stayed with her forever.

The end.

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  1. Hee hee hee, somehow I think that kinda sex ed could only be limited to ghosts, at least they vanish when it’s over.
    Catalina may have problems with passing students if it were human boys on the other hand :p

    Majorly enjoyed it.^^
    I forgot to comment on the original Voluptumancer story you posted with the ceremony scene. That kinda took my breath away; not only with the idea of the nature of Catalina’s character but of the ceremony itself, which was mystical and beathtaking…

    Wouldn’t have minded being in that circle myself, even on a watch-only basis… >.>

    Thanks for digging out that classic for us, can’t help but think now what other hidden goodies you have in your archive box. ^^

  2. Delighted as always by your posts (be it an oldie but goodie or something new).

    Get crackin’ on your new stuff before old-Shon kicks yer ass!

  3. Well, I seriously like this series… I should comment before I read because afterwards all I want to do is masturbate.

  4. Mystique- Thanks. I might start reposting archive stories on the weekend.

    Musns- Man, Old-Shon is a demandy bastard.

    Athena- lol, I find myself unable to type for shit after orgasm myself.

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