Jun 272008

I sat down to do some writing this morning when my e-mail let me know that AT&T had finally sent me my first bill since I moved into the new place. When I saw the exorbitant dollar amount they were charging me for moving to a new location, I felt like I had been stabbed in the throat by Titus Pullo. What the fuck? They double charged me all sorts of fees because I happen to enjoy the same services in two locations, though never at the same time. Mother fuckers.

It’s funny. When unfair things like this happens in BDSM fiction, it’s kind of hot. I wish I was a submissive so maybe I would get a thrill out of the phone company raping my ass while my head is in a public toilet. (Which was another great moment from the tv series, ‘Rome’.)

This kind of billing savagery is not the thing to get me in the mood for the threesome I needed to write this morning. Sigh. I am taking the day off, which in a three times a week blog is the height of laziness but fuck it. I feel like that poor gladiator who got fucked up by Lucious Vorenus when Lucious saved his best friend, Titus, who had been sentenced to death for his sloppy assassination of some nobleman.

You know, maybe I’ll just watch Rome.

  2 Responses to “Throat Stab”

  1. perhaps all your loyal readers could throw off the restraints of our submissiveness and storm the phone company’s headquarters?

    there was a case in the DC area where a woman got SO pissed off at Comcast that she came into their office with a hammer and smashed it down on the computer keyboard. those reporting the offense barely tried to sound disapproving…

  2. Comcast double charged us for moving in a pleasant and timely manner. It takes a phone company to out-swindle a cable company.

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