Jun 022008

She was flat on her back and I was on all fours above her. I had her ankle on my shoulder. We looked into each other’s eyes as I leaned forward. Her leg stretched and I saw her eyes roll.

She moaned. When we flirt, she giggles. When we fuck, she talks dirty. But when I stretch her leg, she moans like a woman in the throes of orgasm.

I shift my weight and we are a little bit closer. We are wearing clothes but I am hyper sensitive about how close my groin is to her open thigh. Her leg pushes back against me and I feel the power and tension.

She moans. She gasps when I inch a little closer. She starts to babble about how good it feels. I watch her cheeks flush. I feel my cock harden.

“Time for the other leg,” I say.

She shudders with precognitive pleasure.

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