Jun 052008

Summer was made for spanking. The skin is already warm and each blow on naked ass sticks from the humidity. Heat layers on top of heat until the ass is a crimson furnace.

I rolled my girlfriend on her side towards me. My lips were still moist from eating her pussy. She resisted out of sheer laziness as the hot summer day has already sapped her strength. Once I grip her bare ass in my hand though, she stops fighting.

SLAP! It’s awkward as hell spanking some like this. We’re facing each other on our sides so the angle is awful but luckily I’m a tall man with long arms. The trick is to swing upward, striking the ass from the bottom up. The other trick is on a humid summer day, the slightest spank feels a lot worse than it actually is.

I spank her and she melts into me. Each slap of her ass makes her clutch to me that much more. Every time I hit that round bottom, the sound would drown out the weak buzz of our fan. With every slap, spank and groan, my need to fuck grew more insistent.

  2 Responses to “Lazy Summer Spanking”

  1. Spanking is under-utilized these days. It is ridiculously sexy.

  2. Spanking is ridiculously sexy should be my family motto.

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