Jun 032008

On a Georgia summer day, heat and humidity is everywhere. Pants stick to legs, panties stick to asses and mouths stick to cunts. The heat sears body parts together and the humidity and sweat seals everything in. Days like these were made for pussy eating.

I licked my girlfriend for relief from the heat. With the sun light bathing us on the unmade bed, I took cover between her dark thighs. I found shade in the dark cleft below her clitoris. My mouth drank from the well of her desire. My tongue took slow lazy licks that subconsciously fell into sync with the slow lazy rotations of the fan.

There is no better summer day snack.

  4 Responses to “Lazy Summer Eating”

  1. May I just say how much of an evil tease you’re being with your delicious sexy, summer snippets you’re tossing out at the moment?

    It’s like totally scrumptious appetisers and a mini taste of the main course… and that’s it.

    Don’t get to experience the rest of the meal, kinda left feeling frustrated, lol.

    (By the way, I am liking the posts… just wish there was more to feed my imagination with, I get this lovely imagery fired up and then the words end…) >.>

  2. Mystique- Good :) The longer response is that while I chop away at my uber long story, it’s so nice to whip these little tease snippets.

  3. I’m quite aroused its summer now anyway- time for more freedom less of a work load. Having said that- you’ve now made summer a whole lot more sexual, and I am thankful for it.

  4. Thanks, Athena. I am always happy to make the season hotter.

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