Jun 122008

She emerges from the ocean. Water cascades over long red hair that cascades over her bare breasts. She opens her mouth and my cock slides between her lips. She seals her lips around me and I can feel her moan. I have hooked her again.

Webbed hands plant themselves on the dock. The human half stays above the water, exposing her pale breasts to rare sunlight. Her tongue moves under my cock in time with her tail swishing under the water. I look into her eyes and wonder what secrets and treasures she has seen. They look back at me as if I was a treasure myself.

I climax. She swallows it all. She sucks away at me till my cock shrinks in her mouth. Once my hook is gone, she descends back into the water. The breasts vanish, followed by sucking lips, followed by exotic eyes and finally her long red hair.

A flip of her tail and she is gone.

  8 Responses to “Fiction: Catch and Release”

  1. I love the imagery of a cock being a hook.

  2. In addition, bonus points for the title, I see the potential for future fishy innuendos now, lol.
    (And yes, royalty points will go to you.)
    Least I can do for keeping our bodies warm last few weeks, even if the weather is now failing to now :(

  3. Catch and release… I love the title, too. Just the kind of bait I enjoy most.

  4. Mermaids, the perfect not-fucktoys. No genitals, so no need to spend time pleasuring her: she’s just tits and a mouth :)

  5. mystique- Now you have me wondering what royalties would be like.

    Marianne- Thanks, the title was literally a last second inspiration.

    Z- I sometimes think Mermaids are a very teenage boy fantasy because it deals with parts teen see every day while the vagina remains a mystery.

  6. mmm… a sea creature with long red hair… i am definitely sending this on to the philosopher.

    Z, it never occurred to me that mermaids don’t have cunts. an advantage to selkies for those with a taste for an assortment of orifices.

    shon, this is lovely. short and complete.

  7. oatmeal girl- Thanks. I had the image in my mind and I was debating what story to tack on it when I realized that the image stood well enough on it’s own.

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