Jun 252008

Item- Four black and white photographs dated 1976. The photographs are aerial pictures of a gray landscape devoid of features except for two enormous mesas that resemble human breasts. Especially noticeable are the mounds near the center of each mesa that could be construed as nipples.

Jeremy Iksom worked as a technician at NASA during the Viking One mission to Mars. Mr. Iksom’s job was to process the large volumes of data that was being sent back by the orbiting Viking One and create a current map of the planet’s landscape. By all accounts, Mr. Iksom was a dull, rather mundane individual suited for the hard math and data manipulation required by his job. It came as a complete surprise to his superiors at NASA when he presented photographs of what he considered to be large human like breasts on Mars.

NASA was already dealing with the discovery of the so called Face of Mars by Mr. Iksom’s coworkers, Vincent Dipietro and Gregory Molenar. These two had discovered what appeared to be a face that was constructed by some unknown intelligence. Although NASA had ruled that the face was most likely a trick of light, they encouraged the media to speculate on possible Martians. The more public attention NASA received, the greater the possibility for increased government funding.

The work Mr. Iksom spent on eliminating shadows and clarifying the image worked against him in the end. By the time he was done, there was no denying the mammary perfection he had discovered. Unfortunately for Jeremy Iksom, images of giant breasts were not considered by NASA to be beneficial for public relations. It was one thing to speculate on a face, it was another thing to ask the American public of 1976 to consider that breast building Martians had created nearly perfect D-cups the size of Texas.

Mr. Iksom was let go from NASA under accusations of drinking and sexual harassment. He managed to smuggle these four photographs out and in 1985, the photographs were published in ‘Raw Sin’ magazine. Most of the scientific community thought it was a low brow hoax.

NASA has denied any comments on the photographs. When the Mars Global Surveyor sent back data from it’s mapping of the Mars surface, the portion where the Breasts would be located was missing. NASA says the information was lost due to data corruption. It is interesting to note that such corruption didn’t affect the rest of the global survey.

Mr. Iksom passed away in 1998 but he gave the photographs to the Collection in 1991. When asked about what he thought the Breasts meant, he offered this statement.

“I see those tits in my dreams. I think about them all the time. I’ve done measurements, calculations and simulations. I’ve talked to geologists, architects and science fiction writers. I’ve tried looking for geological or astronomical reasons on how these breasts could be formed, but it’s just not plausible. It had to be made by artificial means. It just had to be. At some time in the past, some great civilization decided they wanted a set of beautiful tits on their world. Do they really need a reason?”

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