May 052008

Gathered here are my essays on how I go about making a long erotica story. When I first started writing I devoured reading about how other writers went about writing. Sometimes just hearing how a writer thinks helps me understand my own processes and identify what works and what doesn’t work for me.

I had been tempted to do talk about how I write but I always worried it would come across as arrogant. I mean, I don’t have books in bookstores. I don’t have the largest number of readers and I certainly don’t entertain offers from publishers like some of my friends do. I am not a commercial success but when you measure my stories by how happy I am with them, I don’t have any disappointments. I enjoy writing big stories and I personally would love to read more long stories from other writers.

So here is my method. Here is the way I go about turning an idea into a twenty some odd part story. You don’t have to follow it when you do your own long erotic story, but maybe it will give you a place to start. The only thing I ask is that somewhere down the line you explain your own process. We are in a period where the greatest erotica can be written, posted and shared without the limitations of commercial publishing. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.

Solving For Plot

Character Evolutional Theory

The Three E’s of Writing

Rewriting and You

Extra Credit

  One Response to “Long Story Lessons”

  1. I didn’t actually read your little writing course when you posted it, but remembered you had done it.

    Now my evil, demanding, egotistical and utterly sadistic Owner, Master and Demon Muse has demanded that I become more organized and disciplined about my writing. He expects this will improve both quantity and (especially) quality. Perhaps he also believes it will make both more dependable. It doesn’t matter. He wants it and he expects to have it. Outlines, schedules, the works.


    So here I am, hoping I can learn something from a more detailed description of the process.

    Thanks in advance.


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