May 092008

Satan had come to Summer Hill, Rachel Cage knew. There were signs that couldn’t be ignored. They were subtle signs, but a devout woman like Rachel could see their meaning.

That proper little wife Carol Gilson had been neglecting her duties. She hadn’t shown up for the PTA meeting. She hadn’t baked anything for the church cookie sale. Mrs. Gilson had barely come out of her house. All she did now was stay inside and work with that woman Diana Moon.

Stephen O’Sullivan used to be at his store every hour of the day. He had been so invested in his store that he couldn’t stand to be away from it. Now he arrived in the morning, went straight to his office and stayed there till that outsider woman Diana Moon came to his office. According to Rachel’s spies, barely 10 minutes passed and they both would leave the office. After that, Mr. O’Sullivan spent the rest of the day at home or hanging around town. He acted like a schoolboy without a care in the world.

What most disturbed Rachel, though, was that even Deacon Adkins had changed. He had been to be a fiery, almost arrogant warrior for the Lord. His sermon last Sunday had had none of his usual fury. He had seemed almost meek and distracted. It was like his mind was on greater things, which was just silly. What could be greater than harassing the damned? Worse, when he saw that hussy Diana Moon, he sighed and his eyes went glassy like those of a man who was looking upon the Virgin Mary herself.

Rachel sighed and picked up her vibrator. A week ago, Rachel would have led the town in a witch hunt against the evil Diana Moon. She would have rallied the entire town and driven that woman out of the county. But that was before Rachel had owned a one-of-a-kind Deluxe Massager with special pulse modulation.

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She turned it on, and it felt like the Rapture was happening between her legs. It was hard to believe that she had once been afraid of this wonderful toy. Diana had given it to her, telling her some lie about how it would help with the arthritis in her knees. Diana had sworn it was purely a medical device, and at first, Rachel had believed her.

But the first time the vibrator had touched her knee, Rachel knew better. She should have turned it off right then and prayed for her soul, but she didn’t. Rachel had moved the massager with special pulse modulation up her knee, up her thigh and right to where no man had ever touched her.

“Sweet Jesus!” she cried.

The vibrator pulsed against her special parts, and Rachel Cage felt her worries buzz away. In fact, a lot of things Rachel used to care about now seemed meaningless. Girls wearing skirts? Condom commercials on television? Mexicans moving into that house down the street? What did Rachel care?

All she cared about was between her legs, vibrating, buzzing and pulsing her to another sacred orgasm.

Some worries did creep into her mind. This morning, Diana had admitted that she wasn’t really there to help the town stop an adult bookstore from moving in. Rachel had sat there in shock as Diana had detailed how she’d corrupted each member of the Summer Hill Decency League.

“It was easy,” Diana said. “Mr. O’Sullivan just needs a blowjob every morning, and his stress pretty much dissolves. Mrs. Gibson needed a little sexual recognition for what she does, and her over performing nature mellowed out. As for the good Deacon, I just gave him a taste of what he preaches against. Now he can’t think of a convincing argument against a good hard fuck. “

Rachel had listened to it all in silence. Her biggest concern had nothing to do with Deacon Adkins’s crisis of faith or Mrs. Gilson’s depravity. No, all she had worried about was that Diana was going to take back the massager with special pulse modulation.

The vibrator did a quick three-beat pulse, and Rachel sighed happily. Diana had said she could keep the vibrator. She’d said a lot of other things, too, but quite frankly, Rachel hadn’t been listening.

“Remember that secret conspiracy of hedonists and perverts out to destroy decency in America?” Diana had asked. “Well, that’s who I work for.”

It had shocked Rachel. That was when she realized she had never really believed there was a conspiracy in the first place. Or maybe she had but she just didn’t care anymore. Rachel was thinking about how much more she could use the massager if she didn’t have a house guest.

“You’re probably wondering about those letters of recommendation from other towns,” Diana had said. Rachel hadn’t wondered, but Diana had kept talking.

“I did the same operations on them,” Diana said. “I seduced them, corrupted them and then recorded all of their transgressions. Blackmail is crude, but it does wonders.
“For example, the members of the Summer Hill Decency Committee will agree to cease any protests against the adult bookstore and otherwise behave themselves. If they don’t, DVDs of their recent sexual adventures will find their way into every mailbox in Summer Hill. I have picked up a lot of footage from the camera in my purse. Oh, and you’ll also write me a glowing letter of recommendation for the nice people of Stancil’s Point. The school board there is getting ready to institute abstinence-only sex education.”

Diana had waited, as if Rachel were going to protest or maybe scream at her. Rachel smiled as she thought about how confused Diana had looked. Rachel had stood up, walked to her desk and written her a letter on the spot.

“Can you leave today?” Rachel asked.

Diana had nodded. “There is no rest for the wicked.” The young woman had looked almost sad. Rachel wondered how long she had been doing this. Once again, she realized she didn’t care. She only wondered if Diana got as much joy as Rachel had from falling from grace. Rachel doubted it.

Diana was gone within the hour. Rachel hadn’t bothered to tell her fellow Decency League members about their new situation. She had gone upstairs, taken out her beloved toy and spent the next hour enjoying her new sinful state. Rachel had already reached three orgasms.

She turned the dial up higher. Diana had been right. There was no rest for the wicked.

The end.

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  1. I read through all four parts, clenching my nether regions.

    Shon, I just adore your writings. I don’t have the poetic wording to say it any nicer, flowery than that.

    Now…if I can figure out how to excuse myself and my little vibe of power to the bathroom for some much needed relief…

  2. Thanks Musns, mission accomplished!

  3. Diana is an inspired cross between a secret operative and a kinky tupperware saleswoman – I love her!

    Now…where do I sign up?

  4. Roxy- The first half was intentional. The second was pure accident and of course, absolutely right lol.

  5. Absolutely lovely and playful. I just adore it.

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