May 072008

Carol Gilson, loving mother of two and devoted housewife, sat on her couch. She had just kissed her husband goodbye and was waiting for Diana Moon to arrive. They had set up an appointment to discuss how they were going to stop that filthy adult bookstore from opening. Carol knew she should be rushing around preparing snacks and drinks, but she just couldn’t find the energy. She was depressed.

It had started when she asked her husband how his breakfast was.

“It’s great,” he said. The worse part is that he meant it. To him, the pecan pancakes were delicious, the eggs were wonderful, and the bacon hit the spot. He didn’t have a single complaint. Troy headed out the door and off to work with a big, spoiled smile on his face.

Carol sighed. She had burned the edges of the pancakes, undercooked the bacon and let the eggs get too crispy.

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Once again, her husband hadn’t noticed any of the little things she had done to sabotage his happiness. He also hadn’t noticed how she had starched his socks every so slightly. Last night, he hadn’t noticed when she didn’t fake an orgasm, and the day before he hadn’t noticed that she hadn’t vacuumed the hallway in a week.

It was official. Carol didn’t need to do half the things she did for her husband. All the magazines she had read on how to be a good wife were pointless. All the little secrets she had picked up from television shows, conferences with her friends and reading housekeeping Websites were all for nothing.

Some wives would have taken this as a sign that they could slack off. Not Carol. If anything, it made her very angry. She wanted something to happen, but she couldn’t imagine what it was. So instead of acting, she sat here in her living room hoping for a sign from God.

The doorbell rang.

She put on her best smile. It was the one that everyone liked. It told people she had a good soul.

“Hello, Diana!” she said as she opened the door. “Please come into my home!”

Diana Moon nodded politely and stepped in. She walked around the living room, looking at everything. Diana didn’t say anything, and that made Carol a little nervous. The out-of-town consultant seemed a bit different today. Instead of the bright blouse she’d worn yesterday, Diana was wearing a crisp button-up shirt that seemed more appropriate for a Sunday school teacher. The woman’s long black hair was pulled back and tucked into a tight bun.

“Can I get you anything? Coffee or maybe some tea?”

“No, thank you,” Diana said. She walked around the living room slowly. She appeared very uptight about something. She hadn’t even set down her purse yet.

Carol felt compelled to fill the silence. “Ms. Moon, is it true what you said about a secret group trying to corrupt America? I mean, you hear things all the time on Fox News and ‘The 700 Club,’ but never anything concrete.”

Diana turned to face Carol. “It is a very real group. They designed Janet Jackson’s nipple piercing that she revealed at the Super Bowl. They helped Britney Spears lose her virginity. They are the ones who made green M&M’s into aphrodisiacs. They won’t be happy till the entire world is fornicating.”

“That’s terrible!” Carol said. She felt terrified and a little excited.

“Ms. Gilson, are you dedicated to the cause of removing sin from your town?”

Carol felt a thrill run down her spine. “Yes! I pray every day that I am up to the task.”

“I see,” Diana said. “But how can you say you are dedicated to this righteous cause when I can see that you have let your house fall into ruin?”

“Ruin?” Carol said. The truth of what Diana was saying struck her like a slap in the face. “I have let things slip a little, but I have been busy.”

Carol wasn’t sure why she lied. Maybe it was the disapproving look in Diana’s eyes. Maybe she just didn’t want to admit that she was testing her husband to see how much he would tolerate. Carol knew lying was bad, but she couldn’t bring herself to admit what she was doing. Part of her also wanted to see if this smart activist for God could be fooled.

Diana sighed. “Carol Gilson, I had heard so many good things about you. Ms. Cage told me that you volunteered for every church event. Mr. O’Sullivan said that you were an example to all the other wives in the community. I thought you would be someone I could count on in the war against the bookstore, but now I see I was mistaken. You’re really just a lazy fake who has everyone here fooled.”

“That’s not true!” Carol said. “I work very hard! Even my second-best is good enough!”

Diana was in front of her in an instant. Carol jumped at how fast Diana moved. She almost fell backwards, but Diana had grabbed both of her shoulders. Diana towered over the scared housewife.

“Carol, you are a slacker and a bad Christian,” Diana accused.

Carol closed her eyes. It was true. She had been testing her husband’s awareness when she should have just been doing the best she could.

“While other wives struggle hard to just keep their house together, you coast and let your house fall apart,” Diana said.

Carol nodded. She knew other wives couldn’t even come close to all the work she did. That had made her proud, but lately she didn’t appreciate it as much.

“Are you willing to give me and the Lord your best from here on out?” Diana asked.

The shamed wife opened her eyes. “Yes, oh, yes, I promise!”

Diana narrowed her eyes. “I’m not so sure. You will have to pay a penance so I know you’re serious.”

Carol felt her heart leap at the thought of redemption. “I’ll do anything! I’ll do whatever it takes to prove I am ready! I want to help keep those perverts out of our town!”

“I’m sure you do,” Diana said. “Doing things get you attention and praise. What you never have to deal with is being punished.”

“What do you mean?” Carol asked.

Diana released her and walked over to the coffee table. She set her purse down and then walked to the end of the couch. The activist undid her belt and slapped her hand with it.

“Mrs. Gilson, the only penance I will accept from a spoiled woman like you will be a good Christian belting. Spare the belt and spoil the wife, I always say.”

Carol swallowed. “Seriously?” Her heart was racing, and she was embarrassed by how her knees were starting to shake. Goodness, this was something she had never worried about from Troy!

“I am always serious,” Diana said. She pointed at the arm of the couch. “Pull down your skirt and bend over. Leave you underwear on. We’re not perverts.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Carol said. She pulled down her skirt and rushed over to position. She wanted to prove herself. More important, she wanted to be properly punished. Carol knew she had been behaving badly, and thank Jesus someone had noticed before she strayed too far!

She bent over the arm of the couch. She used her arms to hold herself up, but Diana’s hand pushed her down. Carol was bent completely over till her bottom was the highest point of her body. Her heart was pounding, but that was to be expected. What she didn’t understand was why her naughty parts were getting so excited?

“Carol, this will hurt,” Diana said. She brought the belt down on Carol’s bottom with a quick snap.

“Ow!” Carol cried. The belt STUNG! Her underwear gave her no protection at all.

“Complaining is beneath a devout person,” Diana said. “Instead, I want you to say, ‘Thank you, Jesus’ every time I hit you. Understand?”

“Yes,” Carol said. Immediately, the belt hit her behind with twice as much force.

“Thank you, Jesus!” she cried out.

Diana struck again with the belt. She kept hitting faster and faster with the stinging leather belt. Carol squirmed, but Diana placed a hand on her back and pinned her to the couch. There was no mercy from the belt. Diana paused only long enough for Carol to shout her thanks to Jesus, and then the belt would land again.

“Thank you, Jesus!” Carol cried. She always meant it.

The belt was relentless. It smote every inch of her bottom. It delivered her bottom from evil. It whipped the sins out of her body. Over and over and over and over again, the belt punished her.

“Thank you, Jesus!” she cried out. No matter how much it hurt, she kept thanking her savior. It helped distract her from the heat that was growing between her thighs. Every lash of the belt was turning her on. Carol didn’t understand why it was happening, but she thought it might have something to do with her soul being redeemed. She was feeling the Holy Ghost. In her red sore bottom and between her damp hot thighs, she could feel the Lord.

“Thank you, Jesus!” she cried.

The whipping stopped. Carol flinched, expecting another blow. Her throat was raw but nowhere as sore as her bottom.

“Did I do well?” she asked.

Diana put her belt back on. “It’s a good start,” she said. “Only time will tell if you have learned your lesson or if you will need more of the Lord’s instruction. In the war against perverts, Jesus accepts only the best.”

Carol winced as she stood back up. Her entire body was tingling. She hadn’t felt this was in years. She felt chastised. She felt invigorated.

“Only your best,” Diana said again. “If you give me anything less, I will have to punish you again.”

“Thank you, Jesus,” Carol whispered.

To be continued,

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  1. Oh, my…now i’m all hot and bothered. i should go shower and wash these horrible dirty thoughts right out of my head…

    and then come back and read it again. ;)

    Thank you, Shon.

  2. Oh, you enjoyed writing that, I can tell. Beneath every uber-religious person is a kinkster trying to get out and play.

  3. Roxy- Thanks. I think it is something that does well under repeat readings :)

    Listner- I fully admit enjoying this scene immensely :)

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