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Stephen O’Sullivan’s cock was harder than it had ever been. He didn’t feel like the 40-something owner of a grocery store in a hick town. He felt like a young buck ready to spread his seed into some willing doe. He felt alive. He felt like he had the first time he’d touched a girl’s bra. He had an erection that could have knocked over aisle six, aisle seven and the bread rack.

He thanked his lucky stars that he’d insisted on having the Summer Hill Decency League meeting here in his conference room. Stephen had wanted the meeting here so he could get back to work quickly. If they had had their meeting at Deacon Adkins’s church in those open pews, Stephen would have no way of hiding his erection. Christ, that old spinster Ms. Cage might have had a heart attack if she’d seen the tent pole that was currently straining against his pants. Stephen thanked the baby Jesus that his erection wouldn’t be killing the town busybody today.

The source of his erection was the incredibly tempting Diana Moon. She was from out of town, and something deep in Stephen’s libido was reacting to her big-city ways. Was it the perfect black hair that fell about her shoulders and threatened to cover her right eye? Was it the smell of honeysuckle that seemed to emanate from her? Was it the silver crucifix that was twinkling at the hint of cleavage peeking out of her silk blouse?

Diana took a deep breath before she stood up. Oh, sweet Jesus and his sweeter mother, Mary, it was definitely the cleavage.

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“Thank you for that warm introduction, Mrs. Gilson,” Diana said. Stephen did a double take. Had Mrs. Gilson said something? Usually, he couldn’t ignore Mrs. Gilson’s dry, judgmental know-it-all voice no matter how hard he tried. The woman bought housekeeping magazines like a Baptist buys wine. Perfection was Mrs. Gilson’s religion.

“First, I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to come to your town to aid you in this battle against the devil,” Ms. Moon said. Her face was flushed from the power of her passion. The pink color was creeping down her neck and towards that beautiful valley of cleavage. Stephen had to fight back a groan of lust.

“You have a very serious threat to deal with,” she said. “Some people might say that a small adult bookstore on the outskirts of town is nothing to worry about. We, of course, know better. We know that dirty stories are a gateway to adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, Islam and voting Democratic. This adult bookstore must be stopped, or the very souls of Summer Hill could be damned!”

“Amen!” Deacon Adkins said. “I have said that very thing, but Pastor Miller said it was of little concern. He said we just have to pray that our congregation will resist such temptation!”

“Shameful,” Diana said. She put her hand on her heart; her very round chest happed to be in the way. “There is only one cure for adult businesses, and that is boycotting and public shaming! With my help, you will organize a massive publicity campaign that will bring the entire state’s attention to your small town. You will embarrass those heathens trying to open that sinful place and make them leave.”

“Just like you did for the people of White Creek,” Ms. Cage said. The old lady spoke as though she were reciting the Bible. “According to the letters I received from their pastor, you helped them close down that free health clinic. You stopped the children from getting free abortions and condoms.”

Diana smiled. She looked very humble as she fingered the crucifix dangling between her breasts. Stephen daydreamed about what the view must have looked like from Jesus’s vantage point.

“I am so glad Pastor Copeland spoke so highly of me,” Diana said. “I just helped them get organized, the way I am going to help you The good Christians there were the real heroes. They deserve all the credit. And if the news media want to come in and maybe do high profile stories on all of you, well, good for you!”

Stephen looked around the table and saw a beatific smile on every face. Doing the Lord’s work was one thing, but maybe getting on television was a more earthly reward.

“I want you to understand something,” Diana said. “Satan is out there, but he is helped by sinners. There is a secret organization of sinners who target towns like yours. They find pure, innocent towns where there are no homosexuals, where there are no adult movies, where there are no condoms for teen-agers, and they attack. They bring in lawyers, activists and other scum to destroy your town. Your only hope is to fight back and let them know that if they come here, you will fight back. Are you ready to fight?”

“Yes!” said the brave members of the Summer Hill Decency League.

“That’s what I like to hear!” Diana said. “I have a full plan that you will need to implement, but I prefer to guide and help you act out the Lord’s plan individually. I will be spending time with you and preparing you for the battle with Satan. In the meantime, though, I did just arrive into town, and I would like to rest. Could someone recommend a hotel for me to stay at?”

Oh, sweet Jesus. Stephen thought about offering his home, but he couldn’t imagine what Mrs. O’Sullivan would say about his bringing this beautiful woman home. He decided to worry about that later.

“You can stay with —“ was all he got out before that spinster Ms. Cage interrupted him.

“You will stay with me,” she said. “I have a large house, and it’s been awfully quiet since my sister Esther passed away. I won’t hear of a worker in the Lord’s service staying at a hotel.”

Stephen’s erection shrank with every word the old woman said.

“That would be wonderful,” Diana said.

“All right then,” Mrs. Gilson said. “I am teaching a garden class in half an hour so let’s stop here. Diana, I have tomorrow free, so why don’t you come by my house and you can show me what I need to do?”

“That sounds like a plan,” Diana said. “We can stop here for today.”

“That’s great,” Deacon Adkins said. “I have lots of work to do myself.” The deacon got up and excused himself in a hurry. Stephen wasn’t sure what work Adkins was talking about, considering that the old man had been retired for seven years now. He figured that Deacon Adkins probably hit his foot with a hammer in order to get inspired for one of his fiery sermons on Sunday.

“Ms. Cage,” Dian said, “would you mind if I talk to Mr. O’Sullivan alone for a few minutes? I saw some magazines in his grocery store that have secret feminist agendas. I want to go over which ones he should remove.”

“Oh, my,” Ms. Cage said. The old lady looked like she had been told that snakes regularly nested in her bathtub.

“Really?” Mrs. Gilson said. If Ms. Cage looked terrified, Mrs. Gilson looked a little too excited by the idea.

“Oh, yes,” Diana said. She stood up and walked the women to the door. “You would be surprised what perverts hide in plain sight before you.”

Stephen felt his cock throb as Diana closed the door. He started thinking about baseball and seasonal apple prices. He was trying anything he could think of to make that hard-on go away.

Diana Moon walked over to him. He tried to turn casually in his seat without actually moving his chair. He was doing everything he could to keep his arousal hidden.

“Which magazines are you talking about?” he asked. “I don’t read them myself, so I would have no idea if they contained any secret messages.”

She walked behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Mr. O’Sullivan, I admit I told everyone a lie. I just wanted to be alone with you.”

Yes! Stephen thought. Reality sunk in a moment later. “Really?” he said.

Her hands went down his chest, gliding down his shirt and reaching down to his pants. He almost stopped her, but he felt her silk-clad breasts press against the back of his head. He could feel their weight. It felt glorious.

“You are in a state of carnal arousal,” Diana whispered in his ear.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered back. Her hands glided over the bulge in his pants, and he moaned. He wasn’t sorry one single bit.

“It’s OK,” she said. “I saw you staring at me. It was very flattering.”

Stephen groaned again. She unfastened his belt and popped open his pants. She slipped one hand under his underwear and gripped his cock.

“I understand,” Diana whispered. “You’re a man with needs. You’re a powerful man who owns the biggest grocery store in the county. You have a lot of stress, and sometimes it manifests through your manhood. It’s not because you’re sinful, Stephen. This is about stress. Right?”

‘This” was all about Diana’s wonderful breasts pressing into his shoulders, but Stephen wasn’t going to say that. He just nodded. He would agree to anything to keep this going.

“If you are going to do the Lord’s work,” Diana said, “we’ll need to take care of your stress.”

Her hands wrapped around his cock in a very stress-relieving and not at all sinful manner. She pulled his cock free of his underwear and stroked him up and down in a beautiful slow motion that had him groaning.

“This is to clear your mind, you understand?” Diana said.

Stephen nodded. “Just to clear my mind.”

“Could you turn around, so I can reach you better?” she asked.

“Oh, God, yes,” he said. She let go of his cock, and he spun around in his chair. She parted his legs and knelt before him. He could see right down her blouse to the pink lace bra that held her breasts. He felt as though he had discovered a great secret, which made his cock pulse even faster.

Diana brought one of her palms to her mouth. Looking Stephen in the eye, she licked her palm ever so slowly. She returned her hand to his cock and spread her spit over him. He gripped the arms of his chair more tightly as he felt the wetness envelop his cock.

“Such a busy, stress-filled man,” Diana said.

Stephen nodded as she kept stroking.

“I see your kind all the time,” she said. “The big businessman in a small town is always under a lot of stress. You’ve made it to the top, and you just don’t do that by running a good business. No, in a small town, you have to be friends with everyone. You have to have a wife who socializes. You have to be involved in as many little groups as possible. Why, I’ll bet this decency league started as a way for you to show how much you love your community. Am I right?”

Her wet hand kept stroking his cock, but now her other hand was gently cupping his balls. Stephen couldn’t remember the last time a woman had touched his balls with such obvious care. God, his wife wouldn’t even look at his sack.

“Yes,” he said. “A store opened on the other side of town. Fancy lighting and brand-new registers got everybody talking.”

Diana looked up at him with adoring sympathy. “But you showed them. You got involved with stomping out sin. You’re not just selling food; you’re out there protecting their souls!”

Her hand pumped his cock faster, as if inspired by virtuous fervor.

“Yes!” Stephen said. It was so nice to be able to be recognized for the smart businessman that he was!

“Stephen,” Diana said almost as a whisper, “I consider it my Christian duty to relieve your stress. Would you like to spill your seed right onto my breasts?”

He couldn’t speak. He put his hand in his mouth and bit down as his orgasm peaked. He nodded as tried to muffle his orgasm.

Diana smiled as she pointed his cock into her cleavage. Her smile grew wider as he shot load after load down between those beautiful breasts covered in pink lace. The crucifix dangled above his cock, blessing his stress-relieving climax.

“Oh, thank you,” Stephen said. His hand was aching where he’d bitten it. A feeling of great calm and bliss was sweeping over him.

“No,” Diana said, “thank you for all you do for your town.”

She stood up and smoothed down her blouse, then picked up her purse and gave him a very satisfied smile. She didn’t say anything else, although she did wait till he zipped up before heading out of the conference room. Stephen was OK with that. He felt exhausted and a bit dazed by what just happened.

One thing he would always remember was how Diana’s smile seemed even bigger than his own.

To be continued,

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  1. That is an absolutely lovely, evil little story. I miss that type of playful story lately.

  2. t’sade- Thanks :) The playfulness is my favorite part.

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