May 052008

Before I began on my current Long Story Epic, I had written an unconventional four part story. It sat on my hard drive as I occasionally poked it and wondered what it was. It was fun to write but you never know if it will be fun to read. I still don’t have a title for it so I will most likely go with the working title, Perversion.

It’s a short read so I think I will post one part a day this week starting tomorrow.

My current long story project is rambling along. I have to say that I really miss the joy that comes from working on the same story for a good length of time. It is a lot like having house guests stay over in your brain. Except these house guests are sexy and you get to watch them have sex. They haven’t over stayed their welcome yet.

The interesting thing for me is that this long story has Otto Von Madd. He’s not a central character, but he is a big presence. it can be a little distracting to have him running around because story ideas just drip off of him. I might write a few quickies while still writing the long story. Usually I strictly forbid myself from writing anything else during a long story. For me it is like writing a Battlestar Galactica season and stopping to write a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It’s too distracting. But I am thinking that writing an Otto story here and there would be more like writing a DVD extra for a movie. I’ll think about it.

Oh, and Iron Man is a great movie and one that all other movies this summer will be compared to. It has one of the best transformative moment scenes that I have seen in a hero movie. It also has cute robots, a mad playboy scientist and the funniest lab accidents I have seen in awhile. It gets a bit talky at times but never roll your eyes hokey which I greatly appreciate.

  2 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: New Story Green”

  1. [[clapping happily]]

    Yay! New fiction from Shon!

    I’m chomping at the bit. And no, I don’t mean I’m into a little pony play. ;)


  2. Iron Man rocked. Period.

    I went and saw it for distraction last Saturday (only time in two weeks that my stomach didn’t churn). I was wishing there was an all-night theater I could go to and watch it over and over and over.

    It exceeded my expectations and those were damn high.

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