May 012008

Erotic science fiction would be more successful if equal attention was paid to the science as it was to the erotic. It is hard for readers to get caught up in the risque adventures of a lusty space pirate queen when the technology for her faster than light spaceship is based on laughable principles that a third year physics major could easily disprove.

Also, there needs to be more stories about dashing visionary genius men and the sexy alien lifeforms with breasts that love them.

  3 Responses to “Dr. Otto Von Madd Says:”

  1. *Swoons*

    Dear Dr. Von Madd,

    I have missed you much. I have missed news of your inventions more.

    Lustfully yours,

  2. In my never ending long story that I am writing, I wrote Otto’s first part in the story ad I felt the same way. I’m attached to the crazy bastard.

  3. a shiver went down my spine and up my… um… elsewhere, when i saw the genius doctor’s picture on this site.

    where can one sign up to be used as an experimental subject?

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