May 292008

‘Bomb Queen: Woman of Mass Destruction’ by Jimmie Robinson is self contained comic book about a sexy evil supervillian dictator of a town that may be more evil than she is. She runs the town of Newport City; killing people who offended her, molesting those who arouse her and humiliating every one for the sheer joy of it. ‘Bomb Queen’ as a book is a power mad sexual fantasy gone horribly crazy but unlike 90% of Internet erotica that deals with these same themes, Jimmie Robinson brings some intelligence and insight to the project. This is less of a story about a sexy villianess who rules a city as it is about the kind of city that would have such a person as it’s champion.

Newport City is a twisted place. Crime Zones exist in the city where anything is legal. The population revels in the decadence. Someone’s death is entertainment. Instead of sympathy they have scorn for the weak. There is no innocence. The average citizen takes pride in their perversion. These people love Bomb Queen because she embraces their values and so they forgive her anything.

The first collection is about a race for mayor of Newport City. The incumbent is a lackey for Bomb Queen while the challenger is running on a platform to clean the city of crime. Ass, tits and bombs ensue.

The first time I read this book, I thought Robinson was making a statement about the kind of people who would re-elect a war criminal to a second term. Another time I thought he was making a statement about the youtube generation who will make the most depraved videos into instant hits. Now I realize that Bomb Queen is not a thinly veiled reference to something in the real world as much as it is making us think about ourselves, the audience.

I stopped reading Usenet erotica because so many stories there were about illegal acts that disturbed me. I would trudge through dozens of rape stories to find a BDSM story I liked. Even when a story was labeled as just BDSM, sometimes rape or even killing would makee a surprise appearance. After awhile you stop being disgusted with the stories and start speculating about the writers and their readers. How was this entertainment to them? Was it for the horror? Was it for the power trip? Was it pure sadism or a sort of thrill of darkness? It is easy to make judgments but sexuality is never simple. Jimmie Robinson understands that and I applaud how he doesn’t voice judgments himself. He just tells a story about the strange connection between monstrous acts and the people who see it as entertainment.

And one thing ‘Bomb Queen’ is, is entertainment. Fights abound. Horrible deaths occur on every other page. The costume designs are works of art when it comes to crassness. Rape, pedophilia, and incest are background jokes which never let you forget how fucked up all of this is. I read each issue alternating between grimacing, laughing, thinking and being exhilarated.

So give ‘Bomb Queen’ a try. All four mini-series are in collections now. If you have to read a comic about superheroes, might as well read one that has a crazed half naked bomb throwing bad ass chick, right?

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